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Batty’s Bath Annual Soap Drive- There’s still time to vote!

Annual Soap Drive

If you haven’t noticed the flurry of activity on the Batty’s Bath Facebook Fan Page, your missing out! This year’s Annual Soap Drive is turning out to be one of the best soap drives we’ve held yet.

What is the Batty’s Bath Annual Soap Drive you ask?

Each year, Batty hosts the soap drive as a chance to give back to her community and a local charity. The Soap drive plays entertainer to a little, friendly competition in order to select which charity will be the beneficiary for that year. Once the charity is chosen (by you the fans), Batty donates a portion of all soaps sold between Nov. 1st and Dec. 8th (The day the shop shuts down for holidays).

There’ still time to vote, and the charities need your support!

This year’s voting has been closer than ever, and every vote makes a difference. So how can you get involved? It’s really quite simple.

VOTE by “liking” the charity of your choice from the album of submitted charities on the Batty’s Bath Facebook Fan Page (the collection of pictures that all say “Batty’s Bath Annual Soap Drive” + the name of the charity). The album is pinned to the top of the page, so it’s easy for you to find. Liking the picture with the charity you want to win is the only way to have your vote count, and can only been done once.

How can I help my favourite charity?

Tag them, message them, share their photo so more people can come here and vote for them. Basically, spread the word! But be quick, voting ends at midnight (EST), Oct 31, 2014.

We will announce the winner on Nov. 1st.

Q&A: What products do you suggest for my Milia?

question for batty

Hi Batty.

I have milia under my eyes and small bumps like milia on nose are. Do you have  any suggestions on how to treat them?

Thank you!

batty's answer


Thanks for your email! Below you’ll find my thoughts and suggestions:

Milia can be removed by a dermatologist, but for an at home treatment, the best advice is: consistent GENTLE exfoliation. I stress GENTLE exfoliation because harsh exfoliation can actually cause a outbreak of milia. You may want to try one of my products with pineapple enzymes, as it provides exfoliation inside the pore without the abrasion. The two products I have that contain pineapple enzymes are my Green Tea & Pineapple Liquid Facial Cleanser and my Pineapple Facial Scrub (the Pineapple Facial Scrub will provide two types of gentle exfoliation).

My suggestion as far as a routine would be to….

  • cystic acne maskAM & PM Exfoliation+Cleansing: use the Green Tea & Pineapple Liquid Facial Cleanser in the AM and the Pineapple Facial Scrub in the PM (note that all my facial scrubs are made with whipped soap so you don’t need to use another cleanser or soap along with them – they cleanse and exfoliate at the same time).  The clays in the Green Tea & Pineapple Liquid Facial Cleanser will also help draw out impurities that could be blocking the pores.
  • PM Treatment: For the milia on your nose, after exfoliating, apply my Cystic Acne Mask on the problem areas (in a fairly thick layer) before going to bed. This thick layer won’t completely absorb into your skin and will dry hard so you’ll need to wash it off in the morning. The ingredients in this mask will help hydrate the area (which helps skin cells slough off easier), kill bacteria, reduce inflammation, and if some of those bumps are acne, help clear those up as well.
  • PM Treatment: For the milia under your eyes, do the same thing as mentioned above (apply a thick layer before bed) except with my Soothing Eye Gel (after exfoliating the area). When applying the Soothing Eye Gel, don’t worry about trying to rub it in, just gently pat it on.
  • AM Treatment: Apply a super thin layer of Soothing Eye Gel under your eyes followed up with your moisturizer*. I would also suggest applying my Hydra Healing Skin Rescue Gel to the bumps on your nose is a very thin layer followed up by your moisturizer. (Note that when using the Soothing Eye Gel, Cystic Acne Mask, or Hydra Healing Gel during the day, they should always be applied in a super thin layer and followed up with a layer of moisturizer or serum).

    * – be sure your moisturizer doesn’t contain pore clogging ingredients (all my facial moisturizers & serums are free of pore clogging ingredients – for more help on making sure the products you’re using aren’t contributing to the problem, see below).

  • Be sure to avoid pore clogging ingredients that could be causing the milia in the first place (milia develops because either sloughed-off skin gets caught in the pore, or when something clogs the ducts leading to the skin surface). This flowchart goes over some of the most common pore clogging ingredients to avoid (as well as other problem ingredients). Also watch for coconut oil – it only clogs pores in less than half of the people who use it, so it’s often overlooked as an ingredient that could be causing the problem. Your skin may not have a problem with coconut oil but it is worth mentioning.
  • Dry Clay MaskUse a clay mask (I would suggest my Dry Clay Mask mixed with aloe) on the problem areas 1-2 times a week and exfoliate well after. This will help draw out impurities that could be blocking the pores.
  • It’s also been suggested that milia develops after excessive exposure to the sun – although there’s debate about whether it’s the sun that’s actually causing the outbreak, or whether it’s the active ingredients in chemical sunscreens. So stay out of the sun as much as possible and use natural sun blocking ingredients when you’ll be in the sun for long periods of time (like titanium dioxide and zinc – some of my products contain these ingredients but won’t provide enough protection for long periods of time spent out in the sun. If you’d like to know which natural sunscreen I use on my face when I’ll be working in the garden for several hours or going to the beach, just let me know and I’ll pass along the info).

I hope that helps! Please let me know if there’s anything I can clarify or help with further

lovebatty purple


Weekly Recap (Oct. 13 – 19)

Here’s this week’s photo recap! Check out what I’ve been up to (or have at least documented ) since the last recap post!

Pictures are displayed from the oldest to the most recent (dates are included in the description of the picture). If you’d prefer to see my picture updates as they are posted, follow my Instagram feed – that’s where I post these pictures during the week, and then recap them here on the blog once a week.

To see previous photo recaps, check out the “My Week So Far” tag.

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Batty's nails

Halloween nails from Tokyo still going strong! (Oct. 13)

image divider

work station

What working on this Canadian holiday Monday looks like. Laptop + sleepy dog cuddled up to me + sporting my nightmare before Christmas onesie. It’s a comfy cozy work environment while I print postage for orders that came in while I was in Tokyo. Tonight + tomorrow, Momma Batty and I will get them all packaged up and out the door for Wednesday morning. If you’re waiting on an order, it will be on its way to you shortly. (Oct. 13)

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Fall and winter soaps

Fall + winter limited edition soaps have arrived at Batty’s Bath ! Head over to for all the details. Check out all the memorizing soaps specially made to commemorate the season! Small and large gift packs are also available at (Oct. 15)

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Halloween soaps

Halloween soaps are still in stock! Usually I’ve sold out before October even starts but this year I made 3x as many as previous years so there’s still a few available! Them seem to be getting snapped up pretty fast though! If you’re interested they’re available at (Oct. 15)

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Gingerbread soap

Today in the studio: making hundreds of these little cuties! They will go out as freebies in all of the November + December Batty’s Bath orders! I’ll also be bringing a limited number of them to the Frederick Art Walk with me (see the events page for the art walk date + details). It sure smells like Christmas in the studio today! (Oct. 15) … pst, mini gingerbread men soaps are available in the online shop for anyone who’d like extras!

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Batty's outfit

What I Wore: a bit wrinkled now from lots of time spent in the car. I love that the majority of my wardrobe doesn’t seem “out of season” during the month of October, and I get fewer comments about all the bats/pumpkins/skulls I wear. Each October I think I’ll be safe from all strange comments but not so much. Besides the one odd ball comment from an elderly fellow, today was a good day to be out and about in the world. (Oct. 16)

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Batty's pumpkins

Pumpkin carving was a success! Ran out of time to paint the baby pumpkin though. The baby sprouted up in my pumpkin patch at the very last min! I’m surprised he even had time to turn orange. (Oct. 18)

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OSPCA sign

Flashback to one of the creative signs that was put together when I worked at the Renfrew County OSPCA in Petawawa … I believe this was Julie’s handy work! (Oct. 19)

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Quick stick acne fix

Restocking Batty’s Bath “Quick Stick Acne Fix” spot treatment sticks! These babies have really picked up in popularity! More info available at (Oct. 19)

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Little Man dreaming

I love my work environment. At this very moment I’m working on my laptop and this dude is using my leg as a pillow while he dreams. He stopped snoring right before I started recording but I could still feel his lips twitching. I wonder what he’s dreaming about. (Oct 19)

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Halloween Nails

Halloween Nails (Oct. 19)

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The extras…

I’m currently watching/listening to:


    • The Walking Dead – season 4 – finished
    • Supernatural – season 9 – started (and almost finished! One or two episodes to go).
    • Side Note: for those of you who don’t know, I fit in so much tv time because I watch tv while packing orders ;)

Listening to: .. nothing much this week! I’ve been “in the zone” and have found myself realizing that hours upon hours have passed while I’ve been working away without any music playing in the background!

What I’m reading (non-work related):

    • Extraordinary Love: 9 Enthralling Paranormal Romances - Box Set with 9 different authors. I haven’t gotten any further in the first book, Of Eternal Life by Micah Persell since the I first mentioned this box set here.


Customer Review: Really enjoy it!

Acne B.O.P. Mist

Finding balance in all aspects of life can be a challenge- Leave the skin to Batty’s Bath! Batty’s mists are designed to restore hydration to all skin types. Not matter what kind of skin troubles cross your path, she’s got you covered.

Here’s what Ria had to say about the Acne B.O.P. Mist.

“I’ve been using this product for around three weeks, and so far, I really like it. My skin is definitely a producer of far too much oil, and the mist does a great job of calming and soothing my pores. I notice a difference when I use it, not to mention the AMAZING SMELL. I honestly just spray it on my face and then sit there and inhale. I love it. It smells like yoga and meditation. The B.O.P. Serum is oil based, so if that freaks you out, the mist is an excellent choice.”

- Ria (Acne B.O.P. Mist)

Thanks Ria! Glad we’re not the only ones that take the time to “smell the flowers”.

Want to read other reviews on this product? Click here.
Have your own review to share about this product? Click here.

Batty’s Top Tips for Tackling Acne

A while back I was asked what my top tips are for someone who’s trying to clear up their acne. Now this was both easy and hard! Easy because a million tips flooded to the front of my brain. Hard because narrowing down the best tips for a wide range of acne sufferers (with wide range of causes) is a bit trickier (it was also hard because they only wanted a few tips and I hate leaving anything out!). Below is the tips I offered to the publication. They published along with a round up of other experts.

#1. A couple times a week, keep acne causing bacteria from getting out of control by using a product with a natural anti-bacterial ingredient like tea tree oil. (Two good choices are this scrub and this mask/gel).

#2. Check to ensure you’re not using skin care products that are contributing or causing your acne! These types of products include stripping ingredients like SLS or SLES, as well as pore clogging ingredients like petro-based ingredients and silicones (If you want to put your products to the test, use this chart!).

#3. Don’t just tackle external causes of acne – internal causes are almost always the cause of chronic, stubborn acne! Start your internal focus by making sure your digestive system is working as efficiently as possible (even if you have no signs of digestive issues!), boost your body’s natural ability to balance hormones with a clean detox-focused diet and herbal tea (that includes ingredients like burdock root, yellow dock root, milk thistle, and red clover blossom), and drink a big glass of water with lemon in it every morning (this helps with digestion and detoxifying the body). (Find out more ways to tackle the internal causes of acne but going to my letter to acne sufferers and/or checking out all my info packed internal blog posts here.)

#4.  Don’t pass on moisturizing your skin! One of the biggest mistakes I see acne sufferers make is avoiding moisturizing and/or hydrating products in their daily routine. Skipping this crucial step just perpetuates the oil producing cycle and increases the amount of oil (sebum) your skin will produce. (Find out more about this cycle by check out this blog post + video).


If you’d like more info on the tips above, as well as even more info on clearing acne naturally, check out my letter to acne sufferers (it’s packed with info about the causes of acne + the solutions!) or surf around the blog (the resource directory is a gold mine of info!)


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