Plastic beads? No Thanks! A Batty Rant

Ever wonder why I’m so dead set AGAINST using microbeads (i.e. plastic) in my products? This is why: Millions of plastic particles exist in cosmetic products.

All that plastic adds up to one big PROBLEM for the environment! Instead, I use JOJOBA beads (i.e. natural plant wax in the shape of beads) and/or natural ground nut shells! Your skin still gets all the scrubbing action it loves, and when the plant wax or nut shells go down the drain, they break down (i.e. are bio-degradable) and causes no harm to the environment.

Buying products that don’t hurt your body OR the environment is a small change we can all make.

Our products don’t hurt your body because there’s…..

  • no harsh skin stripping ingredients
  • no hidden hormone disrupters
  • no exposure to toxins and therefore no accumulation in the body
  • etc..


They don’t hurt the environment (or the people/animals in it) because they are…

  • bio-degradable
  • sustainable
  • cruelty free,
  • made with ingredients that are ethically sourced,
  • etc.

So if anyone ever tells you that CHOOSING natural products isn’t worth it, just think about the HUGE impact you’re having by making SMALL but consistent choices over and over again.

All those choices add up! Are your choices adding up for the betterment of our world, or are they subtracting from the good others are doing?

I know all of you Radiant Rebels here are ADDING to positive pile of sustainable, ethical choices! Together, we’re making a difference. HUGE thank you from me (and Mother Nature!) for your continued dedication to threading lightly.

As always, scrub gently, love deeply,
Love from Batty

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