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Studio Update and Weekly Photo Recap

Me and this handsome man are off to see a special doggie surgeon about his leg today. Wish us luck! (April 4th)

Here’s the weekly recap of my instagram pix! Usually I try to post the recap on Tuesday’s but this week I was so busy with little man’s sale that I didn’t get to the recap until now! Actually, posting this is a little break from filling orders from little man’s sale. Thankfully I had back […]

The Last Week in Pictures

Tub time (March 27th)

I’m documenting my day-to-day more often now (like I mentioned in this post and this post). Here’s my picture recap of the last week. If you want to keep up with my daily pictures, check out my instagram feed. If you’re interested in more of these types of posts, check out the tags (at the […]

My Life with Ankylosing Spondylitis (video)

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 12.21.41 AM

In this video I talk about what living with Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) is like for me. I also briefly mention what living with Fibromyalgia is like. And I talk about a few things that are helping me to manage energy levels. See what’s in my daily smoothies here. (UPDATE) My sister talks about a few […]

What do eyes, teeth and sleep have in common? (Video)


Answer: they are all mentioned in this personal update!

Event Cancellations: Important update for Londoners


Important news bite for Londoners – I’ve canceled my visit to the Covent Garden Market this month and next. I’m hoping to book a day or two in November and December  (scratch that, they are already all booked up!).  However, you can find me every Saturday morning in St Thomas at the farmers market (more […]

Writing Therapy, Life Shifts, and a Silver Lining


I’m continuing down my path of reflection. Actually, I think the reflection stage is now blurring with a stage where I’m actively looking for fulfillment outside of where I’m at now. Ya, sounds a bit vague but I’ll explain. First I need to let you know that this is another “batty ramble” post. (see this […]

On the mend but don’t jinx it!


Pondering Fibro Flares and Their Effect on Batty’s Bath


Since starting the new year, with my new years resolutions in mind, I’ve been working on ways to make “shifts” and changes to see those resolutions realized.  And honestly, they aren’t so much “new years” resolutions as they are long-term life style goals. New Years just happened to be a convenient time to summarize and […]

Doggies enjoy when I take a break (forced or voluntary) as much as I do.


New Year, Same Goal, Refined Approach

Picture 40

This year my overall “life” goal is the same as the past 8 years: Control my Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) and Fibromyalgia / Feel better inside and out / Improve my quality of life It sure sounds “simple” when summarizing it like that, but it’s definitely anything but simple.  It’s a goal that I don’t always […]