My Radiant Rebel Story: Shannon

Radiant Rebel Shannon

It’s time for another story from one of our beloved Radiant Rebels. This journey comes to us from Shannon. Here’s a peek into her radiant world…

“I’ve been fortunate enough to never experience any major issues with my skin. My skin is super fair and I’ve

Before & after of Shannon's psoriasis along her hair line.

been known to burn really easily. There have been times when I could experience some redness, but that was about it. Since my late teens, my skincare routine had always been pretty basic- just a cleanser and moisturizer. Then came my “mid-life crisis”. I suddenly found myself having a horrible time with painful skin sensitivities, mild rosacea, large pores, rough, uneven skin texture and I would even react to eyeshadows. It blindsided me all at once, which made it extra overwhelming. I was at a loss as to what to target first or how to even go about it. I couldn’t even wear makeup anymore because the reactions were so frequent and so severe.

Eventually, I went online and started to do some research and found out that there’s a whole world of green beauty and organic skincare options out there. That’s when I came across Batty’s Bath and boy-oh-boy am I glad I did! My “lightbulb” moment hit when I came across Batty’s resources that explain how our skin needs both oil and water (hydration) to properly balance. It just made so much sense. From there I was hooked and immediately started devouring all the resources and flowcharts Batty provides on her website. I felt instantly drawn to try her creations and to her honest approach to skincare. 

I’ve seen major improvements in my skin since I’ve started using Batty’s products a mere 7 months ago. My skin sensitivities have almost all disappeared. My redness is next to non-existent and I have very few (if any) rosacea bumps now. My skin texture is so much smoother now, and I’m most excited to be able to wear eyeshadows again because Batty’s natural/organic ones don’t irritate my sensitive eyes.  As added bonuses, I also completely cleared up some eczema on the back of my neck and some psoriasis spots on my hairline using both the Hydra Healing Skin Rescue Gel and Patchouli Moisturizer twice a day.

Batty’s products are just amazing! You get real results all the while feeling confident that you’re feeding your skin “good for you” ingredients. As a fellow Canadian, I really appreciated that Batty’s products are made here in Canada, in small batches with organic ingredients she can stand by.

She’s made it so easy to find appropriate products based your skin’s needs with her flowcharts and worksheets. I’ve just started using some of Batty’s cosmetic items after falling in love with her skin care line and am equally impressed. Her honest and straightforward approach is so refreshing from what one typically finds in the conventional beauty world. 

Right now, I can be found using the Pure Amore Gel Cleanser, Soothing Cleanser, and Soothing Eye Gel as part my regular skincare routine, but my favourite combo to use is the Hydra Healing Gel and Patchouli Moisturizer together as a super duo! I’ve also been known to reach for my two newest product purchases daily, the Watermelon and Rose Petal Lip Glosses as I head out the door to take on the world. One last tidbit I’ve found to be super handy while detoxing from chemical based deodorants is to use the Charcoal Soap on your armpits 3x a week.

I will continue to strive for complete balance in my skin, but I now feel confident in my abilities to read and understand a label. As a Radiant Rebel, I also know that there are others going through similar journeys, which is super encouraging, and that I have a support system in Batty, and her team whenever I feel stuck or stumped.”

– Shannon, Radiant Rebel & Youtube Addict

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