Q&A: Using aloe with the Dry Clay Mask


Hi Batty & Team!

Quick question: I recently tried to use my Dry Clay Mask with Aloe vera gel (generic store bought) instead of water like I usually do. After 15 minutes or so, it started getting hot and burning. I washed it off right away and my face was beet red in the areas I had the mask on. Thankfully, it cleared up in an hour or so; Do you think it was a problem with the Aloe vera? Should I only mix it with water?


AnswerHey Radiant Rebel!

Thanks for your question. This is a mistake that is very easy to make, so we are happy to help clear things up.

If you wish to use Aloe vera with your Dry Clay Mask, you need to be using it with (100% PURE) liquid Aloe vera. Generic, store bought Aloe (especially those ones you can get for sunburns and whatnot) can contain a TONNE of other nasty ingredients that aren’t good for our bodies, especially the delicate skin on our face. This is likely why your skin reacted the way it did. We’re happy to hear that it subsided for you fairly quickly, but check your local health food store for some of the above-mentioned liquid Aloe vera. If you are having a hard time getting your hands on some, we also sell it as an add-on for the Dry Clay Mask.

Alternatively, you can use water or organic honey to mix with the Dry Clay Mask. All three options are safe to use on your face and should not cause any irritation. The purpose behind using the Aloe vera is because of the Auxin and Gibberellins hormones that provide strong anti-inflammatory support. They also are known to help speed up the healing process of our skin, which is fantastic when trying to heal post breakout. Not to mention, it’s packed with numerous vitamins and minerals that our skin loves and needs.

I hope this helps! Thanks again for your question.

With love and radiance,

Love VA Karla

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