Batty’s Briefs: Benzoyl Peroxide and Oily Skin (video)


video transcript:


It’s Batty here from with another Batty’s Brief.

If you have used benzoyl peroxide in the past, did it seem like your skin was getting oilier?

Maybe you didn’t notice, but often times, this does happen. Why does this happen? Well, when you dry up your skin which is exactly what a benzoyl peroxide

Why does this happen?

When you have oily skin, and you take an action that strips your skin’s natural oils, more oil will pump out to make up for it.

The moral of the day, don’t strip your natural oils and don’t use benzoyl peroxide. You don’t need to. I can tell you exactly how to get rid of oily skin and acne without using benzoyl peroxide.

Hint, it has a lot to do with hydrating your skin.

Go see our other videos about hydration or head over to the skin care 101 page for more info.

Until next time, Stay radiant!

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