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A Win-Win Situation!

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Huzzah! Batty’s Bath now has a refer-a-friend program! Your friend(s) get 15% off and you get 200 “Batty’s Beauty Reward” points for each friend you refer (What are the points good for? You can trade them in for store credit or free shipping!). To refer a friend head over here (you’ll need to log into your ShopBattysBath.com account […]

BB’s 5th Birthday Celebration (2014)


February is BB’s Birthday month and to celebrate we’ve got a special B-day gift event planned! Wait.. what? No, they won’t be gifts for Batty’s Bath; they will be gifts FROM Batty’s Bath for all the fabulous folks (like you!) who helped us reach our 5th birthday! Each week in February we’ll include a free […]

Win all the products in your routine! Here’s how!

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Would you like your before and after transformation featured like Kat’s? What if I told you everyone who’s featured wins ALL the Batty’s Bath products in their routine for free?? Pretty awesome, right!? The process is super simple! If you’d like to chat about getting featured (and see about winning a ton of products), contact […]

Just a few studio pix



Meet Lauryn!


Meet Lauryn! She’s a fabulous friend, a long time Batty’s Bath customer, and my new virtual assistant! Please give her a warm welcome Want to introduce yourself to Lauryn? She can be contacted at lauryn @ battysbath dot com  

All Many Kitties Helped Thanks to YOU and the Annual Soap Drive!

Soap Drive Results

Congrats! Together we sold 321 soaps for Animal Aide of St.Thomas-Elgin during the 3rd Annual Batty’s Bath Charity Soap Drive!

Vacation Notice 2013 {Dec 8th – Jan 8th}

holiday shop closer announcement 2

Hello lovelies! I’m just sending out a friendly reminder that time is running out to place an order before I close (the online shop) for a month of holidays I’ll start closing the online shop on Dec 8th (Sunday). So if you don’t have everything you need to hold you over until mid-Jan, be sure to place your order […]

Inspiration: Moonlit Forest Path at Midnight


When coming up with the concept for my Moonlight Cold Press Soap, I wanted to work in the late night walks I love so much when Autumn is just arriving… before it gets too cold, yet there is still a crisp coolness to the air. Breathing this air in deeply is refreshing and restorative. It’s […]

Inspiration: Pirates!


Inspiration comes from all kinds of things but for me, inspiration sparks the brightest when I take in any of the following: Nature – fresh air, seasons, plants/herbs/growth Fantasy & Gothic Media – movies, art, literature (this includes pirates!) When preparing my Autumn collection, I knew pirates needed to be a part of that! Read […]

Dog Shampoo & Anti-Itch Mist Review: Trixie gives it two paws up!

trixie from edwina

Meet Trixie! An adorable little miss who (according to the trusted word of her doggie mommy) gives two paws up to my dog shampoo and anti-itch mist (aka Daphne’s mix). She hammed it up for the camera while posing with her Batty’s Bath products (plus a DIY mix her doggie mommy and I consulted on […]

Customer’s Rosacea Kit Review: “Amazing results in 4 days!!”

Where rosacea commonly shows up

  An AMAZING review just came in from a customer for my Rosacea Skin Care Kit!! Thank you so much to Emily for posting it at ShopBattysBath.com! Check out what she had to say: “Amazing results in 4 days!! My original plan was to wait a month, and post a review, but I don’t need to! […]

3nd Annual Charity Soap Drive


CHARITY SOAP DRIVE TIME! Can you believe it’s already time to start voting for the annual charity soap drive? I can’t either! HOW THE SOAP DRIVE WORKS: Fans of the Batty’s Bath facebook page submit their fav local charities to be voted on by other fans. The charity with the most votes by Halloween will be the […]

Want to share your holiday wishes?


What would you like to see from Batty’s Bath for the holidays? I pretty much have my product line figured out for the holidays (it’s small so I can keep up with orders of non-seasonal products), but I always love to hear what YOU might be hoping and wishing for! Let me know what you’d […]

2013 Halloween Line up

halloween-promo-2013 v3

The 2013 Halloween Line up! Lots of new editions plus 3 returning favs! Find them all here.

A personal milestone

pom mango

*happy dance* My soap bars (well pictures of them) made it into the latest Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics Guild “Why Handcrafted Soap” brochure!!! I can’t share the whole brochure online because the PDF is only available to members (although you can buy print copies if you’re not a member)…. so I’m just showing a little […]

Virtual Assistant Casting Call

Virtual Assistant Casting Call

  One of the things I’m considering doing in the new year is to hire a virtual assistant. I’ve had a few in the past but it never worked out very well – thus my hesitation to hiring a VA again – the last thing I want to do is pour energy and time (that […]

Only two more visits to the Horton Market! Oct 12 is our last weekend there this season.


HEADS UP HORTON MARKET GO-ERS! In an effort to reduce the severity and frequency of my flare ups, I’m going to listen to my body when it says it will give me massive amounts of grief if I spend hours outside in the cold…. what am I getting at?  Well….. We’ll only be attending two […]

Blackhead fighting power pack!


Blackheads beware! This duo is going to make sure your days are numbered! If you’ve tried everything to get rid of those pesky blackheads with limited to no success, your search for a blackhead busting solution has ended! The combination of my Facial Primer and Charcoal Soap has proven to clear out and clear up blackheads – just checkout the feedback […]

MARKET + HALLOWEEN SOAP ANNOUNCEMENT: Halloween soaps are coming to the Horton Farmers Market


Wow wow wow!! Thank you so much for the overwhelmingly AWESOME response to my Halloween releases!! A ton have already sold online and I got half a dozen requests for them at the farmers market!! Because of this I’M GOING TO START HAVING MY HALLOWEEN SOAPS AVAILABLE AT THE HORTON MARKET!!! Sorry to shout lol.. […]

Event Cancellations: Important update for Londoners


Important news bite for Londoners – I’ve canceled my visit to the Covent Garden Market this month and next. I’m hoping to book a day or two in November and December  (scratch that, they are already all booked up!).  However, you can find me every Saturday morning in St Thomas at the farmers market (more […]

Customer Feedback: Facial Primer


  Check out the latest review to come in about my Facial Primer & Day Moisturizer! “Really great stuff. The perfect amount of moisture and its improved my skin so much. Love Battys!! ” – Chelsie Thanks so much to Chelsie for submitting her review! Read more reviews (or submit your own) here.

Super Duper Creamy – and super duper limited availability!

kiwi cucumber cc main

GREAT NEWS for those who couldn’t make it to the market yesterday! The super duper creamy silk, i-can’t-get-enough-of-them Kiwi Cucumber Cream Cheese Soaps didn’t sell out.. which means you can now snag them in the online shop! Yahooo!!! You’ll find them in the online shop here. There’s only 4 available and I don’t have anymore of […]

The Batty’s Bath-ifesto


Yup, Batty’s Bath has its very own manifesto!.. or as we like to call it, a bath-ifesto! … We’ve had it for some time but not everyone has seen it.  However, any of my super special peeps who have placed an online order in the past several months, will recognize the manifesto (my handwritten thank […]

Hot Spot Season: Itchy Dogs Find Relief


I’ve had several requests for Daphne’s Mix this season (it is hot spot season after all), and while making up the last batch last week, I made 6 extras for anyone else who had doggies in need. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, Daphne’s Mix is a soothing anti-itch spray […]