A new kind of perk for radiant rebels!

Hey beautiful!

I’m super excited to introduce a brand new program to the whole radiant rebel community today! We’ve been testing it out for some time now and couldn’t be happier with the positivity and groundswell of awesomeness that has been happening!

*drum roll please*

Introducing the Radiant Rebel Affiliate Program!

Spreading the word about green beauty

It’s no secret that thanks to the Radiant Rebel community we’re able to continue to provide toxin-free skincare and beauty products to those looking for safe alternatives to the norm. It’s also no secret that our radiant rebel community is the #1 way that new seekers find us!

I can’t thank all of you enough for being apart of the movement towards better beauty, safer products, and helping new comers make the switch to natural!

And while I’ll never be able to thank you enough, what I can do is give back to the community with every chance I get!

The radiant rebel affiliate program is one of those ways of giving back.

So what exactly is the program all about?

In a nutshell, it provides radiant rebels with the opportunity to generate an income from doing what so many of you already do: spread the word about our little tribe!

Now you might be thinking “ugh.. is this something sleazy?” lol.

I can assure you I’m not going to start asking you to start hounding all your friends so you can meet some hostess minimum and then start recruiting a “downline”.

Nope, nothing scam-y, spammy, or icky. Not only is that so not us, but it would also funk up our karma. No thanks!

This program is for:

  • those who are already telling people about us,
  • those who find it easy to share things they love,
  • and those who feel called to spread the message of safer, toxin-free, green living.

Sound like something you’d be into?

If so, here’s the link to find out more.

Questions? Comments? Just hit reply 🙂

With love and radiance,

Love from Batty

P.s. this program is different from our rewards program. Our rewards program earns you store credit when you take certain actions (like make a purchase, refer-a-friend, etc). Our affiliate program earns you actual moola that you can spend on whatever you want (i.e. you don’t need to spend it in our shop like store credit). Pretty cool right? I’m hoping with both programs in full swing you can decide which one is right for you (or even participate in both!)


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