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Hey, everyone. It’s Batty, here from, and I’m here with another Batty’s brief. Like previously, we are talking about specific supplements. This time we are talking about essential fatty acids (EFAs). If you have acne, if you have congested skin, whiteheads, blackheads, you have dry or inflamed skin, if you have hormonal acne. If the root cause is by hormonal imbalances. If you have gut issues. If you have digestive issues. If your acne is caused by problems in your digestive area, in your digestive system. EFAs are where it’s at.

What I like to take is 2 different ones. I don’t take them both in the same day. I alternate between the 2. The first one I like to take is Evening Primrose Oil. This one is by Women’s Health. Again, I just take it based on the directions on the bottle. On the days I’m not taking that, I like to take Sea Buckthorn Oil. You all know that I have a love for Sea Buckthorn Oil. It’s in many of our formulas (our topical formulas) but it’s also great internally. This one is by Sibu.

The thing that is great about EFAs is that they’re a skin building nutrient. They help all the other processes that keep your skin glowing work properly. Even if it’s not a skin care issue that you’re trying to treat, EFAs are great for overall health.

That’s your Batty’s brief for today, those are the specific EFAs I take. Again, they have a range of benefits, and pretty much any type of acne you are suffering from, they can help with.

Go out and get your EFAs. Again, my are Evening Primrose and Sea Buckthorn Oil, but there’s all kinds of other EFAs that you might prefer instead. For example, a lot of people really love fish oil.

Well, that’s your Batty’s brief for today! Until next time,

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Interested in more specific supplements for hormonal acne? Head over to the live broadcast replay on our FB fan page where I counted down 8 supplements that can target hormonal imbalances that cause breakouts.

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Hi Batty!
Thought I’d give you a quick update. I’m still waiting for some better results! I switched from Tea Tree Facial Scrub to the Pineapple Facial scrub, since it may be too harsh for my cystic acne.
I Haven’t tried Estroblock yet- I’m hesitant and thinking about going to see a naturopath and my gynecologist first. After looking up some info, it seems that it works for most, but as soon as they stop taking it they immediately get new pimples popping up, and I’m not all for having to take such an potent supplement [triple strength Estroblock] for long periods of time.
However, I wanted to target the digestive system alone before going hormonal route anyways, so I’ve been doing a liver support supplement and probiotics. I’ve also cut out coffee to 1/week (on the weekend as a treat- lol) and still cutting out processed sugars. I’m enjoying Skin Support Tea, a cleansing tea (fennel, peppermint, and one other ingredient that I can’t remember) and just plain peppermint, which I didn’t like at first, but now crave after meals). Also added chia and flax to my spinach or kale fruit smoothies.
I still can’t thank you enough for all the additional support for internal fixes on acne. I would like to mention though, I had my best results about 1 month in, after using the Detox Kit. Then my skin gradually worsened again. Any thoughts on a this? Should I maybe reintroduce some of those products (Charcoal Soap or Mild Jojoba Scrub) more often in my routine?
Thanks in advance Batty!
Hey there!
Thanks for the update! Sounds like you’re definitely on the right track, especially with focusing on internal actions! They don’t produce results right away, but they are worth it in the long run! You didn’t mention that you’re taking zinc, so I thought I’d mention it! It’s one of the things that helps my skin big time (I take 30 mg a day) – zinc helps speed the skin healing abilities, so blemishes clear up faster (and the potential for scarring is greatly reduced!.. helps with redness too!).
If you found your best results were with the Detox Kit, definitely work those products back into your routine. I would still suggest using the Patchouli Moisturizer at night. Plus, for any cystic acne or inflamed blemishes, (after applying the Patchouli Moisturizer), apply some of the Quick Stick, followed by a thick layer of the Hydra Healing Gel. I do this any time I have a blemish pop up, and it really speeds up the healing time. I also put a thick layer of Hydra Healing Gel over my entire face before going to bed. This helps fade acne scars, reduce inflammation (so if you have any current redness or breakouts, this helps calm them), and gives your skin a hydrating layer to pull from throughout the night. Now, the gel will dry up after a while, so when you wake up, it will have dried up (some will have completely soaked up into your skin, some will still be hanging around – depending on how balanced your skin currently is and how much hydration it needs). Just wash the excess off in the morning during your morning routine. For me that means washing my face with the Charcoal Soap.
I hope the helps get you back on track, and let me know if you have any other questions.
Until next time- stay radiant!
Love from Batty


Identifying the reason behind your breakouts can bring you an instant feeling of liberation. Up until that point, most chronic acne suffers feel like it’s an endless battle that they’re fighting blind. You try all kinds of solutions, with fingers crossed, only to become more stressed and confused about the situation.

Our goal is not only to provide you with awesome topical treatments for those irritating breakouts but also to educate you in the real reason they’re even happening. Plus- who wouldn’t want to stop them from happening in the first place if they could?

In this series, Batty talks about the 12 most common types of breakouts people experience. If you’re still not sure why you can’t get your acne under control, let’s start by trying to pinpoint the root causes/triggers! Just click on each link below to learn the basics behind each type of breakout.

Type #1: Hormonal acne
Type #2: Really sore breakouts
Type #3: Dry & patchy
Type #4: Irritant
Type #5: Acne around the nose and mouth
Type #6: Rash-like pimples and uneven skin tone
Type #7: Jaw line acne
Type #8: Reoccurring / cyclical
Type #9: Congestion
Type #10: Teen acne
Type #11: Cheek acne
Type #12: Forehead acne

Hopefully, these will provide you with some better insight as to the type(s) of acne you’re experiencing. Remember- topical treatments play an important role in acne treatment, but in order to get the best results, you want to make sure you’re getting to the root of the problem.

If you like to retain your skin care information via video, be sure to check out the full line-up of Batty’s Briefs HERE!


video transcript

Hey everyone. It’s Batty here from with another Batty’s brief. We are talking, just like in the previous briefs, about specific supplements. You have probably heard me say many, many times if you’re attacking internal causes of skin care issues, whether it’s acne, eczema, rosacea, or what have you, antioxidants are your friend. We did talk about these in smoothie mixes in a previous Batty’s brief. The mixes I talked about do have antioxidants in them. If you’re taking something like that you might not need any additional antioxidant support.

If you’re not taking something like that or your mix, your multivitamin etc doesn’t have antioxidants in it, what I take is the Progressive Berry mix. This one I really, really like actually. I’ve taken for a long time. Usually I only take this one if I haven’t done my smoothie mixes that day. For some of you if you’re just getting started on an internal healing path, the more antioxidants the better. Chronic acne sufferers, there’s been research to show that we need more antioxidants in our system. Our body uses them up in other processes. It doesn’t ever get to healing our skin with them. It takes a lot of antioxidants to fight free radicals and inflammation in our body. If you take anything away from this video, make sure you’re getting antioxidants, not only in your regular diet, what you’re eating, but also through supplementation if you can. If you’re a little bit confused and you’re not sure which ones to take, you’re not sure the ones I’m taking are right for you, go see a

Chronic acne sufferers, there’s been research to show that we need more antioxidants in our system. Our body uses antioxidants up in other processes and therefore don’t ever get to healing our skin. It takes a lot of antioxidants to fight free radicals and inflammation in our body. If you take anything away from this video, make sure you’re getting antioxidants, not only in your regular diet, what you’re eating, but also through supplementation if you can. If you’re a little bit confused and you’re not sure which ones to take, and you’re not sure the ones I’m taking are right for you, go see a naturopath. Go see your natural health guru. I’m sure they can direct you to the right antioxidant for you. Stay tuned. We will continue to talk about supplements in the next Batty’s Brief.

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UPDATE: I found out that I have a food sensitivity to peas, so I no longer take any progressive mixes, but if you don’t have any issues with peas, I still think this is a great recommendation. If you want to know which antioxidants I’m taking now instead, check out this live broadcast replay.


Interested in more specific supplements for hormonal acne? Head over to the live broadcast replay on our FB fan page where I counted down 8 supplements that can target hormonal imbalances that cause breakouts.

Today I’m celebrating my birthday with a quiet day of doggie cuddles, fresh air, and some personal reflection. Last year on my birthday I shared a list of random things the Radiant Rebel / Batty’s Bath community might not have know about me. This year, I think I’ll share a few “life hacks” / mindset shifts I’ve learned (usually the hard way) that have made each year better and better. They may seem like simple lessons, but they have been hard won and reflective days like today are what have made all the difference in learning what life has been trying to teach me – without quiet reflection and introspection, I wouldn’t have caught on or known what to do with the lesson once it was taught.


Without any further ado, here’s some of the mindset shifts that have become an important part of who I am today.


007_0551 – Don’t ignore communications my body is trying to send me .. ie a new breakout, a wave of fatigue, an achy back, or pinching hip are all signs that inflammation in my body is reaching a critical mass. Avoidance or the dismissing of these signals leads me further from how I want to feel, and ultimately, further from living up to my full potential. Ever tried to take on big things while being tired, restless, or sore? It’s not worth pushing ahead without stopping to figure out why you need to push so hard in the first place. A saying that has weaved its way into my very being is: if I argue for my limitations, I get to keep them. In other words, if you expel a lot of energy coming up with all the excuses as to why you can’t overcome a stumbling block (or mountain in your path), you won’t have any energy left to find the workaround, forge a new path, or see the big red door that leads to a road straight through the mountain.


005_0172 – Continuing on the above note, investigating and testing for root causes, have made a huge impact on what I know about my body. All those tests and investigations (as well as mini “experiments” or case studies on things like my diet, deficiencies, gut flora, inflammation, sleep patterns, and the like) have made it possible to cut through the noise and single out cause & effect relationships. Not once has my body “lied” to me about when something negative or destructive was happening – I just needed to be able to hear & comprehend its signals.


019_0503 – Making tiny (yet consistent) tweaks leads to me to accomplishing big goals – and usually in unpredictable and wonderful ways.


007_0354 – Continuing on that note; I don’t need to know how I’ll ultimately accomplish my goal or see each step in vivid detail (or any detail for that matter) to take the first step. Taking one step means I’m already closer than I was before.


007_0195 – Whether I end up accomplishing a specific goal on my journey or I end up steering my ship in a different direction, I always end up somewhere that was much better than where I started from.


007_0126 – Identifying patterns in my life, particularly ones that play out over a long period of time before repeating again, has single-handedly been what’s creating huge mindset shifts for me – and ultimately been the key to breaking negative, dangerous, or self-sabotaging unconscious actions, behaviors, thoughts, and attractions.


004_0177 – My worth won’t ever be, nor has it every been, tied to my body. My worth isn’t based on how I look, how I’m feeling, or how my body is functioning. My worth, just like everyone’s, can’t be added to or subtracted from, it just is. Each of our worth or intrinsic value is endless, timeless, and infinite.


015_0278 – Thoughts are powerful. I feel like I’ve always known this on some level (after all, I got a psychology degree because I find the power of thoughts to be absolutely fascinating), but lately, the power of this lesson has grown and expanded for me. As the saying goes, thoughts create things. I’m just now exploring just how vast the “things” (mindset shifts, positive actions, milestone creation/acquisition, mood awareness/transformations/etc etc etc) that thoughts can create can be.


014_0209 – The more I align with balanced, positivity-focused, stress-free, simple (no drama) living, the easier everything else becomes.
Doors open up, opportunities arrive, and the universe seems to say “you’re on the right path, I got you”. It brings an inner peace that makes focusing on what’s truly important crystal clear, exciting, and most importantly, easy.


012_01010 – Continuing on the note above, when I see the positive psychological and physical outcomes of a no drama, in tuned life, I find myself gravitating to more positivity and radiance. I find that I naturally start surrounding myself with uplifting influences and easily releasing what isn’t enhancing my wellbeing. Moving towards what’s good for me, and away from what’s detrimental, doesn’t feel like a struggle. Shifts (in mindset and habits) comes without will power or dragging my feet. Plus, as an added bonus, I recently found out that this also insulates me from negative, emotional vampires and misery trying to bring me into its company. Like water off a duck’s back, deflecting what would have felt like a personal attack before, is barely a blip on my radar now.



So there ya have it, 10 thoughts from me on my 34th birthday. I’m excited to read this list on my 35th birthday and see how much I’ve changed, grown, or shifted in a year’s time. Until then, the list above is what I’m reflecting on today. Have a great Sunday Radiant Rebels!

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