Garden Update: Batty’s Gardens

My pumpkin patch is doing super!! Check the pictures below to see what I mean!  The left row is corn, and in the top of the first picture you can see my blueberry bushes fenced in with chicken wire to keep the rascally rabbits out! Also, the very first row in the garden (along the bottom of the picture) is cucumber and zucchini (I think.. my cucumbers came with a sample size pack of seeds of something else… I think that something else was zucchini but I don’t remember for sure lol).

I’m super lucky this year because I didn’t have to plant everything in one garden! I have several gardens now so the “original” garden (and the biggest one) has been turned into the pumpkin patch with a side of corn lol. In one of the other gardens (that is fenced off with chicken wire), I have strawberries (thanks Chris!), a tomato plant, and peas (which are doing awesome too!). The remainder of our gardens are smaller than the two I just mentioned and are home to herbs, botanics, and misc but superbly beneficial plants that I dry and use for tea and for infusing into oils for Batty’s Bath products.

Oh, and we had a surprise this year – we have a cherry tree! We didn’t realize one of the big old trees on the property was a cherry tree because it didn’t have any on it last year (momma batty suspects this is because of a frost that took out a lot of the apples in our area last year).  When I looked up and noticed a huge tree full of ripe cherries I’m pretty sure I did a little jig! lol. I looooove cherries!  Unfortunately, I found out that we gotta be fast at getting those cherries because they have already all fallen out of the tree and started to rot on the ground (the ones the squirrels and birds didn’t get that is). 🙁  Next year I’ll have my eye on that tree and be ready to pull the ladder out at a moments notice! The only problem with my plan is that I don’t think we have a ladder tall enough to get to the majority of them!  Perhaps I’ll have to become a skilled tree climber before next year lol.

A few weeks ago….

2013-06-15 12.15.14

Earlier this week….

2013-07-02 15.12.42


I share a lot more pics of my gardens and other nature-y things around our place on instagram, so head over to my instagram profile if you’re interested 🙂

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