The 2 Biggest Mistakes Radiant Rebels with Oily Skin Make

2 mistakes for oily skin

In a world where oil controls the land of pores, there are two really common mistakes that are made. Here’s a look at both and some ways in which you can change your situation for the better.

  1. Not HYDRATING your skin (enough or at all): Hydration is the number one missed step in most skin care routines and not just those with oily skin. Finding the “sweet spot” of balance between the oils and water isn’t always the easiest but it’s a crucial part of taking back control of your skin. Why is hydrating so important? When our skin is dehydrated (ie. there’s a water drought happening in our pores), our skin attempts to compensate by producing what it ‘thinks’ is the solution – oil. Unlike water, when oil dries up, it sticks around, forming hard blockages in our pore better known as blackheads. This causes more oil production to try and rectify the situation and thus becomes a vicious cycle. Here’s the trick- moisturizer isn’t how you hydrate your skin. Their ingredients are oil based, and while oils are great for the skin, when it’s dehydrated, what your skin is really asking for is water. There are a lot of great hydrators (with clean and kind ingredients of course) but if you want one that is targetted specifically for your skin, be sure to take our Find Your Perfect Hydrator Quiz. What to peruse our line of hydrators? CLICK HERE

  2. Not MOISTURIZING your skin (enough or at all) or using the wrong moisturizer: Now we know that we may have made oils sounds like a bad cold. That’s not the case. Our skin produces oil for a reason. A healthy balance of oil helps to lubricate our pores making the release of toxins and build up easier, but the key here is a “healthy” balance of oils. You want to avoid the bad oils (the overproduction that leads to blackheads as mentioned above) and ensure the oils your skin is getting are the good kind. These are the types of oils you find in superior and healthy moisturizer made with healthy ingredients. Finding the right mix of oils in your moisturizer can also make all the difference. The environment, time of year and what’s going on internally can all influence our moisturizer needs. If your not sure what kind of moisturizer your skin is begging for, we’ve got a quiz for that too! Test your skin with our Find Your Perfect Moisturizer Quiz.  Our entire line of moisturizer can be found HERE.


We know it would just be easier if our skin could talk and tell us what it wants. Be patient while you try to reconnect and rebuild that understanding with your skin. Oily skin can be just as tricky to heal as acne, but if you stick with it, you’ll get there!

With love & radiance,

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