Our gel formulas are getting an update! Here’s why…

Batty's Bath formula update / changes to gel products

Hey Radiant Rebels!

As you may have already heard, we’ve been spending some time in the studio lately to update the formulas of our gel-based products. We want to ensure you that we never change product formulas without purpose or reason and most often it’s to give these products an even bigger reason for your skin to love them.

The Changehydra healing skin rescue gel

The biggest change to the formula is the ingredient that turns the hydrating ingredients (like all that aloe juice) into a gel. Moving forward you will notice some changes in consistency and colour. Our previous gelling ingredient gave most of our products a glass-like appearance, while the new formulas will appear to be milkier in colour. You may also notice some differences in scent, as other ingredients levels may have been adjusted to suit the new formula.

The new “gelling” ingredient isn’t pore-clogging at all. In fact, I made this change because I’ve found with my own (highly acne-prone) skin, responds BETTER to this gelling ingredient over what we’ve been using previously in the Hydra Healing Skin Rescue Gel, as well as our other gels. This is because this gelling ingredient (xanthan gum) is lighter, thus absorbs more easily. This is especially awesome for those who have pores that get congested even with ingredients that aren’t congestion inducing for 99.5% of the population!

I’ve been seeing such amazing improvements in my skin since making the switch while I’ve been testing behind the scenes for months.  Even though I was able to keep my skin acne-free with our old gel formulas, I can now keep my skin extra hydrated, which reduces the potential for congestion. It’s a win-win all around! 

You may notice the formula might feel a bit thinner, but that’s totally ok! If you need to use two layers, go for it! The new formulas absorb super quickly and spread very easily.

The products

The formulas that have been updated to reflect this change include:

While we are working through the changes, we’ve posted a special note to each product page to help remind you that we’re going through the process of switching formulas for that particular product. The product you receive may be in the new formula before we’ve had the chance to update the shops, but we will do our very best to make sure this information is as up-to-date as possible.

As always, we can’t wait to hear what you think of the formula changes. If for any reason you have a question about the new formulas, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via the Radiant Rebel Facebook Group or the Message us button on our Facebook page.

With love & radiance,

Love from Batty

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