Avoiding breakouts during a cold or the flu

The mesmerizing glimmer of a fresh snowfall… That renewed sense you get from taking a big breath of winter’s crisp air… That complete coziness you feel when you put on your favourite sweater. There are so many reasons to enjoy winter, but I think we can all agree that colds and the flu suck!

This winter seems like it’s been particularly challenging for many of us with all the pressure changes. Mother Nature sure can’t seem to get a grip on the weather this year, and there have been a number of plights making their rounds. I just survived the worst head cold / flu I’ve had in years, so I figured it would be the perfect time to share some tips on avoiding breakouts when you’re sick.

You don’t want the gross details, so let’s just get into the good stuff!

  1. Keep bacteria at bay! Cleansing is so important when you’re sick. I know it sucks to drag yourself out of bed when your whole body feels like it weighs a tonne, but make sure you’re keeping up with your skin care. We have a lot of extra bacteria floating around our skin when we’re sick, and we have got to send it hiking if we want to avoid those breakouts. This doesn’t mean you start over cleansing your skin (this can cause a whole different set of issues); just stick to your regular routine. If you feel like you need a mid-day freshen up, opt for a mist that contains antibacterial ingredients like our Acne B.O.P. Mist, After Acne Mist, or Quick Spritz Oil Fix. These will help to eliminate those sneaky bacteria taking up residence on your face. Also, while we can’t avoid touching our faces when we need to blow our noses and whatnot, try to avoid excessive rubbing/touching of your face as much as possible (I know- it feels so good when you’re sick). If you do feel the need to rub your face, make sure your hands are squeaky clean.
  2. Healing with Hydration. We talk about this all the time, and while we may sound like a broken record, it’s so important. Making sure you’re drinking a monsoon of water when you’re sick will help flush the infection out faster. When a fever is present, we also lose a lot of water through sweat. Unfortunately, that sweat contains a lot of nasties (bacteria, oil, etc.). Keeping hydrated will help you keep your fevers down and keep your hydration levels up. You know that hydrating product in your routine? Keep it close when your feeling ill. You want to make sure you’re replacing what you’re losing; multiple applications in a day can help keep universal balance.Don’t have a hydrator in your routine yet? Find out which of our hydrators is made for you HERE!
  1. Protect and Repair. Moisturizing is as important as cleansing when we are sick. Our skin can take a beating with tissues and other nonsenses. It gets dry, sore and chapped. Staying on top of the issue, before the situation gets dire, can save you a lot of trouble. Your facial moisturizer can help you through the main battle, but when I notice my nose getting extra dry, I like to apply a little Body Balm to the area throughout the day because it’s light and soaks in fast. At night time (for an extra dose of love and healing) I’ll put a layer of the Body & Lip Jelly around my nose to slowly soak in while I sleep. This is also my die-hard lip repair during the winter, whether I’m sick or not.
  2. Avoid lotion laced facial tissues. As much as the lotion tissues from the drug store feel amazing on your nose, often times they’re filled with chemical based ingredients like perfumes and other irritating nasties. If your nose is feeling sore, return to tip #3 for some relief.
  3. Scrub-a-dub! I don’t know about you, but I find I seem to gain a lot extra dead skin when I’m sick. While I use the Tea Tree Scrub as part of my daily routine, I always make sure I give it a few extra seconds of gentle scrubbing when I’m sick to help rid my face of those dry, flaky bits that pop up.
  4. Mask it! I don’t mean cover it up. I mean get cozy with your favourite detoxifying mask. As soon as I know I’m on the mend, I like to reach for my Dead Sea Mud Mask to draw out all those extra bits of grossness trying to hide in my pores. There’s something so satisfying about seeing those little spots of oil that get drawn out as this mask dries. Alternatively, you could use our Charcoal Detox Mask or Dry Clay Mask (I suggest mixing with aloe).
  5. Deep clean! We all want to know that those germs have left the building when we’re sick. Pillowcases, wash clothes and any other articles of material that regularly touch your face should hit the wash as often as possible when you’re sick. You’re sweating out a lot of bacteria, and we don’t them to be getting quality time with our skin. Same goes with your makeup brushes. While I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup when sick, if I happen to, I’ll make sure my brushes get a deep clean (even if it’s not my regular day to do so).

While most of these are normal parts of a balanced routine, it’s extra important to stay on top of things when you’re sick (even if it’s the only thing you accomplish that day). Our bodies have an amazing ability to push out bacteria and other invaders, but we need to ensure we’re doing our part of the “clean-up” to prevent breakouts from happening.  It will be one less thing to worry about and you’ll be back on your feet, radiant as always!

Too late? If you’re already sick and experiencing breakouts, you’ll want to hop over to the second blog in this series. Click HERE!

With Love & Radiance,

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Brushing Up: Your Guide to Foundation Brushes

Since foundation application continues to be a hot topic amongst the tribe, I figured I’d create a one-stop-guide for finding the best brush (or tool) to use for getting a flawless complexion with different foundations.

We’ll be using Batty’s Bath foundations for this guide, but these techniques are universal for almost any foundation you choose to use. I can’t hold back my giddiness on this topic, so let’s jump right into the makeup mania.

Mineral Foundations (Batty’s Bath Mineral Makeup Foundation)

This type of foundation is characterized by a dry, powder formula. They’re especially great for those who enjoy a buildable coverage and a truly matte finish.


The Tool of Choice: The Kabuki Brush

There’s really only once choice when it comes to mineral foundations. The kabuki brush can be identified by its short, fluffy and dense bristles meant to hold a load of powder and ability to buff. Bristles can come in both domed and flat top shapes, but there’s really no benefit to one or the other; it’s really a matter of preference. They often have a short handle to allow for easy of circular buffing.

How to crush the brush:

  • When buying a kabuki brush, look for ones with super soft bristles. You’ll be doing a lot of buffing, so you don’t want to be irritating your skin.
  • Make sure your moisturizer and other skin care routine products are fully absorbed before applying this type of foundation. The minerals will stick and be harder to buff is you don’t.
  • Take the time to load the brush. Start by dipping the brush in the minerals and tapping the excess in the cap. Then give that kabuki a good swirl in the excess powder to really ensure you’re filling the brush with product.
  • Buff and build. Buff and build. While it takes a little time to master the application, once you do, you’ll love minerals for their soft-focus finish. The key to getting there is taking the time to apply in light layers and really buffing each one out before applying more. You can build the coverage from sheer to full without looking caking. Just be sure to give each layer the attention it needs.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix shades. This is probably the easiest foundation to mix and match shades to get a true match for your skin tone. Natural mineral foundations contain micas which reflect light (without looking sparkly) making them super adjustable to a number of different skin tones.
  • Check out Batty’s video tutorial on how she applies mineral foundation HERE

Liquid Foundations (Batty’s Bath Nature’s Veil CC Cream)

This type of foundation is known for its ability to provide a healthy, dewy glow. They also tend to provide a continuous stream of moisture and hydration for those who need the boost.

Tool of Choice: The Beauty Blender

The invention of the beauty blender has taken the makeup world by storm… and with good reason! Not only does it help eliminate wasted product but it also prevents streaking. There are a lot of imitators on the market- some great, others not so much. The key to finding a quality beauty blender sponge is in the “squishiness”. A good indicator is how spongy the blender feels when dry. It should have lots of give and feel soft.

How to crush the brush (or sponge in this case):

  • Always use damp. They’re meant to be used in combination with some water. At the same time, damp is the keyword; too much water will impede its ability to do its job and change the formulation of your foundation. Get it good and wet, then ring it out well before applying foundation.
  • It’s all in the pounce! Don’t pull the blender across your skin in an attempted to blend. You literally want to dab it up and down on your skin. The product will melt and blend and the texture of the sponge will help to create a skin-like texture. You may start out slow as you get used to this type of application, but it gets faster as you become more comfortable.
  • Don’t wait in between picking up the product and applying to your face. You can pump directly onto the beauty blender, or even dab it directly onto your face and use the damp sponge to blend from there.
  • Apply in light layers and build the coverage. You should be able to achieve a solid medium coverage with the Nature’s Veil CC Cream.
  • Watch Batty’s alternative and quick application of the Nature’s Veil CC Cream HERE

Cream or Mousse Foundations (Batty’s Bath Whipped Foundation)

Known for their ability to provide full coverage due to their thicker texture is what makes this a leading choice for those who battle with breakouts. They can come in both matte and dewy finishes and a good cream foundation will still feel light and silky.

Tool of Choice: The Stippling Brush

A stippling brush is identified by very dense bristles that are stiff but still soft on the skin. They can some in both single fiber and duo fiber forms, but both will get the job done as long as the fibers are dense enough. Essentially, the trick is to find a brush that is strong enough to move and blend the product to perfection.


How to crush the brush:

  • Do as the name suggests and stipple. Using a stippling motion helps to warm up the product making the thicker consistency easier to blend while avoiding streaks and wiping away product. It may take an extra minute to blend completely, but the results will give you an airbrushed finish.
  • Try to keep the brush perpendicular to your face. You want the bristles to hit straight on. Turning it on an angle will increase your chances of leaving streaks.
  • Once you’ve got your foundation blended, you can always go over it with a Beauty Blender to pick up any excess product in areas that feel heavy
  • Watch my video tutorial on how I apply our Whipped Foundation HERE!

Remember- these are simply suggestions. If you find something that works better for you- you do you girl! The best part about makeup is that there aren’t any rules. Have fun and enjoy the freedom to be your true self.

If I can leave you with one last tip it would be that no matter what brush or tool you end up using, make sure it’s clean. Brushes should be deep cleaned at least once a week to avoid bacteria that can cause breakouts. As an added bonus, a brush that’s not gunked up with makeup will work more effectively to help you achieve the finish you desire.

With Love & Radiance,

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Hey Radiant Rebels!

Now that 2016 is tied up with a bow for us (except Momma Batty as she plugs away at the books), we thought we’d take a moment to share something near and dear to our hearts.

At Batty’s Bath, giving back is a major part of who we are. We feel blessed (and spoiled) by the fact that THIS is our job and that we get to spend it with so many beautiful people. It’s important to us that we take the time to give back and spread the love. Whether is through our soap drive, to sponsoring goats, our heart beams when we have the opportunity to brighten someone’s day.

Here’s a look at our charitable activities for 2016

2016 Charitable Activities


We can’t wait to see how many smiles we can create in 2017! If you want to learn more about the charities we’ve worked with in the past, or on an on-going basis, visit battysbath.ca/charity.

With love & radiance,

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Do I have to stop wearing makeup during a skin detox?

We know that skin care comes with a lot of questions, especially when you start diving into natural solutions for the first time. Making the choice to go natural not only means a lifestyle change and cupboard clean; It also requires a lot of research… which inevitably leads to a lot of questions!

If you’ve chosen to start your skin care journey with a skin detox- Way to go! Know that you’re giving your skin the best chance at success for healing and achieving your goals. We also suspect that you have a burning question or two, so let’s try and tackle 3 of the most common ones we see.

Q: Can I continue to wear makeup while doing a skin detox?

A: Absolutely, yes! BUT- make sure the products you’re putting on your skin aren’t contradicting the effort you’re putting into your skin detox. Otherwise, the toxins you’re working hard to remove are just being replaced by new ones and it becomes and endless cycle.

Look for naturally based cosmetics, like ours, because you won’t have to worry about them causing a build-up or irritating your skin.

NOTE: We do always recommend using our Mineral Makeup collection in combination with the Detox Kit. This is due to the fact that our cosmetics have been formulated to work with the products in our skin care line. While other products are natural, we also include other ingredients in ours that will actually benefit your skin and support your skin during the detox.

Basically, if it comes from one of the big-name brands from one of your local drugstores, chances are it’s a no-go, even if they say “natural” on the label. Give the ingredients list a solid look through before applying, and as hard as it may be, it’s likely a good time to give it a toss and start searching for healthy replacements.

Q: Are there things I should do around the house to prepare for my skin detox?

A: It’s not entirely necessary, but there are a few tricks that you can do to boost your skin detox and get the most out of it!

  • Stop the hot water abuse. Hot water will perpetuate dry skin, while cooler showers and baths will actually help to rehydrate our skin. As an added bonus, it’s also been shown to help improve split ends for your hair.
  • Humidifiers are bae! This is especially true for those of us who are in the middle of winter or live in drier climates. Use a humidifier in rooms with high traffic to prevent the dry air from stealing from your skin.
  • Toss the toxins. Air fresheners, laundry detergents & dryer sheets, cleaning products, hair care/styling products, body care products and basically anything else your skin comes into regular contact with should be taken into consideration. You’ll also want to check your shower curtains. If you use a plastic curtain/liner, often these give off formaldehyde (not good in a place where our skin is most vulnerable).
  • Plants as air purifiers! That’s right- If you’ve got a green thumb, consider adding a few plants to the household. There are a ton of plants out there that are great for purifying the air like spider plants!
  • Keep it clean. Make it a habit to change towels and pillow cases on a regular basis. You don’t want the toxins your removing to end up on these and be reapplied to your skin. Same goes for hats and scarves. If it comes into contact with your face on a regular basis, make sure you’re washing them up often.

Are there things I can add/eliminate to my diet to help my detox?

A: Yup! There sure are. Obviously, a clean diet is good for us on so many levels, but it will help boost your detox as well. If a complete overhaul isn’t on your agenda, here are some keep tips to consider.

  • Avoid processed sugars. They lead to inflammation that supports the production of acne. Opt for honey or agave as an alternative.
  • Introduce our Skin Support Tea into your routine. Just one cup a day helps to balance hormones that can lead to acne.
  • Consider adding milk thistle to the mix. Taking milk thistle each day supports your digestive system by increasing bile production and thus helping our bodies to remove excess testosterone (one of those hormones known for causing acne)
  • Water. Water. Water.  So many health benefits, but it also helps our skin rebuild its levels of hydration (the most common piece of the puzzle that’s missing in our routines). Try and make it a habit to get enough water in your diet. Not a fan of water on its own? Add some fruit to the mix. The antioxidants found in fruits, like lemon, are super helpful in the fight against free radicals.
  • Avoid dairy. If your skin is acne-prone, you may want to avoid dairy products or at least cut back on your intake. Dairy products contain inflammatory properties that can be a trigger for breakouts. It also causes spikes in our insulin production, leading to excess hormones being released.

Got other questions? We’d be happy to try and answer them for you. The best way to have your questions seen and answered is by joining the Radiant Rebel Facebook Group and posting them there!

In the mean times, it’s getting down to the wire for our 30-Day Detox Challenge. If you have yet to order your Detox Kit, be sure to get it ordered ASAP.

Canadian orders take approximately 1 week for delivery and US orders take approximately 2 weeks, so it’s crucial to get your order in if you wish to start the 30-Day Detox Challenge with us. If you order a little late, or your kit gets held up by the postman, no worries. Jump into the challenge at any time on the Radiant Rebel Facebook Page.


We’ll see you on January 28th for the official 30-Day Detox Challenge launch!

With Love & Radiance,

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How long does a skin detox take?This one sounds like it should be a quick question to answer, but in actuality, there’s a little more to it than you think!


Our general rule of thumb is a MINIMUM of 3 weeks for people new to natural skin care. This time frame allows for the worst of the chemical build-up to work its way out of your pores and to break down the petrochemicals clinging to the surface like Saran Wrap. It’s also the average amount of time for our skin to adjust to the new routine and begin the healing process.

With that being said, everyone’s situation is different. Here are a few reasons you may want to extend yours!

  1. You were a passenger on the toxic tugboat for a REALLY long time. Basically, your “build-up” is a little thicker than the average bear. It may just be some added years on your wear and tear or the amount in which you were using these type of products (ie. you may have been a heavy, toxic cosmetic user). Either way- it’s ok! It simply means that your pores may need a little extra time to purge. A good indication of when you’re ready to switch things up is when you notice your detox breakouts seem to have gotten through the worst.What do I mean by detox breakouts? We’ve got a great explanation over HERE!Now, if you simply can’t wait to switch to a targeted routine, feel free to pass go. Your detox will continue to happen- just at a much slower pace. The ingredients in the Detox Kit are specific to the purging process and help to speed us the process.
  2. You’re a repeat offender. We see this more often than you think. You’re doing the detox and sticking to your routine, but you’re still using toxic chemicals as your side ‘bae’. Most commonly these are cosmetics (I know- finding your favourite foundation and being told to stop using it, is like giving up crack.), harsh masks and other damaging/counterproductive products. Essentially, what you’re doing is removing one chemical build-up for a new one. It’s an endless cycle and you’re not allowing for a real detox to truly happen.For all of you makeup mavens out there that find yourself in this category- trust me when I say that there are products out there that are natural AND awesome! Long gone are the days of sub-par, natural cosmetics. Mind you, I’m pretty biased and addicted to our Batty’s Bath cosmetic line.
  3. When you’re going to mess with a good thing! The category is actually for a positive reason. Say you’ve completed your minimum 3 weeks of detox. Your skin has never looked better and the challenges you were looking to beat have all skipped town. Basically, your skin is in a happily-ever-after marriage with the products in our Detox Kit. Targeted routines can work wonders, but there’s nothing that says that the Detox Kit isn’t exactly what your skin needs. Sometimes it’s as simple as that! We hear from Radiant Rebels on a regular basis who never leave the Detox Kit for this very reason.
  4. You’ve got a no-waste policy. You’re done your three weeks, but you still have a ton of product left. Feel free to use it up! It won’t hurt your skin, and in fact, your skin will be able to continue with an extra deep detox. One kit usually last about 2 – 3 months for the average user when used as directed. Feel free to use up every last drop and add in products from your customized routine in replacement as you need themDon’t have a custom routine? It’s all good! It’s best to see how your skin comes out at the finish line of your 3-week stay on the Detox Kit. When you’re ready, just head over to our Routine Builder to discover which products are made with you in mind

Now that we got that out of the way, who’s ready to get their detox on? Our 30-Day Detox Challenge is just around the corner, and we’ll be doing ours for four weeks. We figure an extra week for good luck as we take on 2017.

Sign up HERE!

With Love & Radiance,

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What does a clean slate look like? Skin Care Edition

A fresh start…

It’s a reoccurring thought for many of us at different stages of our lives. More often than not, a fresh start feels out of reach. Money, time, and so many other complications get in the way. A real fresh start is like a unicorn… but it doesn’t have to be when it comes to your skin.

A skin detox is your skin’s version of a fresh start. It’s the process of freeing your skin from a reactive state caused by chemical burden, unbalanced skin care, and internal struggles. With the proper tools (i.e. products), you can remove the barrier of chemical build-up that clings to your skin like plastic wrap and prevents real healing from happening. Once the veil is lifted, our skin has regained its ability to be proactive and productive against skin conditions like acne.

Here’s what a clean slate DOESN’T look like.

Most often, we encounter Radiant Rebels who fall under one of three categories. Their skin reactions are generally due to one or more of these common situations.

  1. Your skin is so bogged down by chemicals, toxins and debris like dead skin cells, that nothing is able to penetrate your pores and treat your skin. Congestion and cosmetic acne are both common indications of this type of situation.
  2. Your skin care routine is unbalanced and missing one or more the crucial steps (cleanse/exfoliate/hydrate/moisturize). Most often, the skin is dehydrated, rough in texture and there’s a good chance your lipid barrier is in a weak state.
  3. You’re experiencing reactions because your skin is confused by an ever-changing routine, where nothing has been given a real chance to work. It feels overworked, constantly changing state, and probably just as muddled (if not more) as you.

So what DOES a clean slate look like?

According to Radiant Rebel Kasey, a clean slate is “Remembering that any mistakes in your past do not define your future. Every day is brand new.

We couldn’t agree more! Just because you haven’t been using natural products up until now, doesn’t mean that you can’t start. It’s about making the choice (for whatever reason speaks personally to you) to be more conscious about the products you’re using in your skin care routine. Our skin is resilient and can make a comeback with the right tools!

A successful skin detox includes these key ingredients:

  • A commitment to the process. This doesn’t mean you’re not allow to slip-up. Even the best of us do from time to time. It’s about getting back on the horse and following through while having patience and understanding during this time of adjustment for your skin.
  • The right ingredients. Our Detox Kit includes active charcoal and mineral clays known for their abilities to purify our pores. This also means avoiding products that counteract the detox. You don’t want to be using chemical based makeup that will just rebuild the “gunk” you’ve just worked so hard to remove.
  • A balanced routine. As mentioned above, every skin care routine should ensure it contains the 4 crucial steps that make up a balanced routine. We’ve already included these in the Detox Kit, which makes the process simple and easy.
  • AND- for those of you who feel better with a team of people behind you, having a support system can go a long way! At Batty’s Bath, we have our Community Detox Challenge coming up in a few short weeks. This is the perfect time to gain your clean slate with the support and motivation of Radiant Rebels just like you! Head on over to battysbath.ca/30detox to join the fun! We’ve also set up a special Facebook Group to help you through each step of the way!

Whatever your reason for a skin care clean slate is, we’re behind you! If you want to know more about a skin detox, give “What’s a Skin Detox & Do I Need One?” A read.

With Love & Radiance,

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Will a skin detox help me with my problem skin?

When it comes to skin care, we tend to skim through information until we see a keyword, or two, that hits close to home. For me, it was the words “oily” and “blackheads” that always caught my eye. No matter where I was, or what I was reading, those lit up like Vegas neon signs, and the blinders immediately came on to anything else in my near presence.

One of the biggest learning curves for me when it came to natural skin care is that knowledge is power. The more I learned, the better I understood how skin operates in general, including my own. I was able to connect dots that previously weren’t even there to begin in my mind and appreciate what my skin was trying to communicate with me.

Why do I bring this up?

Just like at the start of my journey, we see newcomers jump to targeted routines all the time without doing the detox. They see those terms like “acne” and immediately assume that’s their starting line. While all of our skin care products will naturally detox your skin over time, it can take MUCH longer when you’re not using products that contain detoxifying ingredients. This also leads to seeing results at a much slower pace, because those targeted ingredients have to fight their way through the chemical build-up and congestion that hasn’t been taken care of from the start.

Now with that being said, Your journey is YOURS and YOU control it!

The reason for this blog is really two-fold.

  1. We want you to succeed, and the sooner we can help you get there, the more joy it brings to your life and ours. As discussed in previous blogs, a skin detox is like hitting the reset button on your skin when it’s in a confused state (most often caused by using chemical based products, flip-flopping your routine and internal factors). When our skin is in a chaotic state, it reacts in ways we don’t appreciate. BUT, when we take the time to calm down our skin and allow it to breathe, it reacts much more pleasantly to targeted ingredients and our desire to help it.
  2. This is the kicker! Time and time again, we’ve heard from Radiant Rebels, with reactive skin, who NEVER leave the Detox Kit. Why? It’s because the trigger for their breakouts was in (major) part due to the past products that had previously been built-up in their pores. Whether it’s acne, rosacea, congestion, oily skin (you name it), the chance for the skin to relax and stop fighting the chemicals it was being forced to put up with, was enough for it to start behaving.While we’ve seen some amazing stories come out of the Detox Kit, not everyone can expect this type of result. Acne and other skin conditions also come with an assortment of using the right products and root causes that need internal attention too, but what you can expect is to see your skin jump start into a healing state.

Think of it as a mood change for your skin. It’s suddenly found the drive to start bettering itself, kind of like discovering the willpower to hit the gym; the big results happen when we start doing physical activity (consider this your targeted routine). Although you’re taking action by performing the detox, this is really what we like to think of as the “motivational period” for your skin. It needs to rebuild trust in your choices and accept your help. At the same time, when we start working out, we notice some immediate results; Our energy levels start increasing, clothes start to loosen, and we simply feel happier. The same goes for our skin. It will be calmer, happier and more readily willing to accept targeted, natural products in the future. So while you may not see your blackheads or acne completely vanish during the detox, what you will notice is a “bully-free” zone, in which everyone is willing to work together and where petrochemicals and debris aren’t kings (and queens of course) of the castle anymore.

Don’t believe us? Here’s what a few Radiant Rebels had to say about their experiences with the Detox Kit!

“As a 25-year-old, I had very dry, tight, red, somewhat wrinkly skin. I had regular acne on my forehead, as well as regular and cystic acne covering every inch of my chin and jaw. Anyone with dry skin AND acne knows this struggle, with no solutions. When the description says to hit pause, not look at one more product, it is true. TRY THIS. Give THIS system a shot. It is more expensive than I would normally spend, but I tell people now that it is the best self-care decision I have ever made. I stopped wearing any makeup on my skin as recommended and already ate veggies and grains, etc., so I think that definitely helped. I am at 3 weeks with the Detox Kit and although I am experiencing a tiny breakout from a messed up routine last weekend, my skin has become so clear, and dare I say almost pretty. It is hardly red; all my red scars are fading. I am not one to exaggerate, but my skin is SO soft and feels a bit firmer too. I am so happy and grateful to Batty for making and sharing such wonderful products that back up all of her knowledge!! I am no longer ashamed of showing my face, it has truly given me so much happiness. If you want a change and have only been met with disappointment, seriously try this!!” – Morgan

“I received the full-size Primer Facial Moisturizer (now referred to as Daily Detox Moisturizer) and Charcoal Soap from my sister-in-law about a month ago. They are by far the most awesome products I have ever used. With that idea in mind, I decided to order the Detox Skin Care Kit. The products did wonders to my skin. Within the first few days, I noticed that my cystic acne healed up nicely and my skin texture got smoother. I have been using the kit for almost three weeks now. To be honest, I have seen major improvement with my problematic skin and am very happy about it. I can’t wait to start using the Acne Prone Skin Care Kit. Thanks for making these awesome products.” – Podnicha

“I have never loved my face. I have always been self-conscious about its unpredictability, but this kit has certainly changed that!!! I am so in love with this kit, and I am so thankful I made the purchase. I noticed changes right away and I am noticing more and more as I continue! 5 stars!” – Candace

“Sorry for the lengthy review, but this Detox Kit has been life-changing for me. If you’re feeling skeptical about trying this kit out, take a little read. 

I have had acne since I was 12. I’m 28 now and have been using benzoyl peroxide for years. My skin tone has been a pasty pink color due to irritation and product, on top of my cystic acne, oily skin, and scars. This is the first time I have tried any natural products because I didn’t know natural product to treat acne existed. I figured all the dermatologists I have visited in the past were showing me the ONLY way to keep my acne under control. Which were harsh chemicals that gave me more problems.

I have just finished a one month routine with the Detox Kit and couldn’t be more pleased. Just a few days into the routine, I noticed my skin start to calm and heal. All the products in this kit are gentile, made my skin feel clean, balanced, and made my skin less oily. And most importantly, I had only a few mild pimples appear during the detox- nothing compared to what is typically normal for my skin. My skin has not been this clear and healthy since I was a kid. 

My only regret is that I didn’t try a natural approach to treating my skin earlier. I am so thankful I stumbled upon Batty’s products. I don’t think I could have found myself in better hands than hers. Truly. Thank you, Batty!” – Whitney

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In the simplest of terms, no matter your skin condition, we always recommend starting with a skin detox. At Batty’s Bath, we don’t believe in complicating skin care and would never include this in our line if there wasn’t a method to our “batty-ness”. If you’re ready to take on a skin detox of your own, we’d love to have you join us for our 30 day Community Detox Challenge. Sign up HERE!

With Love & Radiance,

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