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Psst.. Need a reminder or a quick lesson on root causes and triggers? Click the image!

Psst.. Need a reminder and/or a quick lesson on root causes and triggers? Click the image!

That’s right! Keeping up with your tea intake can actually improve your skin in a plethora of ways! Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients in Batty’s Skin Support Tea for a better explanation of what we’re talking about!


These days, people generally think in terms of topical treatments for skin conditions.

Truth is: most chronic skin conditions have an underlying, internal cause behind them.

mapThe good news is… often these types of breakouts can be a communication tool for letting you know what may be going on inside. Essentially working as a map; linking breakout patterns to different internal functions.

With that map in hand and the root causes of acne in mind, we created a blend that targets the deepest of root causes. In fact, all the ingredients were hand chosen for their abilities to help counteract chronic skin conditions, specifically from the inside out.

Want to dive deep into roots causes, triggers, and the ingredients that target them? Keep reading…


Dissecting Batty’s Skin Support Tea: Ingredient profiles


Burdock Root

  • A root plant reminiscent of a carrot, has long been considered a sure sign of spring’s arrival
  • Native to North America and has a bitter quality in taste
  • Best known for its ability to restore balance to the whole body and provide relief from conditions like acne, rosacea, and eczema
  • Supports digestion by boosting liver cell regeneration and stimulating bile production – crucial in allowing the body to naturally detoxify. Poor liver function is an often overlooked root cause of chronic skin conditions, especially acne
  • Helps give the blood a good cleanse and promotes healthy circulation to the skin’s surfaces improving texture and giving you that healthy glow
  • Provides anti-inflammatory support to the immune system that could otherwise result in breakouts. Instead of forcing the body try to expel the germs and toxins through your skin, it helps get rid of the issue internally
  • Contains mighty antioxidants that stop free radicals in their tracks. Antioxidants protect your skin from UV damage and slows down the signs of aging

Yellow Dock Root

  • A bulbous, carrot-like root that is native to North America and harvested in the wee hours of summer
  • Most assume it to be nothing more than a meddlesome weed with bright yellow clusters
  • Rich source of iron, making it an intuitive blood cleanser
  • Gentle laxative & diuretic to help remove toxins from the system via the bowels rather than skin
  • Alleviates indigestion
  • Supports liver function and overall health of the digestive system
  • Contains antioxidants to protect against free radicals
  • As an added bonus, it contains calcium to promote bone density

Milk Thistle

  • Indigenous to the Mediterranean, this thistle is commonly referred to as the Scottish Thistle
  • Recognized by its reddish-purple flower, Milk Thistle is known for its ability to rectify issues with the liver, gallbladder, and kidneys
  • Protects and restores liver cells to improve the body’s ability to detox itself of toxins like food pesticides found in a normal diet
  • Contains antioxidants that help to ward off signs of aging like dark spots, wrinkles, and discoloration
  • Aids in healthy hormone production which helps to impede hormonal acne
  • Batty’s favourite liver support when taking a DIM supplement!


  • This herb is a crossbred between spearmint and watermint and is native to Europe and the Middle East
  • Every wonder why they give you mints at a restaurant? It’s actually to stimulate and improve digestion (fighting bad breath is just an added bonus)
  • Relieves G.I. discomfort caused by gas, bloating, nausea and occasional heartburn by giving it a gentle push to move along
  • Boosts your immune system’s preventative abilities to fight back against illness and microbes, which can lead to acne breakouts and other skin conditions
  • Works as an anti-inflammatory for the whole body (including breakouts!)
  • Contains menthol, which helps to cool the body from the inside to break fevers
  • Natural sedative and stress reliever which can soothe acne and eczema breakouts


  • One of the many buds that belong to the daisy family and is recognized by a purple, coneflower
  • Amplifies the body’s immune and natural defense systems
  • Vital to the healing process of breakouts and wounds thanks to its antiseptic properties
  • Alleviates all forms of inflammation in the body, including those accompanying acne
  • Prevents and shortens cold and flu symptoms
  • Helps to heal damage in the G.I. tract, promoting a healthy and productive gut
  • Can also remedy bowel pain by providing a natural relief from constipation

Gotu Kola

  • This perennial plant is indigenous to the Asian wetlands
  • Best known for its ability to help heal scars and heal keloids by promoting tissue regeneration (making it a wonderful ingredient for acne)
  • Improves the integrity of the blood vessels which can help reduce the redness caused by rosacea
  • Strengthens the adrenal glands in the liver, allowing the body to respond positively to stress and anxiety (a common trigger for acne)
  • Improves blood flow and strengthens the walls of the veins
  • Added bonus – increases mental stamina and improves memory

Red Clover Blossom

  • This ombre coloured perennial is loved by bumblebees as much as it is to the medical world
  • Nitrogen-rich, this plant has been immigrated to many countries to be used as an eco-manure
  • Best known for its blood cleansing abilities
  • Naturally thins blood to improve flow
  • Contains phytoestrogens which promote optimal hormonal health in women
  • Stabilizes the hormonal levels during  PMS, menstruation and even fertility, mitigating the risk of hormonal acne breakouts
  • Contains antioxidants like Vitamin C and Niacin
  • Adds sweet notes to the Skin Support Tea

tea and manifesto

Licorice Root

  • A super sweet, bark-covered root that has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries
  • Classified as a legume, licorice is a common ingredient in candy
  • A natural healer for conditions like adrenal fatigue (your ability to respond to stress = acne trigger) and leaky gut syndrome (which has been linked to chronic skin conditions like acne and psoriasis)
  • Provides pain relief and anti-inflammatory for the digestive system
  • Promotes healthy bowel movements to rid the body of toxins

Angelica Root

  • Commonly referred to as Norwegian Root, this white blossom cluster was said to have been sent by an angel to cure the plague (hence ‘Angelica’)
  • Legend has it that Angelica Root has the ability to remove negative energy and spirits when used as a smudging agent
  • When consumed, it’s said to have a warming sensation on the body to help reduce tension
  • Provides anti-inflammatory relief for acne breakouts
  • Decrease digestive spasms and menstrual cramps
  • Promotes heart health, allowing the organ to be more productive in blood circulation
  • When healing from illness, Angelica Root is known to restore vitality back to the body

Ginger Root

  • Classified as a spice, Ginger Root is the rhizome (underground root system) of a ginger plant
  • Originated in the jungles of South Asia and has been used in medicinal practices for centuries
  • Commonly consumed to help ward off colds and flu by boosting the immune system
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory that calms the tummy and eases gut discomfort
  • Speeds up the healing process for acne breakouts and skin conditions
  • Provides detox support to the pores
  • Added bonus- heightens the beneficial qualities of all the other ingredients in the Skin Support Tea


Batty's Bath Skin Support Tea

As you can see, not one ingredient in the Skin Support Tea was included without a crucial benefit for those who suffer from chronic skin conditions – You’ll just feel like you’ve won the lottery when you see how good it tastes too!

The Batty’s Bath Skin Support Tea can be purchased at, or make your own tea blend from the ingredients listed above!

If you’re interested in learning more about how our internal health is connected to our skin health, click here!




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