How to get a natural glow instantly (and naturally)

🌟 When you’re working hard to balance your skin but want a healthy glow now, bring on a non-comedogenic pure mineral highlighter! 🌟

Non comedogenic facial highlighter - cruelty free makeup - acne prone skin safe by Batty's Bath

I was never a “highlighter” or any “extra fuss” type of makeup gal but dannnng, thank goodness VA Karla convinced me to see what the highlighter fuss was all about! Now I love wearing a highlighter – even if that’s the only makeup I put on! I’ve totally embraced the #glowlife lol!

After I realized I didn’t want to be without a highlighter in my life, it didn’t take long to also realize that I needed to make one that was going to be “batty skin safe” – that’s the NEXT LEVEL beyond “acne prone skin safe” because my skin is THAT reactive!

Fast forward to now: All the hard work in the studio, plus all the prep has paid off and the Batty’s Bath version of an everyday-go-to highlighter has arrived! Weeeeeee!

We call it: “Meadow Glow Highlighter

Pure Mineral Facial Highlighter - Organic Ingredients - Cruelty Free Cosmetics - Green Beauty by Batty's Bath

Do you wear a highlighter on the regular?

I love that a highlighter gives me a healthy glow no matter how tired I’m feeling

If you have the chance to give our “Meadow Glow” highlighter a try, be sure to let me know what you think

Have a great day beautiful abd shine on! 🌟

💜 Batty





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