Your spring checklist for radiant skin

your spring checklist for radiant skin


Spring! It’s the season that invokes a lot of emotions and rejuvenates our senses. It’s a time for rebirth, refreshing and of course spring cleaning. We’ve chatted about the “Spring Detox” in past years, but let’s take a deeper look at why doing this can be uber beneficial!

Not that we want to, but let’s go back a season for a second. During the winter months (especially if you’re in a place where harsh weather conditions exist) waste has a tendency to build up in our body, including our pores. When spring arrives, Mother Nature has a change of heart, and decides to bless us with her glory. This is the time our skin can relax and stop fighting the elements- making conditions for skin TLC perfect. Now let’s flush out those toxins and take back our skin!

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Spring Skincare Guide - What you need to know about natural holistic beauty this spring

Here’s a list of external steps you can follow to boost your spring skin care routine:


007_002Routine refresh:

Your first step in giving those pores some attention this spring is to use some of that new found insight to determine if your skin care routine needs a refresh. Before you dive in knee deep, head on over to the Batty’s Bath Routine Building Worksheet to find out how aligned your current skin care routine is with our recommend routine for you.

Build a customized skincare routine - for spring skincare - natural beauty

023_037Need a detox?

If after assessing your routine you’re feeling a little lost and confused, take a moment to consider if it may be the right time to revisit the Batty’s Bath Detox Kit. This kit provides you with everything you need to draw out all those impurities and reset your skin for the future. On the other hand, if you’ve discovered that your skin care routine is on point, you may still want to work a couple of the products from the Detox Kit in there too. The Charcoal CP Soap is particularly good for detoxing thanks to its activated charcoal, which actually gets inside your pores to push dirt and buildup out, as opposed to trying to pull from the surface. This speeds up the detox process and preps those pores for more targeted care. Simply switch out your regular cleanser for the Charcoal CP Soap a few times a week.

Detox Skin Care Kit - use when switching to natural products

015_009Slough off the old!

Get rid of those winter blues (better known in our world as dead skin cells) by making sure to exfoliate on a regular basis. Clogged pores will only lead to bad news and removing any blockage in their way can let them get the breath of fresh spring air they’ve been longing for. If you don’t currently have an exfoliating product in your routine, be sure to check out our line of exfoliating products. Remember, exfoliation doesn’t necessarily mean abrasion either! Fruit enzymes can provide the same dead skin cell sloughing superpower, without the abrasion! This form of exfoliation is particularly beneficial when your skin is inflamed or super sensitive.

Gentle Facial Scrubs - Natural Beauty Products

013_017Get your mask on!

Seriously- Clay masks have deep cleaning power like no other. Making sure you do a mask (aim for once a week) during the warmer months not only helps to draw out impurities, but also prevents congestion that can be caused by sweat and debris. Our clay masks are designed with these benefits in mind, but of course Batty had to add in some bonus features like redness relief, soothing inflammation, improving texture and so much more. To take a closer look at our clay masks and, if you’re part of our Radiant Rebel Community, join us every Sunday to “mask together”.

Dead Sea Mud Mask - Natural Facial Mask for Spring

004_040Optimize your moisturizer:

Check that you’re meeting the needs of your skin with your current moisturizer. Our skin has the ability to change with the seasons. It’s intuitive and will do what it needs to try and defend itself based on its environment. However, this often isn’t enough and requires an extra set of hands. Your current moisturizer may have suited your winter skin, but as our bodies adjust to the change in climate, so should our skincare. Not sure if your moisturizer is on point? No worries – we have a super handy quiz to help you figure out what you sure be using: Find your moisturizer. Also, if you tend to be on the drier end of the spectrum, consider a lighter layer than what you would normally need in the winter months. Another alternative is switching your moisturizer altogether. Batty’s Bath Raw Radiance Moisturizer is a great option for the summer. Its coconut oil free (a heavier oil, perfect for the winter), and the lightness of this moisturizer is noticeable when applied. These lighter moisturizers also absorb faster and deeper into the skin, leaving you with that naked skin feel, and won’t sweat off like heavier ones that tend to stay on the surface.

Natural Facial Moisturizer by Batty's Bath

005_017Don’t ditch the boosters!

Just because winter has come and gone, don’t just toss your serums and moisturizers aside. These products don’t just tackle dry skin. They come with a ton of beneficial ingredients that your skin needs year round to stay balanced and healthy. They will also help protect your skin against the summer elements as well.

Natural Facial Serums

009_014Is your skin drinking enough? Or at all?

Embrace hydrating gels! Hydration is important all year long, but during the warmer months of the year, it’s a good idea to use hydrating gels as they will help reduce inflammation that can happen from the heat. We also sweat a lot more during the warmer seasons, which means we can lose the water in our bodies fast and furious during the summer.

Hydrating Cystic Acne Mask - natural skincare

009_016Don’t forget the sun!

The summer months usually mean we spend more time outdoors getting Vitamin D. Unfortunately, that also means we’re making ourselves more vulnerable to harsh UV rays as well. Be sure to protect your skin. Check to make sure your moisturizer contains titanium dioxide or zinc for a boost of sun protection.

Organic Patchouli Facial Moisturizer - vegan skincare

023_027Learn about the magic of mists!

Mists are a great way to provide your skin with a quick dose of hydration. They absorb fast and can deliver a ton of benefits. When deciding on a mist, be sure that it will help you target your current skin concerns. Check out the full line of Batty’s Bath Facial Mists.

Organic Facial Mists - hydrating skincare - green beauty

Internal Beauty

Now, in addition to topical treatment for your spring skin cleanse, you will definitely want to ensure you’re also tackling some internal work too! Why? Well, because the root cause of many chronic skin care conditions is due to an internal imbalance somewhere. Topical treatments can help, but combining these with internal work will have you on your way to achieving the best results.

Natural Beauty - Green Skincare - Vegan Skin Care - Spring Beauty

Here’s your list of internal actions to take during your spring skin cleanse:


010_025Food matters!

Whole foods are not only packed with vitamins essential to healthy, balanced skin; they also contain supportive nutrients for many of the internal systems that also have an effect on our skin’s health. They’re easier and more beneficial for our bodies to digest and process. You’ll also want to ensure that some of these foods are hydrating too! Things like celery, watermelon, cucumbers, and spinach all have high levels of water that can help replenish your body’s hydration.Want to learn more about foods that are healthy for your skin?  Check out our resource on skin foods.

Food for Health Skin

020_201Spring Cleanup

New Year’s resolutions are great, but often hard to keep up with, especially when it comes to diet. We’ve just spent the better part of a month stuffing ourselves with delicious holiday foods, and that sudden change of perspective on Jan. 1 can be hard to adjust too. Spring offers an alternative time of year to goal set. We tend to be in a better mind frame for bringing in new habits and “cleaning” up old ones. This spring try and tackle those foods that are known for being triggers for skin conditions. The big three to try and illuminate from your diet (or at least minimize your intake of) are sugar, dairy, and wheat! No need to do all three at once either, wrap your head around one, then tackle the next.

Healthy Spring Food - Dairy Free Almond Yogurt

010_008Support your liver and boost your fiber!

According to Chinese Medicine, spring is the best time of year to do some major work on your liver. With all the positive steps you’ll be taking to detox your body, it’s going to be going into overdrive in terms of getting rid of those toxins. You’re essentially going to be a catalyst for the systems in your body that do the detoxing, including your digestive system. You want to ensure that you’re providing it with some support so that it can handle the increase in production. Fiber will help the process move along “smoothly and regularly” (I think you get what we mean here), but it also helps to regulate blood sugar, which we know can be another trigger for acne and other chronic skin conditions. On the other hand, you may want to consider a liver support to help your liver deal with the increase in productivity. Glycogen is stored in our liver and used as a backup energy source when our blood sugar is too low. Milk Thistle continues to be Batty’s choice liver support to this day. Need a little more clarification on how these systems affect your skin? Have a read through The Inside Scoop on Insulin.

Food that's good for your skin

009_007Fresh air, please!

Take the time to reap the benefits of fresh air. Now that it’s more comfortable to be outside, be sure to get in a routine of enjoying the outdoors on a daily basis (if even only for a few minutes). Clean, fresh air (not heavily polluted air) naturally helps to boost your immune system. It helps your body generate the cells that kill bacteria and reduces stress hormone. When our immune systems are in peak condition, it helps eliminate the need for the body to use our skin as a way to expel toxins when an illness is present.

Fresh Air for All!

019_033Sleep your way to balanced hormones!

Set (and keep) a hormone balancing sleep schedule! Certain hormones peak during the day (especially ones related to our immune system) and need the night time to restore and repair themselves. Our stress hormones (like cortisol) also rely on regular rest to replenish the quantities needed to help our bodies deal with stress breakouts. Keeping a regular sleep schedule, where you ensure you’re getting an appropriate amount too, is essential to helping balance hormones. Recommendations: Bedtime should be before midnight, and your wake-up call should be the same time roughly each and every morning as well. Aim for the recommended 8 hours of sleep too. People who don’t ensure they’re getting enough sleep are at higher risk of certain medical conditions like diabetes and obesity, not just acne. A regulated sleep pattern allows your body to also find a routine in working internal magic during “off work” hours.

Sleep your way to better hormones

Now that you’ve got the tools to ensure your skin blooms like a garden this spring, you’ll be able to focus on all that other organization you’ve been itching to get to all winter long.

So all that’s left to say is – HELLO SPRING!

Until next time – stay radiant!

Love from Batty

p.s. We’ve got even more spring skin care tips. Or, if you’ve got spring covered now, check out even more skin care info and resources right over here…





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