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Thank you gourmet chocolates!


I’d love if you could help me figure out what the changes I’ll make shortly might look like. I asked for some insight via a quick facebook poll. Go here to answer with one click!    

On the mend but don’t jinx it!


Dry Skin Got You Down? Batty can help!


Winter is here, and you know what that can lead to? You guessed it dry winter skin! It’s one of the pangs of winter.  It can be caused by several things such as the cold winter temperatures, the wind and the low humidity. Then when we are inside, the heat we use to warm up […]

Important Notice About Our Market Hours Today

IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT TODAY: Hey everyone, I’m too sick to make it to the covent garden market today, but Kat will be there from 1pm to 4pm. I’m trying to find coverage for the rest of the hours but so far no dice. I’ll keep everyone posted if anything changes. Also, Kat, Jena, Kristen, and […]

Pondering Fibro Flares and Their Effect on Batty’s Bath


Since starting the new year, with my new years resolutions in mind, I’ve been working on ways to make “shifts” and changes to see those resolutions realized.  And honestly, they aren’t so much “new years” resolutions as they are long-term life style goals. New Years just happened to be a convenient time to summarize and […]

Toothy Troubles

Adorable Handmade Tooth Pillows

Felt Tooth Fairy Pillows by The Fairy Felt Mother Ever since I had my first few teeth it seems I’ve had toothy troubles. It wasn’t rare for me to have to go back for multiple visits to the dentist after each 6 month check up.  I hate the dentist.  I don’t mean any certain dentist.. […]

6 Guiding Commitments that Shape Batty’s bath

When I started Batty’s Bath I was determined to make a company I could be proud of and that made the world a better place! To me, that meant making some serious commitments that go beyond just making great products! I made a total of 6 encompassing commitments that I run my business by. Each […]

Body Mists for Your Chakras

Body Mist by Batty's Bath

A new product just arrived at! Drum roll please…. It’s BODY MIST!!! I’m super excited about this release because I’ve offering two different scent lines with it! The first is picks for 2012, and the second is the Chakra Collection! So whether you just want to smell great or align your chakras, I’ve got […]

Place your orders for the market

Batty's Bath at the Covent Garden Market

I’m now accepting orders for pickup at the Covent Garden Market! We will have a table at the market from Feb 23rd – 26th. Use the coupon code MARKET to remove the shipping fees at Coupon expires on Monday (and is the latest I can accept orders for pick up).

Refill bottles will arrive this week!

I’m so excited to offer refills this year! It’s a great feeling knowing that we are all using less packaging. As a bonus, we made up a small number of the refills with pump lids! Once those are gone though, the refills will come without a pump and will be perfect for pouring into the […]

Doggies enjoy when I take a break (forced or voluntary) as much as I do.


Working on shipping orders tonight


All Systems Go! Batty’s Bath Studio

Mondays aren’t so bad when you love your job :)

Batty's Office

I’m getting lots of work done and loving it!

What I Wore – Feb 2, 2012 – My soap making uniform!

Batty of Batty's Bath - London Ontario's REAL soap maker!

Our New Website is Live!

Picture 10

Have you seen the new look of our website? and got a major overhaul and we’re so proud to share it with the world! This new look is part of a full on makeover for Batty’s Bath! Have we changed our cute colorful style? Of course not! We just felt it was time […]

Celebrating our 3rd Birthday!

Batty's Bath Birthday Soap

Batty’s Bath is 3 this month and to celebrate we have 3 amazing specials planned! We’ve also released a pretty in pastel birthday soap! Since these specials have been 3 years in the making, let’s not wait any longer and get to the good stuff! **Please note that all of these specials apply ONLY to […]