Q&A: Tips for applying mineral foundation on my oily skin?

Hey Batty & Team!

I need help with applying my Mineral Makeup Foundation on my oily skin. My face is too glowy and I feel like a glow stick! I tried using the Oil Absorbing Setting Powder before and after I apply the minerals, but I still look greasy. Am I doing something wrong? Should I be using a different foundation like the Nature’s Veil CC Cream instead of the Mineral Makeup Foundation? I find that the Whipped Foundation doesn’t last on my face all day once my oils start to break it down, and I really want to use all natural foundation. Help!?

Hey There!

Batty applying mineral foundationA woman after my heart! I totally understand the pains when it comes to getting the hang of mineral foundation. For
years I avoided this foundation type, for the same reason- I just couldn’t seem to master the application. Coming from a history of oil-skin makes finding a foundation particularly tricky, but it can be done. Now that I’ve got my technique down, I love reaching for a mineral foundation because it really can help combat my mid-day oiliness.

Here are a few tips that I’ve found to help me get a flawless finish with mineral foundation on my oily skin.

  1. This one is likely the most obvious, but using skin care products that help balance oil production will go the longest yard. It’s taken me time to figure out my routine, but not that I’ve got a set of products that help me tackle oil and congestion, the other challenges (like the one you’re having with the Mineral Makeup Foundation) seem to fall away. I still experience small influxes in oily, but for the most part, my skin is healthy and balanced.
  2. I love our Mineral Makeup Foundation in the summer as that’s when it’s most likely for my oils to spike. That being said, on days I plan to use a mineral foundation, I wait until my moisturizer is completely absorbed. If it’s not, the minerals just tend to stick to where the moisturizer is still soaking in. I like to apply my moisturizer immediately after I get out of the shower. I then go about other parts of my morning routine (like getting dressed) to give it a solid chunk of time to absorb. I also find that the Raw Radiance Moisturizer tends to be the fastest at soaking into my skin. I love the Daily Detox (Primer) Moisturizer but prefer to use it when I’m pairing it with our Whipped Foundation or Nature’s Veil CC Cream.
  3. Your brush- Hopefully, you’re using a kabuki brush. My personal preference is to use a flat-top kabuki that is SUPER dense with bristles. They should still be super soft, but that stiffness really helps to buff out the product. I save my rounded kabuki for things like mineral blush and bronzer because I find they’re better at diffusing colour. My all time favourite kabuki is the F80 from Sigma Beauty. While it’s a bit of an investment, mine lasted me for what felt like decades before I had to replace it. Ecotools also makes an affordable alternative.
  4. It’s all in the application! I find that the lighter the layer I apply, the better it blends. It takes some practice and patience, but I find that this goes a long way for avoiding that “metallic” look that can happen when you start with too much. You can also mix in a little bit of the Oil Absorbing Setting Powder right into your cap with the Mineral Makeup Foundation when loading your brush. This will help to mattify and make sure the powder can help prolong your wear and minimize your oil all day. It’s translucent so it won’t affect the colour of your foundation and it helps to set the foundation right from the start.

Hopefully, these tips will help you master the challenges of mineral foundation for your oily skin. Let me know how it goes!

With Love & Radiance,

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