In Mother Nature We Trust…

Batty's Bath Oath Statement: - In Mother Nature We Trust


By design, she has entrusted us with a precious gift; A gift of healing and undiluted life. As those who have wandered amongst the petals before us, we seek to uncork the power hidden in the grains so graciously bestowed upon us.

At Batty’s Bath, we believe that skin care can be simple. There’s no need to complicate things, because life is complicated enough. The solutions you seek can be discovered in your own back yard, or buried beneath the waves. We place our trust in nature and that it knows best. Even before our very existence, nature adapted and discovered ways to protect and heal itself.

Generations before us have harnessed the mending properties of the plants and herbs that surrounded them. They’ve long be entrusted with our pain and plights, and have proven their weight in gold for providing deliverance from skin conditions.

That is why we promise never include unnecessary and counterintuitive ingredients in our products (Please see the commonly accepted list of the Dirty Dozen Ingredients referred to by skin care naturalists). Each element in our products is chosen with love and care to ensure your health and restore your faith in skin care. We seek to help you and your skin find balance, and provide you with the platform to mend and rebuild your relationship with your skin (and possibly even your self-confidence). We want you to know that YOU ARE RADIANT!

Having said that, we know that our path is not the journey everyone will choose. We encourage you to seek your own direction and adventures. Your oneness and the decisions you make in life are what make you special. Our goal is simply to provide like-minded individuals with the resources and materials to achieve their goals. We won’t be hurt by your choices, because we would rather celebrate in your individuality.

With Love, 

The Batty’s Bath Team


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It all started as one college student’s skin care experiment.
Five years later, it’s a wild-crafted beauty revolution.
Find out about the origins of Batty’s Bath, the secret laboratory, and our commitment to inspiring self-esteem, confidence & kindness, for all…..