Q&A: does your tea provide support for my hair too?


Hey Batty!

I’m interested in your Skin Support Tea, and I was just curious to know if it would also provide some TLC for my hair?



Hi There!

What a great question. Thanks for submitting it!

And the answer is – absolutely! Essentially, anything that’s good internally for skin, is good for hair too. Results will show up much faster on the skin, but the hair will show better overall health over the long term (sans any damage we do to it with styling or dying).

Other great internal things for hair health include the same top “must haves” for a clear skin “internal” plan including

  • omega 3 acids
  • Essential fatty acids
  • Zinc- acne sufferers are notorious for being deficient in zinc
  • Vitamin D- us Canadians are deficient 3/4 of the year – and some (like me), are deficient year around without taking it in supplement form. The more your body is dealing with inflammation or stress, the more likely you will be deficient.
  • High protein diet – our hair particularly LOVES lots of protein

If you’re looking for some other great info on how to grow healthy, happy hair, check out this recent blog that ties you to a BUNCH of tips and tricks: The Growing Game: 3 blogs on growing your hair out while keeping it healthy

With love & radiance,

Love from Batty

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