Skin detox: Why it’s important for acne & rosacea care (Video)

In this video, I talk about why I recommend a skin detox before using natural products for targeted skin concerns like acne and rosacea.


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Hey, everyone. It’s Batty here from Today I thought I’d do a video on a question I get asked a lot which is why to bother doing the detox kit before doing the acne kit or the rosacea kit or why do it at all before jumping into using natural products. If you’ve been on my site you know this is something I highly recommend; doing the detox first. Today just because I get asked all the time, “Why?” I’m going to do a quick video going over 3 of the top reasons, at least my top reasons for why I suggest this. Let’s dive in.

The first one. If you’ve been using products that aren’t natural for a long time, or you’ve been using natural products with pore-clogging ingredients, your skin is going to be heavily congested. Basically what happens when your skin is heavily congested, is it can’t do the normal functions it’s meant to do. This is particularly important when it comes to using products that have any sort of petrol ingredients, so petroleum and all its derivatives. You can check your ingredients list for it. It will just be petrol, petroleum or petrol with something else behind it. That’s the easiest way to look.

This ingredient is highly pore-clogging. It’s in about 80% of the products out there that aren’t natural. It’s a big one to watch out for. If you’ve been using products with ingredients like that, or other, like I said, natural products with pore-clogging ingredients, it’s like wearing a plastic wrap over your face, and then trying to put natural products on top of it, and wondering why they’re not helping your skin at all. Your skin is congested when it’s clogged up with petroleum. Nothing can go in, and nothing can come out. Both are equally bad.

Which brings me to my second point. When your skin is congested, it can’t let any of the bad toxins that you’re trying to get rid of out of your skin. It can’t let anything that you’re putting on your skin or ingesting into your body that doesn’t need to be there; it can’t get it out. Basically, your skin is using all its energy to deal with the toxins and a toxic overload that’s going on. Which doesn’t leave it any energy to use the natural ingredients you’re trying to give it, and put those ingredients to their best work. Again, just like my last point, where it’s plastic wrap. You can’t get anything in. This, they might be getting in, but there’s just not enough energy in your skin to deal with them. If your skin can’t put those natural ingredients to work, there’s no point in even using them in the first place. You’re back to square one again.

I guess my third point would be on the same line as though those toxins we talked about. Your skin is part of a big group of organs that is part of your elimination system or your detox system. When those other organs are overloaded, which they often are by the diets we eat and all the toxin we come into contact through just our daily lives; the skin steps in to try and help out that group. I read a statistic not too long ago that said our skin is actually responsible for eliminating 1 quarter of the body’s waste. We already know it’s a huge organ, but it has a pretty big job too besides just protecting us.

Detox is a big deal. Getting rid waste in your body is a big deal. If it’s supposed to deal with 1 quarter of your body’s waste, it really needs to be free, unclogged, uncongested to do its job. If the skin isn’t working or it’s congested, like I said, in any way, it can’t remove those toxins properly. That, in turn, swings things back to those other overburdened other organs like your lungs and your kidneys and your bowels to deal with that 1 quarter of waste products that your skin was supposed to deal with. It’s a vicious cycle.

I mean, your skin is over-stressed. It’s not doing its job. Now it’s contributing to the overburden of your other organs, and it’s just a whole bad thing. Yeah, I think that’s probably my top reasons that it’s a good reason to do a detox first. The main reason is you’ll see better results from the acne kit or the rosacea kit or whatever products you’re trying to use for targeted skin problems. That’s the main reason people would want to do a detox. All these other additional reasons are just bonuses for a lot of people. For people who are super health conscious, hopefully, those reasons give your another boost, another push to do a detox first.

Detoxing your whole body or certain organs besides the skin is a whole other topic, and doing internal work for your skin is a whole other topic. Both of which I hope to cover in upcoming videos. Just basically the bottom line is that doing a detox kit first will let you see results faster with other targeted products. Yeah, I think that’s probably what most people would find the biggest deal. Having said that, if you’re using natural products that don’t have any skin clogging ingredients, your skin will naturally do a detox. It will just be a bit slower generally.

The products and the ingredients in the detox kit are specifically chosen and formulated for detox. As long as your skin is being nurtured, and it’s not being constantly having to deal with additional pore clogging ingredients, additional toxins, all that kind of stuff, it will detox slowly. If you do decide you just want to do the acne kit, and you just want to say, “Forget the detox. I just want to go straight for acne,” your skin will detox, but it will be slower. You’ll find that the acne kit won’t be as effective as fast. You’ll have to wait for your skin to detox so those ingredients can get in and really do their best to work.

I hope that answered that question. I do get it quite a lot. I feel like I’m leaving a few things out, but I’m also trying to not make super long videos because I’m really bad at that. I think I’ll end it there. Hopefully, that answered your question. If it didn’t or if you have additional questions now from this, just send them to me at or post them on the Facebook page which, or tweet them to me, which is at Betty’s Bath. Yeah. That’s it for now, and I will see you next time.

love batty


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