Dry, Winter Skin Got You Down? Batty can help!

Winter is here, and you know what that can lead to? You guessed it dry, winter skin! It’s one of the pangs of winter.  It can be caused by several things such as the cold winter temperatures, the wind and the low humidity. Then when we are inside, the heat we use to warm up further exacerbates the problem! All these issues cause the moisture from our skin to be zapped from it, which can result in dryness, itchiness, soreness, and cracking. Ow! How can you stop the skin blues of winter? Read on!

One way that you can soothe your skin is by using a humidifier in your home.  Using a humidifier helps to keep the air moist. This can help your skin retain some of the moisture that is generally lost in the winter, and you don’t have to turn down your heat!

Use moisturizing body products.

Avoid products that contain ingredients that strip moisture from your skin. One of those nasty ingredients that strip the little moisture you have left from your skin is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). This is a very very common ingredient that you will find in your dish liquid, liquid soap, body washes and bubble baths.  Sodium lauryl sulfate is the ingredient that makes those large foamy suds. I know the big suds everywhere enthralled you.

However, I am sure that you will be more enthralled by softer skin that isn’t itchy, sore or cracked! You will want to feed any SLS containing products to your garbage can. Instead, use some products that are gentler on your skin and help your skin to retain moisture. Soaps such my seal salt bar found here which are SLS free and contain natural moisturizing oils and clays can clean your skin well but help your skin retain moisture. In fact, I don’t use SLS in any of my products!

While we are on the subject of baths and showers, you will not want to run a very hot bath or shower. This sucks moisture out of your skin as well. Run a bath that is not too hot, not too cold. Right in the middle is good for your skin.

Lovely lolli by lollipop workshop

Lovely lolli by lollipop workshop

Now after you get out the tub, you will want to moisturize your skin very well (unless of course you soaked with one of our bath bombs or treated yourself to some of our bubble bath!). Again leave the synthetics at the door. Natural ingredients soften and heal your dry winter skin. Synthetic ingredients just hydrate the top layer but really don’t do anything to heal it. It does not penetrate the skin, and you have just to keep on applying and applying to no avail. It is good to use lotions or body butters that contain natural vegetable and nut oils and butters. This will help keep you healed and prevent that really dry cracked skin.  Try out some of my naturally moisturizing body butter or balm. Our balm is even available in travel size, just so you will never go without.

Your diet is important as well.

In the winter, moisturizing your body from the inside out is of great importance. Drink plenty of water, if your are already drinking your recommended eight 8oz glasses of water, bump it up a little to ten to twelve 8oz glasses.  Make sure you get your essential fatty acids as well. These fatty acids keep your skin, hair and nails moisturized. This can easily be done by adding ground flax seeds to your smoothies, breads or oatmeal. Yum!

When you go outside, make sure you are properly covered up to keep your skin from getting blasted by the elements. Make sure you have got your gloves, your hat and your scarf. Getting a scarf that is big enough to go around your nose and mouth can help prevent that area from getting wind burned. Also, ditch the harsh tissues when blowing and wiping your nose. That can further irritate and dry out your tender nose. Instead, a soft organic hankie will do your nose and your skin better. Putting a little of my body balm on your nose after wiping is also great to keep it hydrated.

These are just some of the super ways you can keep that itchy dry winter skin at bay.

Wait wait wait…but what if my skin is already dry cracked and hurting beyond repair…what can I do now?

Well, I recommend to still try the tips above.. but to add a little jelly Nelly! Jelly? Yup! If your skin is crying out and need of a winter SOS,  try my body jelly … that will get your skin back in shape real quick!


body and lip jelly natural vasline alternative

(April 2014 update: make sure your skin isn’t dry because it’s dehydrated! Moisturizing doesn’t solve dehydration! But I can help you find out what will! Check out my resources on dehydration + hydration here).


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