Why Hydration is Important in Skin Care (Video + transcript)

In this video I talk about the importance of hydration in skin care routines (especially for those with oily or acne prone skin), plus I talk about one of my new products – Hydra Healing Gel!

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Video Transcript:

Hey, everyone. It’s Batty here, from battysbath.ca.

Today, I thought I would talk about 1 of the number 1 cause of acne and oily skin: dehydration.

Now, it’s often missed as a cause for people with oily skin. It’s just as often a cause with people with dry skin, but because of the general advice that’s out there on how to deal with oily skin, the hydrating step is almost always missed in a skin care plan for oily skin.

The reason that dehydration is such a problem, is because your skin needs a balance of oils and water to remain balanced, healthy, and to clear up acne.

When you moisturize, you’re getting the oil part of the equation, but you need to use a hydrating product to get the water part of the equation. You need both of those (oil + water) to balance your skin.

It’s almost always the case that if someone’s already moisturizing, they have enough oil in their routine, but they don’t have enough of the water. Now, the thing with getting the water part of the equation … It’s a lot harder, because there’s not as many products on the market that address it. Often times, people don’t even know that a lack of water is an issue. They don’t know that you have to have a moisturizer and a hydrator if you’re trying to balance oily skin.

Now, dry skin can be a lack of moisture, a lack or water, or both. In other words: it can be a moisture/oil problem, or a hydrating/water problem, or both.

With oily skin, I find it’s almost always the water problem, because your skin’s already producing enough oil. The thing with oily skin is your skin, a lot of the time, is producing all that oil because it’s dehydrated. It’s trying to make up for that part of the equation that’s missing. Its response it to produce more oil, which, obviously, isn’t helpful.

That being said, how do you hydrate your skin?

Well, you don’t hydrate your skin with just oils. You need a water-based ingredient, of course. Water alone doesn’t cut it. Your skin doesn’t absorb water as fast as it looses it, so you need something extra in there. A lot of serums on the market address this. There’s also mists on the market that address this. And finally, there’s gels.

Hydrating the Batty’s Bath way…

Now, for 2014 at Batty’s Bath, we have all 3 of those now, which is exciting. We’ve had the mist and the serum for a while. This year, we’re introducing a gel.

If you have a hydrating product that you already really like, you can probably just check out from this video now, because for the remainder of this video, I’m going to be talking about Batty’s Bath specific products, and helping you to figure out which one is going to be best for you. {also see this quiz + cheatsheet}

I’ll start with the products we’ve had for a while first. Let’s start with the serum. Our Hydration Serum is a mix of water-based ingredients and oils. It’s the best of both worlds. It’s a good product if you actually don’t think that dehydration is a major issue for you.

I like to wear my serums at night, because (generally) the oils in them don’t absorb as quickly as a mist or a gel or a moisturizer. What happens is, at night, your skin opens up more, it absorbs active ingredients faster, and it provides protection throughout the night from your skin getting dry, which is important here in the North; where we have our heat pumping and all our houses are super dry.

Now, for the mist. I really love to wear mists any time of the day as they absorb super fast. With a mist, you layer it with a moisturizer over top. You can also layer serums or gels over top of mists. The reason why it needs to be layered is because the mist needs to be sealed into your skin. If it’s not sealed into your skin, a lot of it can absorb into the air before your skin can absorb it. It doesn’t have to be fully dry before you apply any other products. This is a super good way to quickly get hydration into your routine. This one, like the serum, is packed with aloe. The Hydration Mist has lots of floral waters in it, which are also really good for your skin.

The last one, the new guy on the block around here, is the Hydra Healing Skin Rescue Gel. This gel is for people who think that hydration is a major problem in their routine. For people with super oily skin, who haven’t been able to balance it, we’re talking chronic, long term oily skin. It’s also really great for people with rosacea, or anyone who has any kind of inflammatory issues, like cystic acne, for example. Again, it’s packed with aloe. This gel is super soothing and calming, a major perk of all the aloe in it. When using a gel, you do want to layer it, just like the mist – so start with the gel, then layer over top a serum or moisturizer. Use our Hydra Healing Gel when you really want a big does of hydration!

My hydration story…

Now, for me, I use the Hydra Healing Gel every day. No matter which moisturizer I’m wearing with it, I put this guy on first. The reason being, when I was younger, around grade 5 or 6, I started going to the dermatologist to find a solution for my cystic, severe acne. And continued to do so for 6 years, at least. My treatment plan with the dermatologist was typical: I was on oral medications, and skin stripping topical medications. The result was severely dehydrated and dry skin – flaking off my face in chunks type of severe.

The last medication I was on was Accutane. Accutane changed the type of skin I have, permanently. I was only on it for 6 or 7 months and that was enough time for it to change the composition of my skin. Now, it gets dehydrated super fast. Using this an extra strength hydrator every day is a necessity for me. Without including the hydra gel in my daily routine, my skin would have never found balance again.

Now, sometimes, in the summer, I find my skin doesn’t get dehydrated as fast, so I use the mist instead. In the winter, at night I use the hydra gel, then the patchouli moisturizer, and then the hydration serum on top through the night. During the day, I use the hydra gel, and then one of my moisturizers.

Your story…

If you are trying to solve a severe dehydration problem, the gel is your go-to. If you think it’s mild to moderate issue, you want the mist. Then, if you think it’s mild and you want some extra protection in the PM, then the hydration serum is your go-to.

Now, one thing I did want to mention about the gel is it absorbs just as quickly as the mist, which is really great because you can use it super fast in your routine.

  • When you put the gel on underneath your moisturizer, or your serum, you just need to apply a really thin amount.
  • If you put a thick amount on, it acts like a mask, which is really cool, too. To use as a mask: you put a thick amount on, and just wait for it to dry. After it’s try, you’ll be able to peel some of it off if you did a really thick layer. To remove the rest, just use warm water.


  • The gel is completely unscented.
  • The mist has a little bit of scent to it because of the floral waters.
  • The serum has a little bit more of a scent because it has essential oils in it. It also contains some floral ingredients.

If you have any questions, more questions about hydration, or balancing your skin, just send them to me by going to battysbath.ca/contact, or reach out to me on social media.

I hope that helped. I will see you next time.

love batty

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