The 5-minute Face: VA Karla’s Everyday Essentials Makeup Look

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It’s no secret that I love playing with makeup. There’s something about the feeling I get when I’m allowed to let my creative flag fly free. That being said, my schedule doesn’t allow for the time to deep dive into my makeup kit each morning. Most days I want an easy and quick look that I can throw on, run my errands and still makes me feel radiant in.

On the days when I need a 5-minute face, here’s my go-to look!

  1. Just like every makeup look, I always prep my skin using my Batty’s Bath skin care routine. It’s second nature to in the morning but it also helps ensure I’m creating the smoothest canvas possible for makeup.
  2. Depending on my mood, I’ll either apply a light layer of Nature’s Veil CC Cream with my fingers (when I’m feeling rushed) or a damp, clean beauty blender (when I have a few seconds to spare). I love this foundation when I want that barely-there feel that simply evens out my natural skin tone. Blend until there aren’t any streaks. My shade match during the winter in Almond Vanilla
  3. If my under eyes need a little love (ie. I’m dealing with some dark circles), I’ll use a little Bright Eyed Beauty Mineral Concealer to counteract the blue/purple tones found in dark circles.
  4. No matter what makeup look I’m doing, I always set my base with the Oil Absorbing Setting Powder. Using a powder brush, I dust a light layer over my entire face with a little extra around my eyes to ensure I don’t have any creasing throughout the day.
  5. Just because it’s winter here in Southern Ontario doesn’t mean I can’t create a little sunshine of my own. I warm up my complexion with the Biscuit Bronzer. I even use it as my blush most days.
  6. Using our Meadow Glow Highlighter (coming soon- stay tuned), I pat a little along the tops of my cheekbones, on the tip of my nose, my cupid’s bow and along my brow bones. You can blend out with your fingertips or a small buffing brush. Just make sure you’re gentle and not dragging the other makeup underneath. This helps add a little, extra healthy glow that looks effortless.
  7. I take the Biscuit Bronzer and a regular eyeshadow brush and use this as an all over lid shade. I blend it up into the crease and smudge some along my bottom lash line to give my eyes some dimension with minimal work.
  8. To finish off my eyes, I curl my lashes and give them a quick coat of the Clean Slate Mascara to get that wide-eyed effect.
  9. The final and last step to all makeup looks for me is the Quick Spritz Oil Fix. Not only does this work well with the Oil Absorbing Setting Powder but it helps me set and forget my makeup. It also helps minimize any powderiness on my face for the most natural complexion. I just spray a light coating over my entire face and try not to move for a few seconds while it dries to make sure it’s not moving any of the work I just did.

That’s it! That’s All! Since this is the look I throw on more day than not, it literally takes me 5 minutes to get the job done. The results make me feel put together and ready to take on the world and my crazy schedule. If you have a favourite, everyday look, I would love to hear about it or even better, see it! Be sure to tag #radiantrebel in all your Batty’s Bath looks so that we don’t miss out on your radiant faces.

With love and radiance,

Love VA Karla


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