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Customer Review: Really enjoy it!

Acne B.O.P. Mist

Finding balance in all aspects of life can be a challenge- Leave the skin to Batty’s Bath! Batty’s mists are designed to restore hydration to all skin types. Not matter what kind of skin troubles cross your path, she’s got you covered.

Here’s what Ria had to say about the Acne B.O.P. Mist.

“I’ve been using this product for around three weeks, and so far, I really like it. My skin is definitely a producer of far too much oil, and the mist does a great job of calming and soothing my pores. I notice a difference when I use it, not to mention the AMAZING SMELL. I honestly just spray it on my face and then sit there and inhale. I love it. It smells like yoga and meditation. The B.O.P. Serum is oil based, so if that freaks you out, the mist is an excellent choice.”

- Ria (Acne B.O.P. Mist)

Thanks Ria! Glad we’re not the only ones that take the time to “smell the flowers”.

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Batty’s Top Tips for Tackling Acne

A while back I was asked what my top tips are for someone who’s trying to clear up their acne. Now this was both easy and hard! Easy because a million tips flooded to the front of my brain. Hard because narrowing down the best tips for a wide range of acne sufferers (with wide range of causes) is a bit trickier (it was also hard because they only wanted a few tips and I hate leaving anything out!). Below is the tips I offered to the publication. They published along with a round up of other experts.

#1. A couple times a week, keep acne causing bacteria from getting out of control by using a product with a natural anti-bacterial ingredient like tea tree oil. (Two good choices are this scrub and this mask/gel).

#2. Check to ensure you’re not using skin care products that are contributing or causing your acne! These types of products include stripping ingredients like SLS or SLES, as well as pore clogging ingredients like petro-based ingredients and silicones (If you want to put your products to the test, use this chart!).

#3. Don’t just tackle external causes of acne – internal causes are almost always the cause of chronic, stubborn acne! Start your internal focus by making sure your digestive system is working as efficiently as possible (even if you have no signs of digestive issues!), boost your body’s natural ability to balance hormones with a clean detox-focused diet and herbal tea (that includes ingredients like burdock root, yellow dock root, milk thistle, and red clover blossom), and drink a big glass of water with lemon in it every morning (this helps with digestion and detoxifying the body). (Find out more ways to tackle the internal causes of acne but going to my letter to acne sufferers and/or checking out all my info packed internal blog posts here.)

#4.  Don’t pass on moisturizing your skin! One of the biggest mistakes I see acne sufferers make is avoiding moisturizing and/or hydrating products in their daily routine. Skipping this crucial step just perpetuates the oil producing cycle and increases the amount of oil (sebum) your skin will produce. (Find out more about this cycle by check out this blog post + video).


If you’d like more info on the tips above, as well as even more info on clearing acne naturally, check out my letter to acne sufferers (it’s packed with info about the causes of acne + the solutions!) or surf around the blog (the resource directory is a gold mine of info!)


Q&A: How do I know when to switch kits?

question for batty

Hi Batty!

I have what is probably a silly question. I have ordered your Detox Kit, and so far am liking it. It leaves my skin feeling less irritated than when I was using other products before.

My question has to do with two of your kits: the Detox Kit and the Acne Prone Skin Care Kit. I have been using the Detox Kit for a little over two weeks now and want to order the Acne Kit. My question is to I just completely stop using the Detox Kit and start on the Acne Kit, or do I somehow integrate them together into one routine?

Also, I have experienced some dryness in my skin using the Detox Kit. It’s in the usual places that I have dried out before (around the nose, and my chin just below my bottom lip). Any suggestions?


batty's answer

Hey There!

Thanks for your email!

I’ve received this question before from another customer (about switching and/or combining kits), and I do have an in depth answer to share. But first, I’ll tell you the quick answer which is to follow the kit cards… so basically, stop using the Detox Kit and switch to using the Acne Prone Kit. You’ll want to do this when you’ve run out of one of the Detox Kit products (otherwise just continue to use the Detox Kit until that happens). For the more in depth answer (including how to incorporate add-ons into the kit routines), head over to this blog post.

I should note that after using the Acne Prone Kit for 3 weeks, you can start combining products from both kits into your routine. For example if you find your skin responded better to the Charcoal Soap than the P&G Soap, feel free to start using the Charcoal Soap again as your AM cleanser. Same goes for any of the other products in the kits. The blog post above (plus this link) will help you develop the perfect routine.

acneproneAs far as addressing the dryness, you may find that using Patchouli Facial Moisturizer (found in the Acne Prone Kit) in the PM will help with this. The Primer has clays in it that makes it less moisturizing than the Patchouli Moisturizer.

(Sidenote: If you wear making up during the day, continue to use the Primer in the AM and use the Patchouli in the PM when you switch to the Acne Prone Kit).

However, since it sounds like this is a chronic issue with those areas getting dry, I would suggest adding in a hydrating product into your routine. For your skin, I recommend applying the Hydration Mist in the AM after washing your face and before applying your moisturizer. In the PM do the same thing every other evening. On the opposite evenings, after washing your face, apply a thin layer of the Cystic Acne Mask before applying your moisturizer. This combination should help to give your skin a big dose of hydration AND by applying your moisturizer over top, that hydration gets sealed in for your skin to absorb (when hydrating products aren’t “sealed in”, a lot of the hydration is absorbed into the air before your skin can absorb it – applying the moisturizer over top elevates this issue).
Before adding hydrating products into your routine, you might find this Q & A blog post helpful as a “heads up” (FYI: after following up with this customer, I was spot on! Following the tips I gave her worked like a charm).

I hope that helps! Please let me know if there’s anything I can clarify or help with further!

lovebatty purple

Weekly Recap – (Oct 6 – 12) PLUS Batty takes over Japan

Here’s this week’s photo recap! Check out what I’ve been up to (or have at least documented ) since the last recap post!

Pictures are displayed from the oldest to the most recent (dates are included in the description of the picture). If you’d prefer to see my picture updates as they are posted, follow my Instagram feed – that’s where I post these pictures during the week, and then recap them here on the blog once a week.

To see previous photo recaps, check out the “My Week So Far” tag.

image divider

Halloween Christmas Tree

Halloween tree! (Oct 6)

image divider

Halloween nails

I officially have the coolest nails in Tokyo! (Oct 6)

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Batty new friend

Making friends in Japan (Oct 6)

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Japanese meal

Enjoying eats at a 100% vegan restaurant. (Oct 6)

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Selfie with the famous hachiko. (Oct 6)

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Pre-supper dessert… don’t mind if I do. (Oct 6)

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Disneyland in Japan

Disneyland: batty and ray have arrived! Now waiting in our front row seats for the Halloween parade to start! (Oct 7)

image divider

Tokoyo Disneyland

We made it! (Oct 7)

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Halloween knocker

Honey I’m home. (Oct 7)

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Halloween nails

Still I’m awe over the amazing Halloween nail art that the talented gal did for me at “color’s yellow ” in Tokyo, Japan (Oct 7)

image divider

Batty and Dumbo

On the way into Disney we stopped for a photo op with my favorite elephant. (Oct 7)

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Bunny Cafe

We made friends – and then cuddled – with “Momo” the bunny at the “With Bunny” rabbit café in Tokyo, Japan (Oct 8)

image divider


Ray and I received our fortunes outside Sensoji (temple). Ray ended up with a “bad fortune” and I got a “good fortune” (about dang time I say! Lol). Then I tied mine on to a stand (that’s supposed to make sure it comes true / brings good fortune). (Oct 8)

image divider

Lunar eclipse

Not a very good picture (the only day I left my lens camera in the hotel room was today! Oops! So this was the best I could get with my phone) but this is the Sky Tree Tower in Tokyo with the lunar eclipse happening to the right. It’s currently a busy time in the sky: full moon + total lunar eclipse + the draconids meteor shower (which we couldn’t see). I hope some of you got to take in the mini meteor shower. (Oct 8)

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Harajuko Street

I have found my people! (Oct 8)

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Hello Kitty

Mission accomplished: I’ve found Hello Kitty and am bringing her home to Canada! (Oct 9)

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Soap on a rope

Soap on a rope anyone? (Oct 10)

image divider

snuggles with Little Man

Back in Canada and recovering with this guy cuddled as close as possible. It’s a good feeling when your fur babies missed you as much as you missed them. (Oct 10)

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Pumpkin patch

Woh! While I was gone this happened! The pumpkin vines have grown up and around the fence and part of the gate. This fence growing vine even has a bloom on it – sadly it’s too late in the season for it to be a pumpkin by Halloween, But “the great pumpkin” (ie the only pumpkin that has survived this year) is still going strong in the background! (Oct 11)

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Skele-gingerbread soap

Skele-Gingerbread Soaps! Perfect for anyone, like me, who celebrates Halloween all year around! These soaps fit the bill for both Halloween and a gothicesque Christmas! They are smell like warm, just iced gingerbread and are just over 5oz each. There’s aren’t small soaps – they are taller than my bar soaps – and they are available at (Oct 11)

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Soap Drive

There’s still time to enter your fave charity! But you only have until midnight EST (so 30 min from now)! Tomorrow afternoon the vote will start to determine which charity Batty’s Bath raises money for during the holiday season. If you’d like your charity to have a chance at winning the vote ya gotta enter them first! Quickly click over to the Batty’s Bath Facebook fan page before midnight to enter your charity (see the announcement at the top of the fan page news feed to enter your charity). The Batty’s Bath fan page is found here: Good luck to all the charities that have already been entered! I’m so excited for the voting to start! (Oct 11)

image divider

Featured charities

The vote has started and these are the charities that were submitted! Head over to the Batty’s Bath Facebook fan page to vote for your fave ( We’ll raise money for the winning charity during the holiday season ($1 from every soap bar sold during Nov & Dec will go to the winning charity!). Voting ends at midnight on Halloween. (Oct 12)

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The extras…

I’m currently watching/listening to:


    • The Walking Dead – season 4

Listening to: while flying to and from Japan I listened to a “mostly mellow” mix. It’s far to big to list here but here’s some of the artists that had a significant amount of songs on the list.

    • Alicia Keys
    • Billie Joe + Norah
    • CCR
    • Cyndi Lauper
    • Duffy
    • Etta James
    • Jill Barber
    • Kendall Payne
    • Lake Street Drive
    • Maggie Rose
    • Meaghan Smith
    • Miranda Lambert
    • Norah Jones
    • Oh Susanna
    • Pistol Annies
    • Ray LaMontagne
    • Selah Sue
    • She & Him
    • Tegan and Sara

What I’m reading (non-work related):

    • Extraordinary Love: 9 Enthralling Paranormal Romances - Box Set with 9 different authors. Started the first book, Of Eternal Life by Micah Persell. I love picking up box sets like this for kindle – nice and cheap plus when I finish one book I don’t have to hunt around for what to read next! Here’s the amazon link to this set.


    • Hello, Month. An inspiring website that I wish was around (and I knew about it) when the sh*t hit the fan in early 2013. Even though I’m in a much better place now, I’m still finding this site uplifting – it reminds us to start each month a new… like another chance to start fresh and leave the crud from the previous month (or months) behind.



Customer Review: It’s so good that I got the large size!

Quick Tint Antioxidant moisturizer


As women, we all have days where we say “screw it” to make-up. BUT, what if we told you that Batty’s Bath has a facial moisturizer that works like a whipped foundations without adding an extra layer or work? Our Quick Tint Antioxidant Moisturizer does just that! It’s a soothing facial, a luxurious moisturizer, a light whipped foundation, and healthy raw smoothie (for your face!) all in one!

Here’s what Carol S say to say about this product:

“I think it gives my skin a glow that it sorely needs now that I’m older. My skin has improved greatly in the two weeks I tried it, and I think this is a real keeper for me. I also love the Patchouli Moisturizer and will continue to use it as well. I think all the anti-oxidants in this cream is best for all skin types, but especially for mature, sensitive skin like mine. My skin loves it.”

- Carol S (Quick Tint Antioxidant Moisturizer)

Thanks Carol! We love hearing about love affairs with our products.

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