Q & A Live! (Session Replay) Workout Breakouts / Mature Skin Acne and Dryness / Etc (video)

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[ REPLAY from Sept 22, 2016 ]

Live Q & A Session.

In this session I answered the following questions:

Question 1

“I am an endurance athlete. What’s good for all that sweating I do. I am always breaking out.”

[answered @ approximately the 1 min mark]


Question 2

“Batty, what’s your skin care routine?”

[answered @ approximately the 13 min mark]


Question 3

“I have mature skin and still breakout with cheeks that can get red easily best product suggestions — Breakout in nose and chin area — Cheeks get red and dry”

[answered @ approximately the 25:30 min mark]


Question 4

[question answered in the video comments]

“Which lip product are you wearing? It’s lovely!”

Answer: I’m wearing our lip gloss in cocoa.

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