Q&A: Pregnant with cystic acne- Is the Hydra Healing Gel O.K. for me to use?

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Hi Batty-

I have oily, dehydrated skin, and I am breaking out around my mouth and chin. I also have cystic acne. I am in my first trimester, and I wanted to know if I can purchase the Hydra Healing Skin Rescue Gel. Is there any other product you would suggest for me?


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Hey there,

Thanks for your email!

Natural Skin Care For Pregnancy - Stretch Mark PreventionYes, the Hydra Healing Gel is safe during pregnancy. The best way to make sure your skin absorbs (and hold onto) all the hydration in the gel is to mix it with one of my creams or serums when applying. I mix it (half and half, just in the palm of my hand) in the AM with which ever cream I’m going to use for the day (patchouli, primer, or quick tint), and in the PM, I mix it with a serum (my suggestions for you would be the Balance Serum – also see my notes about Skin Support Serum below). Mixing the gel with these other products will be extremely helpful for your skin (based on what you told me).
The other products I would suggest (based on what you told me) would be…

  • a pregnancy-safe version of the skin support serum. I happen to have one bottle of it right now if you’re interested (I custom make the pregnancy-safe version upon request and I’ve been getting so many requests for it lately I made a few extras – now only one is left). My suggestions for use for your situation would be to apply this to your chin and around your mouth sever other to every 3rd day. It can be applied to other areas of your body the rest of the time but it may not be needed. I would try it just around your chin (along with the gel+moisturizer mixture) for a couple weeks and if you’re not seeing the results you’d like, start applying the Skin Support Serum to other areas of your body on days that you’re not using it on your chin. Note that the Skin Support Serum works instantly on acne causing bacteria (so results are usually seen within in a couple days) and additionally results are seen in the weeks to come as the ingredients help to balance your skin.
  • to use the Cystic Acne Mask 2 – 3 times a week (leave on for 30 min and wash off with warm water after). It will tackle several of the issues you mentioned including cystic acne AND dehydration (which is a cause of oily skin -you’ve figured this out about your skin based on what you’ve told me in your email). If also using the Skin Support Serum, use the Cystic Acne Mask on opposite days. 
  • to make sure the cleanser you’re using isn’t stripping your skin (which is another cause of oily skin) – I talk about this here and a flowchart to check the products you’re currently using for this plus other causes of acne can be found here. If your cleanser is stripping your skin, I would suggest replacing it with the Charcoal Soap or Green Tea & Pineapple Liquid Facial Cleanser in the AM and the Mild Jojoba Scrub or Pineapple Scrub in the evening. The Tea Tree Facial Nut Scrub could also be used a few times a week in the evening (particularly on days when you’re not using the Cystic Acne Mask).
  • for large “mother of all whiteheads” that spring up, apply the Quick Stick and if you can keep yourself from popping them, do so – any time a zit is popped, bacteria is pushed further under the skin (causing further irritation and infection) and more blemishes pop up in it’s place… so if you can wait it out, it’s worth it because you avoid creating more blemishes.
  • the links mentioned in my letter to acne suffers under the heading “what you need to know about internal causes of acne” might also be helpful (since cystic acne almost always has an internal connection). These links are quick reads (or videos) and include lots of tips.

I hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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