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“I have purchased a few of your products for myself in the past and find them to be great.  My daughter has Nummular Eczema.  I watched your video about the three types of eczema as I’m constantly trying to find products to help her.  She has it on her body (not on her face) and it is in rather large areas.  Is that what you were referring to as “wet” eczema?  My daughter has large round areas such as one on her elbow which is about four inches in diameter.  She is constantly extremely itchy and some of these areas are like open sores.  Can you please advise on this?”
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Thanks for your email!
I’m sorry to hear that your daughter is suffering from nummular/discoid eczema! Yes, I would generally categorize this type of eczema as wet eczema – especially if the areas are weeping. The big concern with this type of eczema is ensuring the area doesn’t get infected.
I’m not sure if you saw my post about kids and eczema, but in case you didn’t, you’ll find it here. I think a lot of what I go over in that blog post will help (products, routine, etc). However, I’d like to offer some specific advice based on what you’ve mentioned in your email.

Here are my thoughts…

  • Since we’re dealing with large areas, I think the following routine, might be a good start. It might need some tweaking. It depends on how your daughter’s skin responds and what stage the affected areas are in. You didn’t mention your daughter’s age so I’m guessing she’s younger than a pre-teen.

Start with an oatmeal + oil bath.

This could be a full bath on bath days or making a small bowl/bucket of this on non-bath days. The easiest way I’ve found to make an oatmeal + oil bath is to put fresh oatmeal into a clean nylon. Be sure not to use the instant oatmeal with sugars and other things added. Just plain rolled oat. Tie a knot in the end and add that to the bath water or bucket/bowl of water. Let it soak for a few minutes. Next, add a small amount of oil to the water. For a full soaker size tub, I would use half a cap full to a full cap full. Scale down from this for smaller tubs, etc.

The type of oil to use is up to you, but most of the time coconut, sea buckthorn, sweet almond, calendula, chamomile, wheat grass, and jojoba are recommended. Coconut oil can usually be found at the grocery store. Some natural health food stores will carry the other oils.  If you get stuck, any oil (olive for example), is better than nothing. If having a full bath, have your daughter soak for 20-25 min (but no longer than 30min). If just doing a quick clean up (after playing outside, before supper, etc), use a face cloth to wipe the mixture over the affected areas. (My suggestion for a cleanser would be my soothing cleanser because it’s soap free – if using this cleanser, wash it off with the oatmeal + oil bath water mixture). soothing cleanser

Next, for weeping areas…

we want to make sure we’re applying something that has antibacterial properties. I think the easiest option for this would be my Quick Spritz (even though I market it as a mist for oily skin, it has antibacterial and astringent properties). Or, something that you might already have around the house would be polysporin – the spray version would provide the easiest application – although polysporin probably isn’t something you’d want to use daily). After the mist/spray has absorbed, turmeric powder could be sprinkled on if you think it’s needed (i.e. to help absorb weeping and prevent any bacteria spreading).

Next, for all areas, (including weeping areas if you skipped the turmeric option)…

I would suggest spritzing on my hydration mist, followed by the hydra healing gel. Rub in the gel in and wait for it to be almost fully dry/absorbed before moving on to the next step. Apply patchouli facial moisturizer (this includes weeping areas unless the weeping is excessive – in that case, a doctor should advise).

For areas that are extremely dry and/or cracked, but not weeping…

Apply the body & lip jelly if there’s no worry of it rubbing off right away – this is the best product to create a protective yet breathable seal. If there is some concern with that, opt for the body balm instead.  (for the large areas you mentioned, it might be beneficial to coat them in the jelly and do what you can to keep it from rubbing off right away. This will be easier in the summer when your daughter won’t need to worry about wearing long sleeves, but if you can coat Kid Safe Eczema Cream Lotionher elbow with the jelly without her rubbing it off right away (you don’t want it rubbed off on your furniture or bedding) I really think it would be beneficial.

For times when the jelly isn’t an option, do an extra coating of the patchouli moisturizer before the body balm. Continue applying the moisturizer, balm, or jelly (whichever is the easiest) throughout the day. As a side note, the jelly comes in a small tin. A little bit goes a long way and you mentioned we’re dealing with large areas.

 I hope that helps!
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