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Batty’s Bath Did You Know: Foods For Healthy Skin

Hello Radiant Rebels, VA Karla has put together another great infographic for you about some healthy food options for your skin. ToView full post »

Batty's Bath Video Series Acne

Video Series: Why do I still have acne? Cause #7

In our video series “Why do I still have acne when I follow an awesome skin care routine?“, you’ll find out the 7 factors thatView full post »

cystic acne mask

Q&A: Oral antibiotics and acne- does it really help?

Hi Batty! I was told that only oral antibiotics can help with cystic acne. Can you tell me how this works for cystic acne? My twins getView full post »

Soap Free Cream Facial Cleanser

Q&A: what could be causing my excess dryness?

Hi Batty- I have been using your products for a little while now including the tea tree nut scrub, skin support serum, patchouliView full post »

cystic acne mask

Q&A: Discouraged by a new type of breakout

Batty! Please help- I’m feeling very discouraged! I’ve been on using your products for 2 months now; Detox Kit for the firstView full post »

rosacea kit

Q&A: Should I order the rosacea kit for after the detox kit or wait and see?

Batty, I discovered your web site and products over the weekend.  I’m excited to try your natural products to fight my redness, butView full post »

rosacea skin care kit natural

Q&A: Should I continue with your rosacea Kit? What do you recommend for “teenage” acne?

Hi Batty, I have been using the rosacea kit since early December. (What I have is acne rosacea. So my nose, and cheeks are red plus in theView full post »

hydration mist for dry skin

Q&A: Does your charcoal soap dry out skin?

“Hey Batty, I read through your common causes of acne, and I do feel like my skin is super tight/dry after using the charcoal faceView full post »

My Life with Ankylosing Spondylitis (video)

In this video I talk about what living with Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) is like for me. I also briefly mention what living withView full post »

What do eyes, teeth and sleep have in common? (Video)

Answer: they are all mentioned in this personal update! Share this:FacebookTwitterPinterestTumblrEmailMoreLinkedInGoogleRedditPrintPocketView full post »

Only two more visits to the Horton Market! Oct 12 is our last weekend there this season.

HEADS UP HORTON MARKET GO-ERS! In an effort to reduce the severity and frequency of my flare ups, I’m going to listen to my bodyView full post »

Event Cancellations: Important update for Londoners

Important news bite for Londoners – I’ve canceled my visit to the Covent Garden Market this month and next. I’m hoping toView full post »