Why natural? The Batty’s Bath Perspective.

Why natural?

Well, hi there! We’re guessing you’re joining us on this post because you’re at one of two places in your journey…

  1. You’ve already unearthed your all-natural path and enjoy sharing in like-minded perspectives
  2. You’ve been contemplating if the natural corridor will lead you to be able to achieve your goals

The choice to “go natural” is a choice that only you can make for yourself. Your reasons for adopting a naturalist lifestyle will be as unique as you are, but when it comes down to it, we’re just happy you’re here! This is an article that has been a long time coming, and while we’ve always believe in harnessing Mother Nature’s gifts, it’s time to put our energy out there for the world to perceive.

Over many discussions, we’ve determined two main purposes behind adopting of a naturalist lifestyle. While your interpretations, influences and life experiences will vary, the principal remains the same. We’d love to share our thoughts about both, so let’s have a look!

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Avoiding chemicals & toxins

Society has begun to embrace the idea that evolution and knowledge don’t necessarily mean we need to forget where we come from. We’re a fast society; It’s easy to get wrapped up in the latest inventions, technologies, and gadgets. With our ‘new’ and ‘next best’ blinders on, we tend to forget how valuable the materials that surround us already are. While we would never deny science the deserved triumphs it’s made in terms of healthcare and other aspects, experts are realizing the toxic effects of our chemically dependent and burdened existence.

When you take a moment to reflect about this unhealthy relationship, things begin to click! We, as well as 1000’s of other living species, have existed in harmony for centuries. We’ve evolved together to adapt to the changes in our ecosystems and the environments we live in. Everything is connected in a manner that supports and unites us.

It wasn’t until we started to introduce unnatural solutions to the mix that things started to fall apart. Climate change, toxically provoked illnesses, extinction of species, these are all realities we now face. While we’ve been so intensely focused on what’s next, we’ve ignored the fact that our bodies aren’t able to evolve at a speed, or built to handle the hardships, we are throwing at it in such rapid paces. Sudden we are a chemically troubled society in desperate need of a change.

But what if we could restore balance? Civilizations have been successfully using natural solutions since the dawn of time. Ayurveda medicine has been employed for over 3,000 years, and there’s a reason people continue to incorporate into their lives… because natural works! As humans, we have a responsibility to understand and continue our quest for knowledge, but we also have an accountability to preserve our existence (and by ‘our’ we mean the earth as a whole). We’re finally coming to terms with the fact that we can progress without causing harm to ourselves and the world around us by taking a closer look at the healing powers that already exist.

Let’s take a broader perspective for a moment. You can agree and appreciate that nature has a purpose in our lives: trees provide oxygen, we need water to live, the sun provides energy, etc. What’s to say that everything else our earth provides doesn’t have a purpose as well? Natural solutions are everywhere. They exist for a reason; some we know and others we have yet to discover. Nature has already proven itself and all that’s left to do is excavate its power.

While we aren’t able to control every aspect of our own lives, we can make a conscious effort to minimize the effects of toxins in our day-to-day actions. Be it for your health, the environment or whatever reason aligns with your calling, making the move to a more naturalist lifestyle is taking a stand to ensure future generations will have the ability to experience all the wonder and awe this planet provides.

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Cruelty-free solutions

Harmony: a relationship between two objects, concepts or matters that are mutually beneficial to produce a congenial outcome.

The concept of harmony imparts a common theme throughout this post. Just as important as living in parallel with nature, we want to ensure we are also living in unity with other species. More and more, people are becoming more conscious consumers, and for the betterment of ALL living things. We don’t want to see anyone, or any anything harmed in the making of goods and materials, especially when it can be avoided.

No pet owner ever wants to imagine their family member(s) locked in a cage at some testing facility, but this is the reality for many animals all over the world. Slowly, countries are beginning to ban together against animal cruelty in the name of science. We are beginning accept that although other species may not be as evolved as we are, we share in a conscious existence that blesses us with the ability to feel. If this is the case, then why should any living being be forced to feel hurt, loneliness, pain, and/or hate when it can be avoided?

The use of natural ingredients in products means we can eliminate this type of testing because natural solutions already exist and have proven to be effective through centuries of use. While millions of other uses are sure to still be discovered, we already have the groundwork for success thanks to history.

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So, why natural when it comes to skin care?

Our skin is no exception in this philosophy. There is a harmony that exists between it and nature that is undeniable. Our skin has evolved through the centuries alongside nature and in a manner in which they can communicate and understand each other. What our skin needs, the earth provides.

You’re telling me our skin talks? It sure does! Just like we come to understand how dogs communicate through barking and tail wagging, we have discovered that our skin has its own way of communicating with us. Breakouts and other skin conditions are our skin’s own form of “Morse Code” to let us know when it’s upset or unhappy. Scientists and other experts have even been able to pinpoint correlations between breakout patterns and other internal issues our bodies are facing. For example, did you know that chin and jawline acne are a very common sign of a hormonal imbalance?

Needless to say, one thing that our skin (and bodies as a whole) is quick to tell it’s not happy with is chemicals and toxins. Not only do they cause issues on the surface level by clogging our pores and irritating our delicate coats, we absorb them into our bloodstreams where they do even more damage to our internal systems. One of the main purposes of our skin is to alleviate our waste removal systems by providing an alternative departure through sweat and oils. When chemicals and toxins are expelled through this manner, they are, once again, provided the opportunity to disrupt the delicate balance.

On the other end of the spectrum, our skin recognizes natural ingredients and welcomes them like long, lost friends. It knows what to do with the ingredients and how to put them to work in healing our bodies. They have a mutually respectful relationship, but just like any relationship, it can become tarnished. If our actions (suppling our skin with ingredients that leave it hurt and in constant defence mode) have been at odds for expanded periods of time, the trust in the relationship is broken. The good news is, with hard work and dedication, that trust can be rebuilt! We can start working WITH our skin (not against it) to find mutually beneficial solutions and your skin will start communicating is change of heart with you in radiant ways.

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A final note to keep in mind

No matter your reason(s) for going natural, or where this journey takes you, we applaud you. This process is one of learning and exploration, and we know it can be confusing and overwhelming from at times. We are blessed to be among the many amazing companies in this industry that share in our beliefs. You are already making a conscious effort to make positive choices, but we want to encourage you to be just as conscious about the brands and products you support. While there are tons of wonderful, naturally-based companies out there, there are just as many attempting to dupe you into believing their products are “natural” by throwing catch phrases on their labels and in their ads. Be resourceful. Be eager to learn, and most importantly, be true to you.

With that being said, Batty’s Bath promises to always produce skin care products that uphold the highest standards of natural skin care. We don’t just believe in using natural ingredients; we believe in using natural ingredients with purpose! That means your skin will only be receiving ingredients that are carefully and thoughtfully chosen to meet your skin needs and help you achieve your own radiance.

We will continue to be transparent in all that we do and provide you with information and resources that you can use to ensure you’re making choices you can be proud of and stand behind. Knowledge is power, and nature is just as beautifully and effectively fierce!

With love & radiance,
Love from Batty
& the Batty’s Bath Team.

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