Radiant Rebel Lori has a confession to make …

clean slate natural black mascara by batty's bath

Radiant Rebel Lori has a confession to make….

quote_boxI confess…I have a love/hate relationship with mascara. It’s complicated. I have oily skin…so much so that my lashes pick up the oil from my face and this causes even the most iron-clad waterproof mascaras on the market to give me raccoon eyes after a few hours of wear.

On top of this, the scrubbing and chemicals needed to get that off each day ends up causing my lashes to fall out. I gave up the fight a long time ago. Enter Batty’s Bath. $30 is a lot to spend on yet another mascara experiment but it has been so worth it!

I now wear Batty’s Bath Clean Slate Mascara for 14-16 hours per day WITH NO RACCOON EYES! Is that exciting or what?!

Plus, since it washes off so easily, my lashes have grown back so I have a full set and I swear the nourishing ingredients have made them longer.

It’s jet black, applies beautifully in a single coat (or let it dry in between coats for a more dramatic effect). The fact that it’s not waterproof can’t even be considered a drawback with all of it’s other attributes. I could not be more thrilled with this product.

            – Lori

Thanks so much to Lori for sharing her confession (and experiment results) with us!
Do you have a radiant makeup or skincare confession to make? I’d love to hear it! Share in the comments or shoot us an email 🙂

With love and radiance,
love batty

P.s. Our Clean Slate Natural Black Mascara can be found here.

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