Goodbye pore strips, hello brand new natural solution from batty’s bath…

Goodbye Pore Strips - Hello Mother Nature

Hey Radiant Rebels,

As you know, when it comes to skincare products, we like to keep our offerings streamlined with products that do double duty and are highly targeted. We don’t bring out new products willy nilly or follow fads to make a quick buck!

Instead, we only bring out new skincare products when we see a consistent need from our radiant rebels – a need that’s not being met by our current line up or isn’t being met in a gentle, balancing, skin loving way.


Congestion Protection AHA Mist - Targeted T-Zone Treatment | Green Beauty | Natural Skincare | Organic Skin Care

Because of that, I’m SUPER excited to introduce a new addition to our line up! Before I talk about what it *is* I want to talk about *why* we knew it was something that would quickly become a “must have” for many of our radiant rebels!

Here are a few common skin concerns (and next level skin goals) we’ve been seeing from the community lately. These are concerns and goals that we made our NEW product to address:

  • t-zone congestion!
  • clogged up pores – especially on the nose
  • pores appearing larger because of a buildup in them
  • requests for help with blackheads
  • sebaceous filaments getting confused as blackheads
  • … then once the mystery of whether what they were seeing were blackheads or sebaceous filaments, wanting to know how to deal with sebaceous filaments!
    • Psst… Blackheads are a combination of oil, dead skin cells and debris that have hardened into a dark “plug”. Blackheads are the ones that when extracted almost “ooze” out a wormlike plug. Sebaceous filaments, on the other hand, are much smaller, and everyone has them – they are pin-like dots, usually showing up on your nose. These are the stars of commercials and ads promoting pore strips / nose strips / etc and they are definitely not blackheads!
  • alternatives to pore strips and sketchy pinterest “blackhead” peel recipes
  • rough, dull skin (even with a balanced routine)
  • the feeling of a buildup of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin (even with regular exfoliation)
  • hydrating and/or moisturizing products not absorbing readily
  • makeup never goes on smoothly or application looks “rough” or “textured”
  • bumpy feel around oily areas of the face (like nose, chin, forehead)
  • stubborn discolouration
  • extra support with avoiding period-induced breakouts
  • frustrated with how long post acne spots take to fade
  • wanting sunspots to be less visible
  • feeling like even a duo exfoliator (scrub + fruit enzymes) doesn’t remove all the buildup
  • feeling like moisturizer “sits” on top of the skin without absorbing
  • wanting a brightening product that isn’t harsh or too strong for sensitive skin
  • wanting a milia prevention plan
  • needing a simple, leave-on exfoliator
  • looking for softer skin

It’s a lofty list but all of the concerns boil down to sticky dead skin cells that aren’t coming off as they should! The “sticky” part is what our new product addresses.

You see, we’ve used a unique blend of enzymes (AHAs) that gently breakdown any sticky sebum that holds dead skin cells to the surface of our skin. Once that glue is broken down gently, dead skin cells can go on their merry way, leaving new, healthy skin to finally breathe without a “dead skin cell crust” getting in the way!

Introducing our brand new Congestion Protection 5% AHA Mist!

Congestion Protection AHA Mist - Targeted T-Zone Treatment | Green Beauty | Natural Skincare | Organic Skin Care

The “how to” in the graphic above mentions to applying Congestion Protection to your t-zone, but you can apply to other areas of your face as well! Just know that areas that don’t produce as much oil don’t need this product applied as often because there’s not as much “glue” in these areas to break down.

As a recap, by “glue” I mean sticky sebum (aka oil). Sebum can become sticky due to hormonal fluctuations, for example, which is why applying this product before the arrival of your period and PMS symptoms can give your skin a better chance at avoiding period breakouts!

Check out VA Karla’s video on how she uses our new Correction Protection 5% AHA Mist and how often:

Video - How to get rid of blackheads and congestion naturally

Now that you know what our new product can address, let’s talk about HOW that happens – in other words, let’s review a few of our superstar ingredients…

Sugar Can Extract: Hearing ‘sugar’ and ‘skincare’ in the same sentence often brings up negative thoughts, but the truth is that unrefined extracts from this grass plant contain some really great benefits for the skin. Sugar cane extract is a natural source of AHA’s that help exfoliate the skin by breaking up and removing dead skin to reveal a more radiant glow and allowing the skin to breathe. It’s also a major source of glycolic acid, a natural source of moisture for dry skin.

Orange Extract: This natural fruit extract is extracted from the orange’s peel and provides antiseptic properties when used on the skin. It’s able to remove excess sebum and oils from the skin while killing bacteria in its wake. Thanks to natural citrus enzymes, orange essential oil also provides a non-abrasive exfoliation to restore and brighter complexion to dull and tired skin.

Lemon Extract: When used in skin care products, the extract from lemons can help fight acne. It’s also known to help improve skin glow and texture. The citric acid found in this extract aids in the cleansing process of skin while leaving your skin looking brighter.

Sugar Maple Extract: A natural source of sugar, the extract from maple trees provides the skin with AHA support that neutralizes free radicals and helps repair cell damage caused by outside stresses. AHAs also help slough off dead skin cells to reveal a more radiant glow and opening up clog pores.

Chamomile Hydrosol: This floral water is used in natural skin care products to help ease irritation from skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, acne and dry, flaky skin. Similar, yet less concentrated than an essential oil, hydrosols are easily absorbed by the skin to deliver ingredients deep into the skin where it’s needed most.


Want to put these ingredients to work in your routine?

Grab a bottle of Congestion Protection here.

AHA Mist for a brighter complexion - Natural Skincare - Cruelty Free Beauty

Are you as excited as we are about our brand new leave-on exfoliating, resurfacing, and brightening treatment?

I’m sitting on the edge of my seat because I can’t wait to hear what the radiant rebel community thinks of our latest creation!

Grab a bottle here, test it out, and let us know what you think!

If you have any questions, post them in the Facebook group or contact us here 🙂

💜 Batty




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