Q&A: Is the primer good for my dry skin?

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Hi Batty-

I just want to know if the facial primer and detox moisturizer is ok to use on my very dry skin?


batty's answerHi There,

Thanks for your question.

store_thumbnail_templateYes, it can be used with dry skin. Although I should mention (because you referred to your skin as very dry), that I do have products in my line that provide more moisture than this product. It does moisturize, and is a medium-thick cream, but if you’re looking for a super moisturizing product rather than a primer, one of my other products might be a better fit. However, some of my customers use the primer as their only moisturizer and their skin is doing great!

I also have hydrating products in my line up (which are products that you’d want to use if your skin is still dry even after moisturizing. Adding a hydrating product into your routine (while still keeping your moisturizer in your routine), is the best approach to balancing dry skin. (In a nutshell, your skin needs oil and water to be balanced. Moisturizers provide the oil portion of the equation, and hydrating products provide the water portion).

To check out my moisturizers, hydrators, and the facial routine I suggest for dry skin please check out this resource.

For more info on dehydration / hydration please see this resource.

I hope that helps, and thanks again for your question!

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