Your guide to avoiding negative reactions when trying new products

Decided to give some new skin care products a try? The New Year always seems like the perfect time to bring new things into our lives. We feel energized, want to start fresh, and are eager to get going.

HOLD UP! Can we have a quick chat before you hit the go button?

We’re all for trying new products when your current ones clearly aren’t providing your skin with what it’s asking of you, but there are a few things you may want to know before making the change.

There IS a difference between what you want and what your skin needs!

Often, what we want out of our skin is considered more of a long-term goal, while what our skin needs, is where our immediate attention should be.That’s not to say a long-term goal isn’t a fantastic thing to have. The problem lies in the fact that we often ignore what our skin’s asking us for NOW and blindly reach for what we expect down the road.Before you hop in the shower to start testing, take the time to listen to your skin and assess how it’s currently behaving. Then take a closer look at the products you’re using/considering to see if they’ll truly align with your journey. We want to make sure you’re opening the cap to a new you – not the lid to a can of worms! Not sure if your products and skin are in agreeance? Our Routine Builder is just what you need!

Do you need to hit the reset button?

If you’ve been in what feels like an endless cycle of putting false hope in new products for some time now (or simply put, using chemical-laden products), chances are it’s time to bring the gerbil wheel to a halt and start anew. By introducing new products at this time, you may only be adding to the mess causing further complications. How do you start fresh? By doing a skin detox. Luckily for you, we have a Detox Kit that provides you with the products you need and an easy-to-follow routine. Not sure if a detox is what you need? Check out THIS blog!

Detox Skin Care Kit

Watch out for those irritants!

This is especially crucial for those of you with sensitive skin. Certain ingredients have a tendency to cause more harm than good and can send our skin into a downward spiral. Be sure to give the ingredients a good look over for things like alcohol, detergents, fragrances, overly abrasive scrubs, and petrochemicals. All of these are cause for concern. They can strip the skin, cause inflammation or clog our pores.If you need some help determining if your products can cause issues, use THIS FLOWCHART to determine which will stay and which you should be saying goodbye to.

Life check!

When our bodies are under stress (from being over worked, extreme emotion states, lack of sleep, etc.) our bodies can produce different hormones that don’t play nicely with new products. It may be time to put a short hold on trying new products until things find a calmer playground. Another environmental check you’ll want to consider is the changing of the seasons. During this time, the weather isn’t the only thing changing. Our skin tries to adjust to meet the new challenges Mother Nature sets out for us. Make sure your new products align with the demands of the season. Luckily, we’ve set our 4 detailed guides to help you better understand your skin’s needs during these times: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Did you really give the last products a chance?

One of the easiest ways to throw our skin to the wolves is by constantly changing products. Modern marketing tactics promise us quick and easy results, when in honesty, our skin needs time to understand new products and accept their help. We confuse our skin with the revolving door and it has a hard time knowing which way is up.If your products contain only natural ingredients, but you haven’t allowed a proper amount of time for skin and the products to become acquainted, consider holding off for a minimum of 3-4 weeks before introducing new players to the game.

Change can be a wonderful thing, especially when it leads to you sharing your radiance! If it’s time to explore some new products – maybe build a new skincare routine – starting with a clean slate is the way to go! Check out our fresh start detox kit or take advantage of our free routine building resources here.

Until next time, love deeply and scrub gently,

Love from Batty


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