My Radiant Rebel Story: Angela

My Radiant Rebel Story: Angela

We’re so thankful to have spent 7 wonderful years with all of you Radiant Rebels. Let’s celebrate with another story!

On the docket today, we have Angela’s story…

“Before discovering Batty’s Bath, I bounced from one product to another in an attempt to try and find something that would work for my acne; some products worked but would dry out my skin to a desert plain, while others wouldn’t and would cause a massive influx of oil and acne.

When I finally crossed paths with Batty’s Bath the fact that the products didn’t contain ingredients like Angelaparabens, petrochemicals, and dyes made a lot of sense to me. Instead, of relying on chemical ingredients, they were made with Mother Nature in mind. I truly care about the earth and what we are doing to it, just like I care about the things I put on my skin, the largest organ of my body. Neither need to be subjected to harm when natural solutions exist and work.

Like many Radiant Rebels before me, I started with the Detox Skin Care Kit. It’s now been 6+ months and my routine hasn’t changed much, but my skin sure has! It feels better, smoother and cleaner than ever before. Oh, and my acne breakouts are fewer and farther between. For my AM and PM routines, I prefer the Charcoal CP Soap as my cleanser. A few times a week, I’ll switch it out for the Mild Jojoba Facial Scrub to ensure I’m exfoliating. My favourite moisturizer is the Daily Detox (Primer) Facial Moisturizer, and I like to ensure I do the Dry Clay Mask once a week to help keeps things balanced.

If there’s one piece of advice I could pass on to other Radiant Rebels, it would be to stick to the product use descriptions. Sometimes, if you have moments of laziness (like me) and skip steps, you’ll definitely notice a difference and so will your skin. When I’m consistent in following my routine and the directions, my skin feels like it’s clean and breathable. This is a big part of my journey moving forward, as I hope to become most consistent with my skin care habits. One day I also hope to start repairing some of my acne scars too.

I think I have always been a bit of a rebel; I always did my own thing and never really followed the crowd. On the other end, radiance is about allowing your true beauty to shine through and allowing others to see it too. I also know I’m not alone in the fight, with the likeminded community that Batty’s Bath provides.

When it comes to Batty’s Bath I say – TRY IT! From day one, your skin will thank you and you certainly won’t ever regret it. In no time, you’ll notice major changes in your skin, just like I did.”

–     Angela, Radiant Rebel & (soon to be) retired member of the Canadian Armed Forces. 

If you have a story like Angela’s that you think other Radiant Rebels need to hear, don’t be shy! We’d love to hear them! Simply click the link below!


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