3 ways to start your skin off right in the new year - natural skincare with Batty

A new year is upon us which means I t’s the perfect time of year to reflect on how far we’ve come and set new goals in place. If you’ve got skin care goals in mind, we want to make sure you’re setting yourself up for success, so let’s go!

  1. Hydrate: We like to think of this as a trifecta approach when it comes to making sure we’re hydrating our skin; inside, outside and allSkin Support Tea around!

Inside: We don’t feel like we need to remind you about making sure you’re getting enough water in your diet, but if you’re anything like me, you prefer something with a little flavour. Good thing we’ve got out Skin Support Tea. It’s got just the right amount of herbal goodness to make any glass of water tasty!

Outside: We talk about it all the time, but making sure you have a hydrator in your skin care routine is a key step in building that radiant glow. Finding that healthy balance between oil and water in your skin helps to set a steady path for healing.

Not sure which hydrator you should be using? It’s simple to find out! Just complete our Find Your Perfect Hydrator Quiz.

All Around: Old Man Winter sure is greedy when it comes to stealing the moisture in the air during the cold months. Having a humidifier in the rooms you spend a lot of time can save your skin from becoming the next victim of Old Man Winter’s thirst.

By the way- mechanical humidifiers are wonderful, but they don’t need to be expensive and complicated! Simply placing jars/bowl of water in dry warm areas of the home is all it takes. Check out THIS adorable idea Batty put in place a few years ago as her humidifier.

2. Protect: Now that we’re supplying our skin with some hydration, let’s keep it there where it belongs and is most useful. In order to do so, your best bet is by protecting and replenishing your lipid barrier. The oils found in moisturizers creates a protective seal, keeping water in and harsh environmental stresses out. Here are some suggestions for each vulnerable area of the body…

Lip SticksFace: Be sure to stay on top of your moisturizing routine, especially during the winter months. When our skin starts producing excess oil, it’s often because of a leak in the hydration through our lipid barrier. The oil produced is our body’s way of attempting to seal the leak. Thicker moisturizers in the winter offer that extra TLC, lipid replenishment, and protection.

Lips: If I had a dollar for every time I’ve had a dry, cracked lips… well, I’d be rich, or at least be able to afford a nice holiday somewhere warmer. However, now that I better understand the needs of my skin, the days in which my lips on are fire are fewer and farther apart. During the winter months, I ensure that anything I put on my lips will only help, not hurt, and I make sure to do so with consistency. I’m particularly fond of the Lip & Body Jelly to get me through rougher patches and The Body Balm anytime I plan to be outside. Thankful, I don’t have to settle though either when I’m craving a little colour in my life. Both Batty’s Lip Gloss and Lip Sticks are formulated with ultra-moisturizing properties.

Body: While exfoliating regularly during the winter will help rid your skin of dead cell, make sure you’re not forgetting about the rest of your body when protecting your skin during the winter. Covering up is the best and most efficient way to protect against the elements. Your hands are put through a lot each day, which makes them extra vulnerable. Don’t forget the mitts when leaving, especially if you’re susceptible to cold weather eczema flair-ups. Body Balm will also be your best friend when dealing with dry knees, elbows, feet, and any other dry patches you come across.

3. Reset: Sometimes the best course of action for our skin is to match it with what’s happening in our mind to create a united front. With the dawn of a new year, we often find ourselves ready for a fresh start, so why not let our skin join the party with a detox!

What’s even better is that you don’t have to do it alone! We’re hosting a Community Detox Challenge in January to provide you with the guidance, support and encouragement to achieve a fresh slate for your skin. Our Detox Kit supplies you with everything you need to rid your pores of dirt, debris and our NEW Radiant Rebel Facebook Group will give you a place to chat with other Radiant Rebels going through the same experiences and challenges as you. Of course, the Batty’s Bath team will there to guide you through the process too!

Sign up to join the challenge HERE!

Now, go! Take on the new year with the best of your rebellion and radiance in hand! Set forth on a journey of self-love and empowerment. We can’t wait to hear all about it!

With Love & Radiance,

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Decided to give some new skin care products a try? The New Year always seems like the perfect time to bring new things into our lives. We feel energized, want to start fresh, and are eager to get going.

HOLD UP! Can we have a quick chat before you hit the go button?

We’re all for trying new products when your current ones clearly aren’t providing your skin with what it’s asking of you, but there are a few things you may want to know before making the change.

There IS a difference between what you want and what your skin needs!

Often, what we want out of our skin is considered more of a long-term goal, while what our skin needs, is where our immediate attention should be.That’s not to say a long-term goal isn’t a fantastic thing to have. The problem lies in the fact that we often ignore what our skin’s asking us for NOW and blindly reach for what we expect down the road.Before you hop in the shower to start testing, take the time to listen to your skin and assess how it’s currently behaving. Then take a closer look at the products you’re using/considering to see if they’ll truly align with your journey. We want to make sure you’re opening the cap to a new you – not the lid to a can of worms! Not sure if your products and skin are in agreeance? Our Routine Builder is just what you need!

Do you need to hit the reset button?

If you’ve been in what feels like an endless cycle of putting false hope in new products for some time now (or simply put, using chemical-laden products), chances are it’s time to bring the gerbil wheel to a halt and start anew. By introducing new products at this time, you may only be adding to the mess causing further complications. How do you start fresh? By doing a skin detox. Luckily for you, we have a Detox Kit that provides you with the products you need and an easy-to-follow routine. Not sure if a detox is what you need? Check out THIS blog!

Detox Skin Care Kit

Watch out for those irritants!

This is especially crucial for those of you with sensitive skin. Certain ingredients have a tendency to cause more harm than good and can send our skin into a downward spiral. Be sure to give the ingredients a good look over for things like alcohol, detergents, fragrances, overly abrasive scrubs, and petrochemicals. All of these are cause for concern. They can strip the skin, cause inflammation or clog our pores.If you need some help determining if your products can cause issues, use THIS FLOWCHART to determine which will stay and which you should be saying goodbye to.

Life check!

When our bodies are under stress (from being over worked, extreme emotion states, lack of sleep, etc.) our bodies can produce different hormones that don’t play nicely with new products. It may be time to put a short hold on trying new products until things find a calmer playground. Another environmental check you’ll want to consider is the changing of the seasons. During this time, the weather isn’t the only thing changing. Our skin tries to adjust to meet the new challenges Mother Nature sets out for us. Make sure your new products align with the demands of the season. Luckily, we’ve set our 4 detailed guides to help you better understand your skin’s needs during these times: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Did you really give the last products a chance?

One of the easiest ways to throw our skin to the wolves is by constantly changing products. Modern marketing tactics promise us quick and easy results, when in honesty, our skin needs time to understand new products and accept their help. We confuse our skin with the revolving door and it has a hard time knowing which way is up.If your products contain only natural ingredients, but you haven’t allowed a proper amount of time for skin and the products to become acquainted, consider holding off for a minimum of 3-4 weeks before introducing new players to the game.

Change can be a wonderful thing, especially when it leads to you sharing your radiance! If it’s time to explore some new products – maybe build a new skincare routine – starting with a clean slate is the way to go! Check out our fresh start detox kit or take advantage of our free routine building resources here.

Until next time, love deeply and scrub gently,

Love from Batty


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It’s about time we share Batty’s autumn makeup look, wouldn’t you say? Mind you, we wanted to keep this gem until the end of this series as our way of going with a bang & a bloom!

Batty can pull off just about any makeup look, but we’re loving this darling and sweet one! Simple and easy to achieve, this autumn makeup look is all about bringing out the natural beauty Batty already has!


Here’s a list of the products used to achieve this look:

Nature’s Veil CC Cream in Almond Vanilla
Bright Eyed Beauty Mineral Concealer
Oil Absorbing Setting Powder
Mineral Bronzer as blush
Eyeshadow in Naturalizer on eyelids
Eyeshadow in Tawny Tendril  in outer corners
Eyeshadow in cyclone as eyeliner
Lip Stick in Rose Petal

Do you have a Batty’s Bath makeup look to share with us and our tribe of Radiant Rebels? Be sure you do! You can share it to our Facebook Fan Page or on Instagram (battysbath).

With Love & Radiance


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Today we have the last member of the VA team up on the blog. VA Lauryn and her autumn inspired makeup look are stunning, but nothing compares to the love and radiance that beams from this girl.

Just like all of our other autumn inspired makeup looks, we kept it clean and flawless. Just enough to highlight those things that make VA Lauryn a natural beauty.


Here’s a list of the products used to achieve this look:

Whipped Foundation in Almond Vanilla
Bright Eyed Beauty Mineral Concealer
Oil Absorbing Setting Powder
Mineral Blush in Watermelon
Eyeshadow in Shear Azalea on eyelids
Eyeshadow in Amaryllis in outer corner
Clean Slate Mascara
Lip Gloss in Watermelon

Do you have a Batty’s Bath makeup look to share with us and our tribe of Radiant Rebels? Be sure you do! You can share it to our Facebook Fan Page or on Instagram (battysbath).

With Love & Radiance,


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It appears as though winter has begun it blistery role in the universe, but don’t fear! We’re still dreaming of autumn days where the leaves paint a beautiful picture and the air is crisp and cool.

The best part is, the looks we put together for autumn can easily translate into fall… and spring … and summer!

Up next, is our sweetheart Studio Sidekick Christine. We took a special twist with her look to show you how you can achieve a simple and serene makeup look that’s 100% coconut oil free! That’s right- if you’re sensitive to coconut oil, this is the look for you!


Here’s a list of the products used to achieve this look:

Mineral Makeup Foundation in Almond
Bright Eyed Beauty Mineral Concealer
Mineral Bronzer
Mineral Blush in Watermelon
Mineral Blush in Peach on eyelids & brow bone
Mineral Bronzer in outer corner of eyes
Lip & Body Jelly on lips

Do you have a Batty’s Bath makeup look to share with us and our tribe of Radiant Rebels? Be sure you do! You can share it to our Facebook Fan Page or on Instagram (battysbath).

With Love & Radiance,


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The day has finally arrived- the last day of 2016 for Batty’s Bath. Come midnight, the online shop will be closed while we take a break to plan for 2017 and spend some time with our loved ones. We’ll be back in 2017 on January 6th to be exact.

Be sure to place your orders before it’s too late. We don’t want to see you in a panic while we’re off, but if you do (and happen to be in Southern Ontario), you may be in luck. Did you know Batty’s Bath has a few retailers who carry our products? Find out who and where they are HERE.

Need a last minute gift while we’re away? You can still purchase gift certificates at Shopbattysbath.com. We’ll email you, or your recipient the gift certificate in time for Santa’s arrival.

With that being said, I just want to take a moment on behalf of the Batty’s Bath team to send an enormous e-hug! 2016 has been a year of change and growth for us, but it’s all lead to our best and most exciting year yet. We can’t thank you enough for your continued support and truly feel blessed to be apart of such an amazing group of Radiant Rebels. We promise that 2017 won’t under-deliver, and we’ve already got exciting plans in the works.

We wish you all a very safe and joyous holiday season, and we can’t wait to hear about all you festive celebrations when we return.

With Love & Radiance,


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It’s hard to believe that our last Free Shipping Day of 2016 is finally here! Time to do some Christmas shopping!


Today only, all North American orders placed at Shopbattysbath.com of $40 CAD or more will receive free shipping.




We’ll be closing up for Winter Break on November 30th, 2016, and reopening on January 6, 2017. That’s just over a month, so be sure to make sure you’ve covered your bases and ordered everything you need to cross a few people off your holiday shopping list. You’ll want to make sure you’re placing your orders early, as things always fly off the shelves (especially for this one with the holidays around the corner).

Need some last minute help deciding what should be going in your cart? Be sure to have a read through our Winter Skin Care Guide to ensure your routine is up to the challenge this season.

Here’s what you need to know: No cash value. One use per customer and order must meet the minimum amount of $40 CAD before shipping and taxes. Cannot be combined with any other coupon codes, specials or promotions. Orders must be placed at shopbattysbath.com according to the Eastern Standard Time Zone on November 28, 2016, and shipping to a North American Residence.
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