Weekly Recap (Aug. 11 – 17)

Here’s this week’s photo recap! Check out what I’ve been up to (or have at least documented ) since the last recap post!

Pictures are displayed from the oldest to the most recent (dates are included in the description of the picture). If you’d prefer to see my picture updates as they are posted, follow my Instagram feed – that’s where I post these pictures during the week and then recap them here on the blog once a week. (To see previous photo recaps, check out the “My Week So Far” tag).

Batty's halloween dress

Thank you Lauryn (my spooky twin) for this batty little number! now someone give me a reason to wear it before October (Aug 11)

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Oatmeal, Milk and Honey soap

My second most popular soap for the last 4 years: Oatmeal, (Coconut) Milk and Honey ! (pst… my charcoal soap is in first place). Thanks to everyone who has fallen in love with this soap and made it so popular! The deeds: If you’re looking for a natural soap bar that provides nourishment and moisture to dry, chapped skin, then this bar is for you! Batty’s Bath Oatmeal, Milk and Honey Cold Press Soap is made with all natural, premium skin care oils, pure coconut milk and exfoliating oats. Since it’s made from scratch, the old fashioned way, it lasts for a super long time! Many of my customers cut these bars in half and take a month to go through just the first half of the bar! Think about how much TLC that will add up to for your skin! Want to know more about what makes Batty’s Bath OMH Soap so awesome? head over to shopbattysbath.com for more info. (Aug 11)

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Batty's saves a birdy

So glad I found this little birdie before the dogs did today! Birdie was in the backyard and didn’t want to move or fly away, so I moved birdie to just outside the fence so the dogs couldn’t get him/her (but close enough to where I found birdie so momma bird can come get him/her). I heard a bird up in one of the trees close by being super vocal so I’m hoping it was momma bird, and she’s already stepped in and gotten her baby back. I’ll need to check soon before the sun goes down completely. If birdie is still there I don’t want the neighborhood cats getting him/her. (Aug 11)

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Echo visuals photography

Tonight on battysblog.com, “Lip Lovin’ Pic Party with Echo Visuals“! Check out the fabulous photography @echosvisuals has been doing for Batty’s Bath plus take in the modeling and makeup talents of Kelsey Johnson. In these pix Kelsey is wearing Batty’s Bath  lip butter and Batty’s Bath mineral foundation. Head over to the blog for lots more pix plus links to Echo’s portfolio and Kelsey’s website. Huge thank you for taking on another Batty’s Bath project to both these talented superstars! (Aug 11)

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productive day in Batty's studio

It was a productive day in the Batty’s Bath studio! Clockwise from top left: Quick Tint Antioxidant Moisturizer; Wet Clay Mask; Patchouli Facial Moisturizer; Acne B.O.P. Mist. (Aug 12)

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Batty's shoes

decisions decisions… (Aug 15)

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Batty's garden

The pumpkin and sunnies report! On the left- I’ve only found one pumpkin so far, but it’s getting grander and bigger each day! Also, lots of new blooms have popped up including this promising one (top left). On the right- lots of sunnies! All the ones in the front flowerbeds mysteriously were snapped in half (along with a missing solar light…hmm), but the ones in the back are doing great! All stretching and turning to get as much sun as possible. The birds have already started enjoying them. (Aug 15)

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Batty's hair

Thanks to Darla for straightening my hair and showing me how long it’s getting! (Aug 16)

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The extras…

I’m currently watching/listening to:


  • The Shield – caught another episode (I’m in the second season still)
  • The New Girl – re-watching season one
  • The X-Files – re-watching – on season 3

What I’m reading (non-work related):

  • Maggie on the Bounty by Kate Danley – finished
  • M & K Tracking by Kate Danley – started
  • The Other End of the Leash (why we do what we do around dogs) by Patricia B McConnell –  haven’t picked up this book since first mentioning it here but plan to plow through it before too long.


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