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Weekly Photo Recap & Little Man Update

The weather was perfect to try out my new instax mini camera! I love how the polaroids turned out! Such a fun little camera. I've been really missing taking insta pix since I ran out of film for my joy cam... and haven't been able to find more at a decent price. The instal mini is a perfect substitute/upgrade. (April 12th)

Here’s this week’s photo recap! There’s lots of little man news in this one because his surgery was this week! Enjoy the doggie cuteness Pictures are displayed from the oldest to the most recent (dates are included in the description of the picture). If you’d prefer to see my picture updates as they are posted, […]

Studio Update and Weekly Photo Recap

Me and this handsome man are off to see a special doggie surgeon about his leg today. Wish us luck! (April 4th)

Here’s the weekly recap of my instagram pix! Usually I try to post the recap on Tuesday’s but this week I was so busy with little man’s sale that I didn’t get to the recap until now! Actually, posting this is a little break from filling orders from little man’s sale. Thankfully I had back […]

Thanks from Little Man!

thanks from little man!

Thank you so much (from me and little man!) to all those who placed an order during little man’s sale (all 108 of you!!)! Because of all your support, little man’s surgery is 100% paid for!!! yaaay! Now that we don’t have to worry about the bill, we can focus 100% of our energy on […]

The “Little Man Needs Surgery” Sale!

Sale at Batty's Bath

Today, after visiting a specialist, it was confirmed that LIttle Man (one of our fur babies) needs surgery. That (expensive) surgery is schedule in a week and a half so what better reason to have a surprise sale staring right now?! You save on your fav BB products and (hopefully) we’ll raise enough to offset […]

The Last Week in Pictures

Tub time (March 27th)

I’m documenting my day-to-day more often now (like I mentioned in this post and this post). Here’s my picture recap of the last week. If you want to keep up with my daily pictures, check out my instagram feed. If you’re interested in more of these types of posts, check out the tags (at the […]

Behind the Scenes: All hands on deck

thailand and battys bath 573

Last Saturday’s it was all hands on deck to pack orders, and work in the studio. Momma Batty, Sister Batty, and I tackled the orders, and right before we finished up Brother Batty and Sister-in-Law (aka sister #2) Batty stopped by to document our hard work… little did they know we’d put Brother Batty to […]

The last two weeks in pictures

I took the time to do my nails for the first time in months. (March 20th)

Like I mentioned in this post, I’d like to start sharing day-to-day stuff more often. But not just for the sake of sharing, I’d like to start documenting my life again – I used to take pictures all the time and am starting to get back into the habit. For the last few weeks I’ve […]

Quiet Studio

2014-03-07 08.27.46 copy

It’s been quiet in the studio this week.. and pretty quiet last week too. And not because I don’t have anything to do.. oh man.. there’s so much to be done. Nope, it’s been quiet because AS and fibro have been kicking my butt. That week-long stretch of feeling totally normal didn’t last nearly long enough and […]

A little schedule change + gratitude

The Batty Office - all the order packing happens here!

Usually I pick and pack orders on Friday & Sat around here. This week is going to be a little different. Usually if you’ve placed your order after Saturday morning, it doesn’t go out until the following Monday. This week, because of my flare up + calling in reinforcements (aka Lauryn my VA!), we’re (momma […]

Behind the Scenes: Sunday


Sunday AM (above): I couldn’t sleep last night so I got a head start on the mega order packing fest planned for today (usually this happens over two days – Friday and Saturday but I’ve been feeling under the weather this week so momma batty and I are going to fit two days worth of […]

My Life with Ankylosing Spondylitis (video)

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 12.21.41 AM

In this video I talk about what living with Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) is like for me. I also briefly mention what living with Fibromyalgia is like. And I talk about a few things that are helping me to manage energy levels. See what’s in my daily smoothies here. (UPDATE) My sister talks about a few […]

Batty’s Life Right Now

A new edition - I found this awesome little guy on etsy.

I thought I’d pick up where the “my week so far” series left off and post a little snapshot of my world right now. I’d like to make blog posts like this more often; I like to look back at older personal posts as see where I was at then…. kinda like reading through an […]

What do eyes, teeth and sleep have in common? (Video)


Answer: they are all mentioned in this personal update!

Inspiration: Moonlit Forest Path at Midnight


When coming up with the concept for my Moonlight Cold Press Soap, I wanted to work in the late night walks I love so much when Autumn is just arriving… before it gets too cold, yet there is still a crisp coolness to the air. Breathing this air in deeply is refreshing and restorative. It’s […]

Inspiration: Pirates!


Inspiration comes from all kinds of things but for me, inspiration sparks the brightest when I take in any of the following: Nature – fresh air, seasons, plants/herbs/growth Fantasy & Gothic Media – movies, art, literature (this includes pirates!) When preparing my Autumn collection, I knew pirates needed to be a part of that! Read […]

New Halloween Socks Bring Back Childhood Memories

2013-10-05 21.50.26a

I recently added to my substantial collection of halloween socks! When these ones arrived in the mail I was immediately taken back to the days of my family’s tandy computer! Those days were definitely when my computer (and later internet) hobby/obsession was sparked! We had a massive collection of floppies with the most random games […]

A personal milestone

pom mango

*happy dance* My soap bars (well pictures of them) made it into the latest Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics Guild “Why Handcrafted Soap” brochure!!! I can’t share the whole brochure online because the PDF is only available to members (although you can buy print copies if you’re not a member)…. so I’m just showing a little […]

Memorial to Princess


   Princess – loyal, sweet & gentle soul, you never stopped caring, loving, and comforting anyone and everyone who needed it. RIP – we miss you more than words can say. Well, this is a post I’ve been putting off writing, just like Noel’s.  2013 has been a hard year for our “pack”.  First we […]

Virtual Assistant Casting Call

Virtual Assistant Casting Call

  One of the things I’m considering doing in the new year is to hire a virtual assistant. I’ve had a few in the past but it never worked out very well – thus my hesitation to hiring a VA again – the last thing I want to do is pour energy and time (that […]

Event Cancellations: Important update for Londoners


Important news bite for Londoners – I’ve canceled my visit to the Covent Garden Market this month and next. I’m hoping to book a day or two in November and December  (scratch that, they are already all booked up!).  However, you can find me every Saturday morning in St Thomas at the farmers market (more […]

I Love Your Gardens!

2013-09-01 10.13.21

  Near the farmers market that I’m a vendor at every Saturday is a house with amazing gardens! They surround the house and I love how they used space that most folks wouldn’t have thought about using – at least not for spralling vegetation! What I love most about their gardens are that they are […]

The Batty’s Bath-ifesto


Yup, Batty’s Bath has its very own manifesto!.. or as we like to call it, a bath-ifesto! … We’ve had it for some time but not everyone has seen it.  However, any of my super special peeps who have placed an online order in the past several months, will recognize the manifesto (my handwritten thank […]

Garden Update: Batty’s Gardens

2013-07-02 15.12.42

My pumpkin patch is doing super!! Check the pictures below to see what I mean!  The left row is corn, and in the top of the first picture you can see my blueberry bushes fenced in with chicken wire to keep the rascally rabbits out! Also, the very first row in the garden (along the bottom […]

Batty’s (Daily) Bath

Wondering why the water is that color? It's from my hair dye! lol

It seems to be that for many people, the ancient-uber-relaxing-couldn’t-go-a-day-without-it art of bathing is lost. I was once one who didn’t realize the soul healing benefits of a good soak in the tub – but not now! After being diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, the tub became my new couch! Literall. I almost spend more time […]