Q&A: Is the Detox Kit the best kit for my overly sensitive skin?

question for batty“About six weeks ago I started using the detox kit and fell in love. My skin tone is more even. My acne is decreasing its drama but my overly sensitive skin is now lashing out.   The last week and a half it’s been developing dry spots along my forehead that are irritated with the kit and get dry, red, and inflamed. I’m just wondering if this is a notion that I need to get some other product or an allergy? I hope it’s not because this kit has given me the best results I’ve had!”
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Thanks for your email and feedback! I’m glad to hear about the success you’ve had with the kit so far! By what you’ve told me, it sounds like it’s time to switch up your routine to something more hydrating and moisturizing 🙂store_mainpicture_template__81791.1410897423.1000.1200
Here are my suggestions:
  • Since the primer is full of clays, I think it’s time to switch to a more moisturizing cream. You can still use the Daily Detox, but I would advise at least using another cream once a day (staring in the PM would probably give you the best results). For a quick fix from irritation, go with the Patchouli Facial Moisturizer. Use it in the PM after you’ve washed your face. If you still want to use the Primer during the day under your makeup, to continue your detox, or to control oil, go for it 🙂 If you’re not totally attached to using the Primer during the day, use the Patchouli Facial Moisturizer or the Quick Tint instead. Or switch things up by using the primer in the AM one day, and one of the other creams the next – switch back and forth each AM to give your skin a good dose of all of them 🙂
  • Let up on using the dry clay mask for a bit. Although it’s amazing at detoxifying, it can make dry skin even drier! If you do want to keep following the detox plan (and using the clay mask frequently), at least mix the clay with aloe (which is available on my website under the dry clay mask page – if you just need the aloe, let me know and I can set that up). I would suggest avoiding the dry clay mask – with or without aloe – at least until your forehead has calmed down.
  • Add in a hydration product. So the kit doesn’t come with any hydration products. Moisturizing, yes, but hydrating no. The difference is hydration products balance the water content of your skin, where moisturizing products balance the oil content of your skin. I highly suspect that your skin is calling out for some mega hydration. I’m coming out with a hydration gel (which doesn’t have a name yet lol), that has the most potent hydrating powers of any of my products! It won’t be out until mid-to-late spring, but in the meantime, I still got you covered 🙂 store_mainpicture_template__50143.1410897167.1000.1200
  • To amp up the hydration in your routine, start using the Hydration Mist underneath your moisturizer. Just apply it after washing your face, and before your moisturizer (it’s best to apply your moisturizer when the mist is still slightly damp). It may feel like a lot on your face the first few times you layer the mist and the moisturizer, but don’t worry, if your skin is in the state I think it’s in, it will soak it right up! Use the mist in both the AM and the PM.
  • The hydration mist will also help address the “dry, red, and inflamed” symptoms you mentioned. However, if you think your skin needs our most powerful hydrator, check out the Hydra Healing Gel. It can be used after the hydration mist, or after washing your face instead of the mist (just be sure to layer a serum or moisturizer over the hydra healing gel). A great serum to pair the hydra healing gel with at night is the hydration mist. Just mix the two products together in the palm of your hand and apply – the serum will help the gel absorb completely & deeply (which equals the highest possible benefits for your skin!).
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