Batty’s Briefs: How to Beat Skin Congestion Naturally


video transcript:

Hey everyone, it’s Batty here from with another Batty’s brief.

If you have congested skin and pores that get clogged up so, so easily and you can’t seem to get them unclogged without, you know, wanting to turn to harsh ingredients, a lot of the ingredients out there that are touted as acne cures and such.

If you’re still wanting to stay on the natural route, and I hope you are, this is how to get your skin cells to stop sticking together and clogging up your pores.

First, internally you want to start taking zinc.

Zinc stops skin cells from clogging together, because it stops the process that makes that happen in its tracks.

That’s your number one. Now I take 30 milligrams a day, but see my previous Batty’s Briefs on specific supplements for more information on that.

So that’s how we’re going to do it internally. How are we going to tackle it externally?

Well my friend, we’re going to do it with pineapple enzymes which work to break down clogs within your pores. Basically, it’s exfoliation for your skin without the abrasive part. You don’t need to scrub to get the exfoliating properties of pineapple enzymes.

We’ve put pineapple enzymes in our pineapple scrub, so you’re actually getting the abrasive part with jojoba (natural plant wax) beads, which is a natural wax and you’re getting it non-abrasive exfoliation with pineapple enzymes which can go into your pores, break down all those clogs so that your pores can release those skin cells.

We also have pineapple enzymes in our green tea and pineapple liquid cleanser, so that’s another way to get some pineapple enzymes in your life (and the Green Tea and Pineapple Liquid Cleanser doesn’t have any “physical” exfoliating ingredients in it so if you want to avoid even mild abrasive exfoliation, that’s the way to go).

Zinc and pineapple enzymes are the two main ways to naturally deal with congestion. Other ways you can help draw stuff out of your pores (if your skin is completely congested) is with specific, natural clays. For a dose of the best natural clay for debris pulling power, go with the one found in our dry and wet clay masks. It’s also found as one of the 4 clays in our Daily Detox Facial Moisturizer (to keep the congestion-busting vibes going!).

Those are your go to’s for busting congestion. Start with those.

Later, you may also want to try some gel masks (Charcoal Detox, Cystic Acne, Hydra Healing, Redness Relief), because they help bring down inflammation, which helps reduce swelling around pores so everything can release on it’s own.

Again, we’re talking zinc, we’re talking pineapple enzymes and if all that doesn’t help, or you want to super boost your congestion powers, go with clay masks and then gel masks.

That’s your Batty’s Brief for today.

Until next time, Stay radiant!


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