Customer Review: My husband even commented on how good my skin is looking.

We received a special email from a new Batty’s Bath customer, with her thoughts on the product routine Batty helped her to build. Take a second to read what Tonya had to say:

Natural skin care with charcoal detoxifying soap bar“Hello:  I just had to send you an email and THANK YOU for first off, being so kind to take the time to send me a very detailed email about your products and which ones I should use based upon my skin issues.  It was extremely helpful and help put me on track. 
I have been using these products for about a month now and I cannot tell you how AMAZING MY SKIN LOOKS.  I have virtually no breakouts and if I do, they are little ones that clear up fairly quickly.  My skin is well moisturized, soft and the scars from my breakouts are quickly fading away.  I have tried EVERYTHING from the dermatologist for years, products found on TV, drug store products, you name it.  Your products are the first to actually WORK.  I have for the first time since I was in my 20’s (I am 46) gone out of the house with NO MAKEUP ON.  You have no idea how freeing this is for me.  My husband even commented on how good my skin is looking.
I will be placing an order for the pineapple facial scrub soon…want to add that one to my routine.
Blessings to you” – Tonya Graham
Thank you for all the kind words Tonya- You rock!
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