How long does a skin detox take?

How long does a skin detox take?This one sounds like it should be a quick question to answer, but in actuality, there’s a little more to it than you think!


Our general rule of thumb is a MINIMUM of 3 weeks for people new to natural skin care. This time frame allows for the worst of the chemical build-up to work its way out of your pores and to break down the petrochemicals clinging to the surface like Saran Wrap. It’s also the average amount of time for our skin to adjust to the new routine and begin the healing process.

With that being said, everyone’s situation is different. Here are a few reasons you may want to extend yours!

1. You were a passenger on the toxic tugboat for a REALLY long time.

Basically, your “build-up” is a little thicker than the average bear. It may just be some added years on your wear and tear or the amount in which you were using these type of products (ie. you may have been a heavy, toxic cosmetic user). Either way- it’s ok! It simply means that your pores may need a little extra time to purge. A good indication of when you’re ready to switch things up is when you notice your detox breakouts seem to have gotten through the worst.What do I mean by detox breakouts? We’ve got a great explanation over HERE! Now, if you simply can’t wait to switch to a targeted routine, feel free to pass go. Your detox will continue to happen- just at a much slower pace. The ingredients in the Detox Challenge Approved Skincare Kit are specific to the purging process and help to speed us the process.

2. You’re a repeat offender.

We see this more often than you think. You’re doing the detox and sticking to your routine, but you’re still using toxic chemicals as your side ‘bae’. Most commonly these are cosmetics, harsh masks and other damaging/counterproductive products. Essentially, what you’re doing is removing one chemical build-up for a new one. It’s an endless cycle and you’re not allowing for a real detox to truly happen.For all of you makeup mavens out there that find yourself in this category- trust me when I say that there are products out there that are natural AND awesome! Long gone are the days of sub-par, natural cosmetics. Mind you, I’m pretty biased and addicted to our Batty’s Bath cosmetic line.

3. When you’re going to mess with a good thing!

The category is actually for a positive reason. Say you’ve completed your minimum 3 weeks of detox. Your skin has never looked better and the challenges you were looking to beat have all skipped town. Basically, your skin is in a happily-ever-after marriage with the products in our Detox Challenge Approved Skincare Kits. Targeted routines can work wonders, but there’s nothing that says that the Detox Challenge Approved Skincare Kits aren’t exactly what your skin needs. Sometimes it’s as simple as that! We hear from Radiant Rebels on a regular basis who never leave the Detox Challenge Approved Skincare Kits for this very reason.

4. You’ve got a no-waste policy.

You’re done your three weeks, but you still have a ton of product left. Feel free to use it up! It won’t hurt your skin, and in fact, your skin will be able to continue with an extra deep detox. One kit usually last about 2 – 3 months for the average user when used as directed. Feel free to use up every last drop and add in products from your customized routine in replacement as you need them. Don’t have a custom routine? It’s all good! It’s best to see how your skin comes out at the finish line of your 3-week stay on the Detox Challenge Approved Skincare Kits. When you’re ready, just head over to our Routine Builder to discover which products are made with you in mind

Now that we got that out of the way, who’s ready to get their detox on? Sign up HERE!

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