Q&A: Which product(s) could be causing my flaky and dry skin? (CONTINUED)

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Hi Batty,

You were right, it was the gel not absorbing. I tried the tips and so far they’ve worked, so thank you! No more flakes. The crinkles at my eyes are still there, but not as severe. Maybe I should just use the products at night?

Just wondering for future use, would I have to continue using a scrub and/or face cloth daily in order for the gels to always absorb? My face is not used to so much scrubbing; I haven’t used a face cloth since 1993. (And yes, I’m being very gentle; and am using a Norwex baby cloth so it’s extremely soft microfibre.)

Thanks again for your help!

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Hey Again!

I’m glad to hear the flakes are gone!

Hydra Healing Skin Rescue GelI think for further use, yes, night time sounds like the best time for your skin – that way, when you wash your face in the morning you don’t have to worry about any un-absorbed product hanging around during the day!

I think after some time you might not have to exfoliate as much, but it will depend on how your skin reacts with repeated hydration treatments. Focusing on absorption will be key.  I mostly mean making it as easy as possible for your skin to put the gel products to use. For now, mixing them with other products your skin already absorbs well is the best course of action. I wouldn’t hurt to use your super soft washcloth after using the mask for the foreseeable future. Using the cloth until your skin starts to take in the products more readily would be advised as well.

When you get to the point where the gel products you have are almost empty, we can look into if they are a good idea to stick with, or if switch up the hydration part of your routine would be a better idea. For example, if your skin is reacting the same way after using up a full jar of hydra gel (that you’re mixing with a serum or moisturizer for optimal absorption), switching to the hydration mist and/or serum would be what I’d suggest. The mist and serum absorb well into even the most stubborn of skin… and they won’t leave behind the flakey / tight symptoms that you’ve experienced with the gel products. We might even find that after using the mist and serum as the hydration part of your routine for several months that your skin is more open / able to absorb the gel products.

Time will tell!

Let me know if I can be of any more help or if you have any more questions. Have a great week!

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