Birth Control + Acne: how to get off birth control without breaking out (video)

If you’ve been using birth control as a way to control your acne, and have recently found out that messing with your hormones is only a band-aid solution – one that won’t solve your skin care problems, plus it will keep you from balancing your hormones and clearing your acne naturally.

So you’ve made the decision to get off birth control because you don’t want to take it JUST to clear your acne but are scared to stop taking it and break out like crazy.

If the above sounds like you, I made this video especially for you!!

In this video, I talk about how to get off “the pill” without sending your skin into a tizzy!

P.s., if you’re taking a progestin-only birth control (like depo provera, micronor, nor-QD, nexplanon, etc), note that progestin can actually make acne WORSE. I’m sure I’ll get into that in another video!


I’ve got lots of resources (how-to plans, videos, articles, cause + solutions, supplement list, etc) for clearing your acne naturally – from the inside out and the outside in! Find them here.

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