More exciting news! I’ve officially set up my “Batty’s Bath” shop (but put it on vacation mode) on Etsy! It feels like Batty’s Bath is getting closer and closer to being a full reality! Now you can go to Batty’s Bath on Etsy and sign up to be notified when it comes out of vacation mode. This will be when I start listing items for sale.

I’ve also started completing the Health Canada forms required for my products before I can sell them. So far so good! I’m feeling really productive!
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A few exciting things have happened this week!

1) Samples are already to send out to my “testers”. I can’t wait to get their feedback. We’ve been “testers” at my place and so far so good with the shampoo, conditioner, body butter, body wash and glycerin soap. As those run out we’ll be testing new formulas and tweaking as we go. I love being about to tweak the bath and beauty products we’re using now!

2) I designed the “Batty’s Bath” logo! You’ll see I added it to the blog banner! I still plan on prettying up the blog but I’m so happy to have the logo designed. What do you think?

3) I registered “” last night! Woohoo! Right now it directs to my profile under

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From Etsy’s Merchandising Desk: January:

“New Beginnings: Handmade resolutions, learning a new skill or hobby (for example, learning a new instrument, recipes, crafting, journaling, etc.), self-reflection and appreciation, active-wear, spa, bath and beauty, organization (home, studio, office, etc.).”
I was delighted to see “new beginnings” highlighted in Etsy’s latest Merchandising Desk report because I had already decided that my new years resolution was to plunge myself head first into soap making after receiving some handmade soap and scrub from Becky at Craft off the Lot (see my previous blog post). I love that (almost) everything in the new beginnings trend is something I’ll be incorporating into my new years resolution – it’s a handmade resolution, I’m learning new skills and a new hobby, I’ll be taking time for self-reflection about what my body needs and doesn’t need, I’ll be appreciating something that’s made by my hands and appreciating the process to get me there, I’ll be setting up a new organizational system for my new hobby, etc. The only thing listed in the new beginnings that I’m leaving out is active-wear. Perhaps my sweats that are covered in glue will also become my “active-soap-making-wear”, lol.
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