Q&A: The Acne Treatments I’ve Tried Made My Skin Worse!

I thought I’d share a customer question that came into my inbox today. I know that this lovely’s skin situation is similar to several other customers I’ve talked to lately so I’m hoping by sharing this it will help anyone reading this that finds themselves thinking “wow! that sounds like my skin!”. So without further ado, let’s dive in!


Customer Question:

I’m looking for something to help me with my skin. My guess is it’s dehydrated, because it’s been feeling dry and been flaky for some time now, and also quite congested. Now though I’ve been getting inflamed spots as well which basically won’t heal because the top of the skin is dry and flaky. I feel like I need something very moisturizing – I think I drink enough water to keep hydrated internally – that helps me heal my skin but I also want to get rid of the congestion. 

I’ve always thought I have dry skin, because when I use something targeted for oily/acneic skin my skin has worsened, but when using something for more normal to dry skin it’s been better, although with some congestion. But, since I do have congestion, would you say my skin is dehydrated?

Right now I mostly wash my face with water only and moisturize with almond oil. I tried OCM a few weeks ago, but it only caused breakout which since then hasn’t gone down. I use only natural and when possible, organic, skin care. 

Do you have any suggestions regarding which products to use, and also if there is anything else I could do? I could even send some photos of my skin if it would help to determine skin type. Basically my skin is dehydrated (with flakiness and tight feeling), very congested (both blackheads and whiteheads), with some inflamed spots. “


My (Batty’s) Answer:

battyfaceThanks for your message!

It looks like you’ve right on track for figuring out what the problem is! I agree, it sounds like your skin is dehydrated. No amount of moisturizer or drinking water will clear that up (drinking water will help like you said, but there needs to be a topical component). And moisturizing targets the “oil” part of the equation, whereas dehydration needs the “water” part. (I talk about this in this blog post)

From what you told me I would suggest the following:

– going through this flowchart to make sure all the products you’re using pass the “test”.

To target the dehydration…

add in my hydration mist (pst you can get your first order shipped for free when you join the mailing list!) to your routine – spritz it on after you wash your face, then layer on a moisturizer over top to lock it in (I would suggest alternating between my patchouli moisturizer and my primer. The patchouli will help heal up any breakouts you have now, and the primer will help pull up impurities from your pores.

To alternate, I would use one in the morning and one at night… and use the mist both times). Also, if the hydration mist helps but doesn’t totally hydrate your skin after 3 weeks, you could “move up” to the hydra healing gel (my most powerful hydration product). Although I think once you start hydrating your skin with the mist (and locking that hydration in with one of the moisturizers), and removing dead skin cells that are blocking your skin from absorbing nutrients like it should (see below), you’ll see a big improvement.

If your cleanser didn’t pass the “test”…

Or you’re looking for one that targets your specific skin care needs here is what I offer (you can pick the one that is right for you). I would suggest one but I’m not sure how bad your breakouts are vs how sensitive your skin is, etc. All my products are made for sensitive skin. If we’re talking about skin that is as sensitive as those who suffer from rosacea, then stick with the Soothing Cleanser.

  • Soothing Cleanser – like I just mentioned, this is for those who have super insanely sensitive skin. This is a calming cleanser and is soap free. .. it also has gentle anti-bacteria properties (since you’re washing with water right now, this one would easily work into your routine since it’s just as gentle as what you’re doing now).
  • Tea Tree Facial Nut Scrub – this is a scrub and cleanser in one. It’s what I suggest for those who are suffering from breakouts as the scrubbing action removes dead skin cells. This is important in your case as you mentioned the top layer of your skin is dry and flakey. It’s anti-bacteria so it kills acne bacteria and is made with super mild whipped soap. This is the one I personally use day and night. It isn’t like traditional acne scrubs that are available. It won’t dry out your skin. It’s not harsh and it doesn’t “tingle” (i.e. cause inflammation!).
  • Mild Jojoba Facial Scrub – another scrub and cleanser in one but this one contains no essential oils (i.e. is unscented). It’s made with the same super mild whipped soap as the tea tree scrub but instead has small jojoba beads. Jojoba beads are a natural wax-like bead for a super gentle exfoliation,

I also have a few facial soaps but I think the ones I mentioned are more appropriate for you. For all the products I’ve mentioned, you can see reviews from customers just by going to the product page for them at ShopBattysBath.com

I hope that helps! 🙂

lovebatty purple



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