Q&A: Oral antibiotics and acne- does it really help?

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Hi Batty!

I was told that only oral antibiotics can help with cystic acne. Can you tell me how this works for cystic acne? My twins get those on their faces a lot, and I really do not wish to put them on oral antibiotics because it can suppress their immune system.

Thank you for any insight!

batty's answer

Hey There,

cystic acne maskYou definitely don’t want to put your twins on antibiotics. You already mentioned that they would suppress their immune systems, but they are also only a band-aid solution. Many people find that when trying to clear up their acne after getting off of antibiotics  is even harder (chronic acne is often linked to poor or ineffective digestion, and you can imagine how much damage antibiotics adds to the equation).

The Cystic Acne Mask I offer isn’t a one-shot solution for cystic acne. Use it as part of a natural acne clearing journey (more on this below).

  • To see more about a natural acne clearing journey – including the 3 areas I believe are KEY to clearing acne – check out this link: Skin Mapping
  • The Cystic Acne Mask tackles several external causes of acne such as bacteria, dehydration, and inflammation. It works best when combined with other natural products (i.e. a routine that includes a natural cleanser, exfoliator, moisturizer, etc). If they have other products they are currently using (whether natural or not), this chart can help pin-point whether they are contributing to their acne
  • Also, if you haven’t checked it out already, my letter to acne sufferers may be very helpful as it addresses external and internal causes of acne and provides lots of tips/sugestions and resources: http://battysbath.ca/acne/#battysletter

For more info on internal causes of acne see the answer section of this Q & A article.

You didn’t mention whether or not your twins are teens, but if they are, you might find these two links helpful as well:
1) http://battysblog.com/qa-should-i-continue-with-your-rosacea-kit-what-do-you-recommend-for-teenage-acne/
2) http://battysblog.com/honest-review-of-detox-kit-from-teenager-with-cystic-acne/

I hope that helps! Please let me know if there’s anything I can clarify or help with further.

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