Skin Care Garden Series: Lemon Balm

Hello again, I’m back with another post about the herbs that you grew in your skin care garden. This time I’ll be talking about the lovely lemon balm, and how you can use it! I think you will enjoy the many versatile uses of one of my favorite herbs.

One way that lemon balm can be used is as a natural insect repellant. Summer is soon coming, and with the way this weather has been, some of us have met summer very early. You know what warm weather and summer mean! Mosquitoes!! Yes those things that go bzzzz in your ear and go after your blood leaving you with bites. This natural insect repellant is very simple to make, and doesn’t require a degree in chemistry.  All you need to do is harvest some fresh leaves, crush them with your mortar and pestle, rub them on your skin, and bam you’re free to hit the outdoors! Wow!

Speaking of the itchies and things that go bite in the night, lemon balm is great to use for skin afflicted with skin boils, chicken pox, and insect bites.  One way to use lemon balm is by making a poultice. To make a lemon balm poultice, you will need to harvest a few fresh lemon balm leaves. Place these lemon balm leaves in a small bowl or tea cup and pour boiling water on them; just enough to cover.  Next mash the moistened lemon balm into a pulp with a spoon or your mortar and pestle.  Let cool. When cool, apply to afflicted areas of skin, and then place sterile gauze pad on top. You can then tape this in place with some medical grade tape (you can get this as well as the gauze from any drug store). Leave on for a few hours or overnight if needed. Lastly, you can use them in a refreshing soak. Harvest some fresh leaves, and add them to a warm bath along with some bath salts  for an extra skin healing experience.

I hope you enjoyed learning how lemon balm can keep your skin as lovely as you are!

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