Q&A: Please help with my back acne!


This past week I got an email from a lovely gal. She, unfortunately, suffering from a bad case of back acne. She explained that she’s super self-conscious about it. Since getting off of birth control her back acne breakouts have been out of control!

I’m going to post my answer here because I’m sure there are others out there in the same situation! Have a read through my answer. Follow the suggestions if they feel right for you, and send me any burning questions that come up!

*I’ve omitted the gals name and email to be for her privacy.



Hey (name omitted for privacy),

Have you read my letter to acne sufferers? It applies to back acne too and I think it will help (you’ll find it here: battysbath.ca/acne/). Especially the parts about bacteria. Based what you’ve told me,  my suggestion would be to target bacteria, dead skin cells and oil.

The following will also help with back acne:

  • ..with bacteria – the tea tree scrub that comes in the acne prone kit, and the skin support serum (I highly recommend you use the serum on your back twice a day!).
  • ..with dead skin cells – the tea tree scrub again. While you’re scrubbing, count to 60. This will give you a good time gage.  I know it’s a bit tricky to reach your back. If you can reach around with one hand and count to 60 (while scrubbing gently) on one side, then switch and do the other side the same way that will really help! Try to do this twice a day if you can.
  • ..with oil – the skin support serum plus the patchouli moisturizer (that comes in the acne kit) will balance your oils. {apply both after you use the scrub}

A few other things:

  • make sure your hair products (shampoo, conditioner, plus any leave in products or styling products) aren’t contributing to your back acne (read my letter to acne sufferers to figure this out)
  • if you’re working-out or sweating a lot or wearing anything that is super close to the affected area, friction from clothing can contribute to acne. Change your clothes as soon as you can anytime you get sweaty and apply the skin support serum until you can wash the area (with the tea tree scrub).

I think that will help get you started on the right path 🙂

Thanks for your email! Your back will be beautiful again in no time! And if this plan doesn’t work after 6 weeks, we can look at doing a one-on-one consult to figure out any additional factors that are causing or contributing to your acne.

All the best!

lovebatty purple

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