get the look – momma batty’s spring makeup

Every once and awhile every Radiant Rebel enjoys an excuse to throw on a little makeup and paint the town purple. Recently we (the Batty’s Bath team) found the perfect reason to do just so. The amazingly talented Echo from Echo’s Visuals took some time from her busy schedule to come and grab some spring inspired shots of the girls behind the brand and featuring the brand!

My (VA Karla’s) favourite part about spring makeup is that it’s inspired by the best parts of the season; floral buds, sunshine, and  a soft colour palette. To me getting “dolled-up”, while still looking natural (just a spruced-up version), is the most comfortable, yet self-confidence boosting, way to go!

But that’s enough ramble- let’s get to the good stuff! To kick-off this series, let’s go through a step-by-step look at Momma Batty’s spring makeup, perfect for mature skin!

Momma's Batty


  • Cleanse your face and apply your moisturizer (and any boosters in your skin care routine). Let them fully absorb before starting your makeup.
  • Pump 1 – 1 ½ pumps of your Nature’s Veil CC Cream onto the back of your non-dominate hand. Using a damp Beauty Blender, “pounce” the CC Cream onto the face. Continue dabbing to blend and achieve desired coverage. Momma Batty is sporting our CC Cream in the shade Almond Vanilla.
  • Using your fingertip to warm up the product, apply the Bright Eyed Beauty Mineral Concealer to the under eye area, and then blend out any lines using the Beauty Blender. For optimal brightness, check out the image in the product photos HERE as your guide for the area to focus on during application.
  • Using a kabuki brush (or a large fluffy powder brush) apply a light dusting of Oil Absorbing Setting Powder to the areas of your face where you tend to get oily throughout the day. This will help set the cream products in your routine as well.
  • Grab your blush brush and apply a light application of Mineral Blush in the shade Rose Petal to the apples of your cheeks. Just be sure to tap any excess powder off the brush before applying.
  • OPTIONAL: Take that same blush brush (or bronzer brush) to apply the Mineral Bronzer to high points of your face (areas the sun naturally tans your face like the cheeks, edges of the forehead, nose and chin). Just like the blush, remember that a little goes a long way.
  • For the eyes, apply the shade Naturalizer from the Rhea Palette to the lids of your eyes with an eyeshadow brush. Using a small blending brush apply Pearlite from the same palette to your brow bone and inner corner to brighten and open the eye.
  • Using a lip brush (or just use the stick) coat your lips with our Lip Stick in Peach. Got to love that peppermint!

Voila! You’re good to go girl. This look is simple (yet stunning) and easy enough for even makeup noobs to achieve! Here’s a look at the before and after with Momma Batty.

Momma Batty

OH – and don’t forget to take that smiley selfie to post! We want to see your Batty’s Bath makeup looks, so be sure to tag #radiantrebel when posting!

Until next time – stay radiant!

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