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Batty’s Briefs: Benzoyl Peroxide and Oily Skin (video)


video transcript:


It’s Batty here from with another Batty’s Brief.

If you have used benzoyl peroxide in the past, did it seem like your skin was getting oilier?

Maybe you didn’t notice, but often times, this does happen. Why does this happen? Well, when you dry up your skin which is exactly what a benzoyl peroxide

Why does this happen?

When you have oily skin, and you take an action that strips your skin’s natural oils, more oil will pump out to make up for it.

The moral of the day, don’t strip your natural oils and don’t use benzoyl peroxide. You don’t need to. I can tell you exactly how to get rid of oily skin and acne without using benzoyl peroxide.

Hint, it has a lot to do with hydrating your skin.

Go see our other videos about hydration or head over to the skin care 101 page for more info.

Until next time, Stay radiant!

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50xWant to know if the products you’re using are triggering your acne?

I’ve got the answer right here.

makeup tutorial and troubleshooting demo

Makeup Troubleshooting + Demo (video)

Mega Makeup Troubleshooting + Tips:

See below for the list of topics covered


Covering up dark eye circles, wet application of eye shadows (for long wear), and spot treatment for blemishes


In the first video we discuss:

  • How to find the right foundation or cc cream shade for you including:
    • narrowing down your shade
    • what your veins have to do with finding your shade
    • how to figure out what undertones your skin has
    • what part of your body to match your foundation to for the best shade match
  • Whipped foundation application tips + tricks + troubleshooting including:
    • how to get a smooth application
    • how to stop your foundation from creasing or settling into fine lines
    • how to avoid foundation “balling up” during application
    • the best application tools
    • how to get the longest wear out of your foundation
  • Mineral foundation application tips + tricks + troubleshooting including:
    • how to get a smooth application
    • how to stop your foundation from creasing or settling into fine lines
    • the best type of brush to use
    • how to build coverage
    • how to get the longest wear out of your foundation
  • Oxidation
    • what it is
    • when it happens
    • how to avoid it
    • what to do if the usual tricks don’t work
  • Under Eye Concealer tips + tricks + troubleshooting including:
    • how to cover dark eye circles for a flawless, naturally look
    • how to avoid looking like a clown when using a pink concealer (when the clown look isn’t what you’re going for!)
    • how to stop concealer from creasing
    • how to get the longest wear out of your concealer
    • best application methods and tools
  • Eyeshadow tips + tricks + troubleshooting including:
    • how to stop eyeshadows from creasing
    • how to get the best color pay off (how to get a super pigmented application)
    • how to get super long wear out of your eye shadows
    • how to use eyeshadows as natural looking eyeliner (plus how to use eyeshadows to get a super defined eye liner)
    • which brushes to use
  • Lip Stick tips + tricks + troubleshooting including:
    • how to find your shade
    • how to get long wear
    • how to give a cream lip stick a matte finish
    • when to use a brush to apply lip stick and when to apply straight from the tube
  • Mineral Cream Concealer tips + tricks + troubleshooting including:
    • how to know what shade you need
    • what to do if you’re in-between shades
    • what makes a good concealer for your skin tone
    • how to apply concealer for long wear
    • in what order to apply concealer during your makeup routine
    • best tools and application methods


In the second video we put into practice a lot of what we talked about in video one including a demo of:

  • under eye concealing
  • eyeshadow application
  • blemish concealing


Videos + Links Mentioned:

Whipped Foundation Tutorial Video (+ concealer + brush talk)

Mineral Foundation Tips Blog Post

Batty’s Makeup Remover Trick (video + blog post)

Skin Care 101: Acne Prone Skin Help (internal + external tips)


Products Mentioned:

Asteria Eyeshadow Palette

Bright Eyed Beauty Mineral Concealer

Daily Detox (+Primer) Facial Moisturizer

Hydra Healing Skin Rescue Gel

Hydration Mist

Lip Gloss

Lip Stick

Mineral Cream Concealer

Mineral Foundation

Nature’s Veil CC Cream

Oil Absorbing Setting Powder

Pineapple Scrub

Quick Spritz Oil Fix

Tea Tree Scrub

Whipped Foundation


Thanks so much to VA Karla for all the super tips and tricks she brought to the broadcast! I don’t know about you, but I definitely learned a lot! If you have any additional questions for VA Karla, shoot her a message at or hop over to the Facebook Fan Page and post your question.

Until next time, stay radiant!

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P.s. We mentioned a few times about how healing internal imbalances + the right external care for your skin can propel your skin into naturally glowing radiance without applying any makeup (plus how internal + external care can help the makeup you do choose to wear, look as flawless and natural as possible). If you’d like to explore this side of things, head over here for all the resources you’ll need!

Mineral Foundation Before and After

Mineral Foundation Transformation

Powder based foundations aren’t new to the industry, but many people are still timid to give them a try. They think it won’t cover as well, or just don’t know how to apply them without looking “chalky”. I’ll admit, it took me some time to figure them out too, but there’s nothing more freeing on a hot summer’s day than a light-as-a-feather mineral powder foundation. If you’ve been fearing the thought of a mineral foundation, have a look at what Jaye has to say about our Batty’s Bath Mineral Powder Foundation


Mineral Foundation Before and After

What Radiant Rebel Jaye had to say about our Mineral Foundation:

“Absolutely, irrevocably obsessed with this foundation. There was a bit of a learning curve to get used to a powder after having used liquid but stick with it – it truly just takes practice. Goes on light, doesn’t feel cakey, and lasts me most of the day (I’m oily by nature, even when inactive, so the oil absorbing setting powder has been a lifesaver). I dab a bit of Batty’s concealer if I have any really bad spots and use the mineral foundation on top, all over. Gives such a gorgeous shimmer that’s very natural looking and seems to smooth and highlight your features beautifully. All in all a very well made product! Thanks Batty, can’t see myself ever using anything else 🙂 “

Now that you can breathe a littler easier about the idea of powder foundation, here’s a few tricks I’ve learned along the way:

  1. Invest in a good Kabuki Brush. They offer the best blending/application for this type of foundations. I opt for one with tightly packed, synthetic fibers. They’re super soft and won’t irritate the skin.
  2. Get used to using a light hand. A little goes a long way, you want to start with just a little and build the layers. Believe it or not, most loose mineral foundations offer a medium to full coverage
  3. Always tap off the extra before you apply! Not only will you be saving product, it’s easier to blend in light layers, rather than a whole bunch at once.
  4. Buff-buff-buff! The trick to a natural look is all in the blending.
  5. Be sure to wash your brush regularly. Although it’s not liquid, it will still build up in the brush, as well as any oils from your skin. Give your kabuki a wash on the regular basis to ensure your application is smooth as butter.
  6. A spritz of a setting powder will not only help set it in place for a long day but also help minimize any noticeable powder you may have missed blending. Check out my fave, our Quick Spritz Oil Fix

With a little practice, you’ll be a pro at mineral foundation in no time!

Until next time,



batty briefs video

Batty’s Briefs: How to Beat Skin Congestion Naturally


video transcript:

Hey everyone, it’s Batty here from with another Batty’s brief.

If you have congested skin and pores that get clogged up so, so easily and you can’t seem to get them unclogged without, you know, wanting to turn to harsh ingredients, a lot of the ingredients out there that are touted as acne cures and such.

If you’re still wanting to stay on the natural route, and I hope you are, this is how to get your skin cells to stop sticking together and clogging up your pores.

First, internally you want to start taking zinc.

Zinc stops skin cells from clogging together, because it stops the process that makes that happen in its tracks.

That’s your number one. Now I take 30 milligrams a day, but see my previous Batty’s Briefs on specific supplements for more information on that.

So that’s how we’re going to do it internally. How are we going to tackle it externally?

Well my friend, we’re going to do it with pineapple enzymes which work to break down clogs within your pores. Basically, it’s exfoliation for your skin without the abrasive part. You don’t need to scrub to get the exfoliating properties of pineapple enzymes.

We’ve put pineapple enzymes in our pineapple scrub, so you’re actually getting the abrasive part with jojoba (natural plant wax) beads, which is a natural wax and you’re getting it non-abrasive exfoliation with pineapple enzymes which can go into your pores, break down all those clogs so that your pores can release those skin cells.

We also have pineapple enzymes in our green tea and pineapple liquid cleanser, so that’s another way to get some pineapple enzymes in your life (and the Green Tea and Pineapple Liquid Cleanser doesn’t have any “physical” exfoliating ingredients in it so if you want to avoid even mild abrasive exfoliation, that’s the way to go).

Zinc and pineapple enzymes are the two main ways to naturally deal with congestion. Other ways you can help draw stuff out of your pores (if your skin is completely congested) is with specific, natural clays. For a dose of the best natural clay for debris pulling power, go with the one found in our dry and wet clay masks. It’s also found as one of the 4 clays in our Daily Detox Facial Moisturizer (to keep the congestion-busting vibes going!).

Those are your go to’s for busting congestion. Start with those.

Later, you may also want to try some gel masks (Charcoal Detox, Cystic Acne, Hydra Healing, Redness Relief), because they help bring down inflammation, which helps reduce swelling around pores so everything can release on it’s own.

Again, we’re talking zinc, we’re talking pineapple enzymes and if all that doesn’t help, or you want to super boost your congestion powers, go with clay masks and then gel masks.

That’s your Batty’s Brief for today.

Until next time, Stay radiant!


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50xWant to know if congestion is triggering your acne?

I’ve got the answer right here.


50xKnow your skin is being suffocated with congestion?

Check out these daily tips for getting (and keeping) your pores clear.



clean slate natural black mascara by batty's bath

Radiant Rebel Lori has a confession to make …

clean slate natural black mascara by batty's bath

Radiant Rebel Lori has a confession to make….

quote_boxI confess…I have a love/hate relationship with mascara. It’s complicated. I have oily skin…so much so that my lashes pick up the oil from my face and this causes even the most iron-clad waterproof mascaras on the market to give me raccoon eyes after a few hours of wear.

On top of this, the scrubbing and chemicals needed to get that off each day ends up causing my lashes to fall out. I gave up the fight a long time ago. Enter Batty’s Bath. $30 is a lot to spend on yet another mascara experiment but it has been so worth it!

I now wear Batty’s Bath Clean Slate Mascara for 14-16 hours per day WITH NO RACCOON EYES! Is that exciting or what?!

Plus, since it washes off so easily, my lashes have grown back so I have a full set and I swear the nourishing ingredients have made them longer.

It’s jet black, applies beautifully in a single coat (or let it dry in between coats for a more dramatic effect). The fact that it’s not waterproof can’t even be considered a drawback with all of it’s other attributes. I could not be more thrilled with this product.

            – Lori

Thanks so much to Lori for sharing her confession (and experiment results) with us!
Do you have a radiant makeup or skincare confession to make? I’d love to hear it! Share in the comments or shoot us an email 🙂

With love and radiance,
love batty

P.s. Our Clean Slate Natural Black Mascara can be found here.