Q&A: How do I know when to switch kits?

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Hi Batty!

I have what is probably a silly question. I have ordered your Detox Kit, and so far am liking it. It leaves my skin feeling less irritated than when I was using other products before.

My question has to do with two of your kits: the Detox Kit and the Acne Prone Skin Care Kit. I have been using the Detox Kit for a little over two weeks now and want to order the Acne Kit. My question is to I just completely stop using the Detox Kit and start on the Acne Kit, or do I somehow integrate them together into one routine?

Also, I have experienced some dryness in my skin using the Detox Kit. It’s in the usual places that I have dried out before (around the nose, and my chin just below my bottom lip). Any suggestions?


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Hey There!

Thanks for your email!

I’ve received this question before from another customer (about switching and/or combining kits), and I do have an in depth answer to share. But first, I’ll tell you the quick answer which is to follow the kit cards… so basically, stop using the Detox Kit and switch to using the Acne Prone Kit. You’ll want to do this when you’ve run out of one of the Detox Kit products (otherwise just continue to use the Detox Kit until that happens). For the more in depth answer (including how to incorporate add-ons into the kit routines), head over to this blog post.

I should note that after using the Acne Prone Kit for 3 weeks, you can start combining products from both kits into your routine. For example if you find your skin responded better to the Charcoal Soap than the P&G Soap, feel free to start using the Charcoal Soap again as your AM cleanser. Same goes for any of the other products in the kits. The blog post above (plus this link) will help you develop the perfect routine.

acneproneAs far as addressing the dryness, you may find that using Patchouli Facial Moisturizer (found in the Acne Prone Kit) in the PM will help with this. The Primer has clays in it that makes it less moisturizing than the Patchouli Moisturizer.

(Sidenote: If you wear making up during the day, continue to use the Primer in the AM and use the Patchouli in the PM when you switch to the Acne Prone Kit).

However, since it sounds like this is a chronic issue with those areas getting dry, I would suggest adding in a hydrating product into your routine. For your skin, I recommend applying the Hydration Mist in the AM after washing your face and before applying your moisturizer. In the PM do the same thing every other evening. On the opposite evenings, after washing your face, apply a thin layer of the Cystic Acne Mask before applying your moisturizer. This combination should help to give your skin a big dose of hydration AND by applying your moisturizer over top, that hydration gets sealed in for your skin to absorb (when hydrating products aren’t “sealed in”, a lot of the hydration is absorbed into the air before your skin can absorb it – applying the moisturizer over top elevates this issue).
Before adding hydrating products into your routine, you might find this Q & A blog post helpful as a “heads up” (FYI: after following up with this customer, I was spot on! Following the tips I gave her worked like a charm).

I hope that helps! Please let me know if there’s anything I can clarify or help with further!

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